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Afro Calls
Listener Email
Misc caller and emailer comments


Afro Caller From The Other Day Left 45 Minutes Worth Of Messages-2017-08-17.mp3
Afro Caller Left 23 Messages-Listen To Two Of Them-2018-08-07.mp3
Afro Calls From Chopper Dave-2018-06-12-Called 60 Times.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-01-04.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-01-25.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-02-04.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-02-18.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-02-29.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-03-10.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-03-18.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-04-01.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-04-08.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-04-15.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-04-28.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-05-11.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-05-26.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-06-13.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-06-16.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-07-06.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-07-19.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-08-02.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-08-17.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-08-30.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-09-09.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-09-16.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-09-28.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-10-12.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-10-21.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-10-28.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-11-08.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-11-15.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-11-21.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-12-05.mp3
Afro Calls-2016-12-06.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-01-04.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-01-20.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-02-06.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-02-21.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-03-15.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-04-04.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-04-25.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-05-12.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-06-02.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-06-23.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-07-19.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-08-03.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-08-14.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-08-21-Last 2 Calls From Recent Obsessive Caller.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-08-22.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-09-06.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-09-20.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-10-03.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-10-17.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-10-24.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-11-03.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-11-17.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-12-01.mp3
Afro Calls-2017-12-13.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-01-18.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-02-01.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-02-23.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-03-13.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-03-23-Including Stryker Calling About The Hot Cocoa At KROQ.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-04-05.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-04-19.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-04-27.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-05-09.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-05-22.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-06-11.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-06-12.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-06-15-Including Ted Stryker`s Missing Pill.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-06-15-Stryker Calls Back About His New Pillow.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-06-21.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-07-18.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-07-30.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-08-03.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-08-13.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-08-21.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-08-24.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-08-29.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-09-05.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-09-07.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-09-11.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-09-13.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-09-19.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-09-21.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-09-27.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-10-04.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-10-10.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-10-19.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-10-29.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-11-06.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-11-09.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-11-15.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-11-21.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-12-03.mp3
Afro Calls-2018-12-07.mp3
Afro Calls-2019-01-11.mp3
Afro Calls-2019-01-24.mp3
Afro Calls-2019-02-06.mp3
Afro Calls-2019-03-01.mp3
Afro Calls-2019-03-14.mp3
Afro Calls-2019-03-28.mp3
Afro Calls-2019-04-10.mp3
Afro Calls-2019-04-16.mp3
Afro Calls-2019-04-25.mp3
Afro Calls-2019-05-07.mp3
Afro Calls-2019-05-17.mp3
Afroline Request For Cover Songs Show Today-2017-09-01.mp3
Caller Mockingly Praises Kevin and Bean-2009-01-16.mp3
Caller Requests Panic At The Disco-2017-09-01.mp3
Email About New Toby Keith Song-2011-11-18.mp3
Email For Patton Oswalt-TV Show On Adult Swim.mp3
Email From LAFD 68 About Fallen Firefighter Kelly Wong Who Responded To A False Alarm At KROQ Last Year-2017-06-16.mp3
Email From Listener Edwin-2018-01-26-Suggestions On How To Mess With Allie.mp3
Email From Woman Angry At KROQ Countdown Clock On Website-2008-12-10.mp3
Emails About Lisa Turning Down Greg The Marine-2011-09-30.mp3
Emails About Lottery Odds-2017-08-23.mp3
Kevin`s People-2017-08-16-Afro Caller Called 20 Times In A Row.mp3
Listener Edwin Emails About His Wreck Of The Edward Fitzgerald Anniversary Party-2015-11-11.mp3
Listener Email About Alien Call-in Segment-2017-10-19.mp3
Listener Email About Hearing Christmas Music Today-2018-07-25.mp3
Listener Email Complaining About Sexual Fetish Replay When Kids Are Prepping For Kid Jokes Call-in-2018-03-26.mp3
Listener Emails About Bean Mixing Up His Medicine-2018-08-30-Suggests Taking Another To Fix The Problem.mp3
Listener John Email-I Like Orange Juice Punchline-2017-01-30-Foreign Booze.mp3
Listening To Requests For More Cover Songs-2017-09-01.mp3
Po Po Zao Email Parodies-2006-01-10.mp3
Review Bad Submissions For Bugatti Email Bit-2015-03-17.mp3
Solicit Calls For Covers Day Show Today-2017-09-01.mp3
Taking Request For Covers Day Show Today-2017-09-01.mp3
Text-To-Landline Request-2017-09-01.mp3
Thank Listeners For Covers Song Show Requests-2017-09-05.mp3

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