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  • 03 Preview Paul McCartney calling and hope Kevin doesn`t hang up on him again-2022-05-13.mp3
  • 06 and 09 Paul McCartney-2022-05-13-Playing SoFi Stadium.mp3
  • 06a Mention Sluggo`s weird friend Craig who thinks Paul McCartney Is dead-got a shout out from him-2022-05-18.mp3
  • brief clip of Paul McCartney-from 2022-05-13.mp3
  • 06 Review Paul McCartney`s bad songs-2021-05-18.mp3
  • 05 Sluggo announces that Paul McCartney is coming to SoFi stadium-2022-02-18.mp3
  • 02a Kevin gives out text info to get into the drawing for Paul McCartney tickets-2022-02-24.mp3
  • 03 KLOS Social media girl Emo tells her Paul McCartney story-2022-03-03.mp3
  • 02 and 10 Review Paul McCartney`s bad songs-2021-05-18.mp3
  • 08 Review Paul McCartney`s bad songs-2021-05-18.mp3
  • 01 Review Paul McCartney`s bad songs-2021-05-18.mp3
  • 05a and 09 Dave Grohl`s then-5-year-old daughter got piano lessons from Paul McCartney-2021-10-04.mp3
  • 06 Review Paul McCartney`s bad songs-2021-05-18.mp3
  • 11 Review Paul McCartney`s bad songs-2021-05-18.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2014-05-06-Playing Dodger Stadium.mp3
  • Gene Simmons-2010-08-16-KISS To Appear On Paul McCartney Tribute Album.mp3
  • Ralph as Paul McCartney
  • Paul McCartney Questioned If Drug Influenced Beatle Songs-2004-06-18.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2006-08-21-On His Divorce.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2006-10-24-On His Divorce From Heather Mills.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2006-11-22-On Heather Mills Appearing On EXTRA.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2007-06-08-On His New Single.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2008-02-12-On His Divorce Case.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2008-11-24-On The Newly Discovered Beatles Song.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2009-01-30-On Playing Coachella.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2010-06-03.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2013-09-03-On His New Album.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-William Shatner-2013-09-30-Sang Duet At Simply Shakespeare Benefit.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-more Amputee Jokes-2002-06-19.mp3
  • Kevin Apologizes To Paul McCartney-2014-05-07.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2014-07-23-Meat-Free Monday Video.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2015-01-05-On Working With Kanye West.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2015-06-02-Discussing Giving Up Smoking Pot.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2016-02-05-Wants To Work With Adele`s Producer.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2016-02-17-Was Turned Away From A Grammys Aftershow Party For VIPs.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2016-03-25-Discussing His Appearance In The New Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-2017-08-01.mp3
  • Paul McCartney-Bob Dylan-Keith Richards-Neil Young-2016-05-05-Discussing Trip Festival.mp3
  • Rihanna-2015-02-05-On Her Upcoming Grammy Performance With Kanye And Paul McCartney.mp3
  • What It Do Nephew-2006-10-30-Paul McCartney With Wooden Leg Costume-Beck On SNL.mp3
  • Analysis And Discussion Of Kevin Hanging Up On Paul McCartney-2014-05-06.mp3
  • Instant Request-2009-11-18-Paul McCartney-Ozzy Osbourne.mp3
  • Kevin Hangs Up On Paul McCartney A Moment Too Soon-2014-05-06.mp3