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Almost Acoustic Christmas
Announcing Winners
April Foolishness
Breakfast With
Calling Winners
Road Trip USA
Weenie Roast
World Tours


4-Year-Old Boy Is Convinced He`s The Reincarnation Of Princess Diana-2019-07-17.mp3
Accomodations For KROQ Staff At The Desert Lodge-2010-04-16.mp3
Almost Acoustic Xmas-Night 1 Lineup Announced-2019-10-28.mp3
Almost Acoustic Xmas-Night 2 Lineup Announced-2019-11-04.mp3
Annouce Winner Of Wheels Up Destination 4 The 1975 In Spain-2020-02-18.mp3
Annoucement April Foolishness Lineup Again-2020-02-25.mp3
Announce Breakfast With Green Day-2019-10-14.mp3
Announce Contest For Private Billie Eilish Concert-2019-08-12.mp3
Announce Kevin`s Party Bus to Vegas Singles Party-2019-08-12.mp3
April Foolishness Lineup Announced-2020-02-25.mp3
Awarding A New Car To Sticker Contest Winner-2014-08-07-Lightning At Her Door.mp3
Beermug Delivers New Car To Gorillaz Contest Winner`s Home-2018-08-13.mp3
Briefly Discuss Angels Baseball Throws At The Plate That Hold Off Dodgers-2019-07-24 .mp3
Caller 20 To Win Ohana Passes-Arguing About Whether Or Not They`ll Play Nora Jones-2018-09-13.mp3
Cinco De La Cinco Live Remote Announced-2009-05-04.mp3
Coldplay Plays At Your House Contest Discussed-2008-06-04.mp3
Coldplay Tickets Hidden In Books-2014-04-30.mp3
Comic Con Recap-2019-07-22.mp3
Congratulate Pasadena Daydream Festival Winner-2019-07-18.mp3
Discuss Barney Smith-Toilet Seat Museum King Who Just Died-2019-07-24.mp3
Discuss Coverage Of The California Earthquakes-2019-07-08.mp3
Discuss Food Delivery People Who Taste Your Food Or Drink-2019-07-25.mp3
Discuss Not Believing The Moon Landing Was Real-2019-07-22.mp3
Discuss People Who Want To Move Because Of Earthquakes-2019-07-09.mp3
Discuss Philadelphia Using Devices To Deter Young People With High-Pitched Sounds-2019-07-09.mp3
Discuss Shark Week And Guy With Shark Teeth Marks On His Arm-2019-07-30.mp3
Discuss The Belief That Cells Phones Listen To Us And Instagram Directs Ads To What You Discuss-2019-07-19.mp3
Discuss The False Memory Phenomenon The Mandela Effect-2019-07-11.mp3
Discuss The Movie Trailer For Cats-2019-07-19.mp3
Discuss The Petition To Storm Area 51 To Find Them Aliens-2019-07-12.mp3
Discuss Wedding Menu For Things People Must Do To Get Newlyweds To Kiss At Reception-2019-07-09.mp3
Discuss Woman Who Changed Her Last Name To Cameltoe-2019-07-08.mp3
Elizabeth Hoad Marries Her Dog On British Morning TV Show-2019-07-31.mp3
Foo Fighters Contest Announced-2008-08-04.mp3
Give Away New Car To Billie Eilish Winner-2019-09-04.mp3
Give Away Tickets To Resolution New Year`s Eve 2-Day Event-2017-12-11.mp3
Giving Away Jim Jefferies Tickets To 10th Caller-2017-08-23.mp3
Giving Away Tickets For Super Secret Bush Show-2011-09-01.mp3
Golden Ticket-Matrix Winner Finally Found-2008-10-23.mp3
Green Day In Las Vegas Grand Prize Winner Called-2009-08-17.mp3
Inland Invasion announced-2006-08-14.mp3
James-Contest Winner-Rise Against Played His Garage-2008-11-03.mp3
Jessica-Coldplay To Play At Her House-2008-07-15.mp3
Jessica-Had Coldplay Play At Her House-2008-07-18.mp3
K and B Bay Update-2010-06-04.mp3
KROQ Sticker Contest-2008-10-01.mp3
Karen-Won The K and B Bay Auction-2010-06-04.mp3
Kevin and Bean Booty Cruise 3 Announced-2007-07-09.mp3
Kevin and Bean F Monogomy Swingers Party Announced-2008-08-18.mp3
Kevin and Bean Vegas Road Trip Singles Party-2010-10-29-more.mp3
Kevin and Bean Vegas Road Trip Singles Party-2010-10-29.mp3
LA Angels Pay Tribute To Dead Teammate With No-Hitter-2019-07-15-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
LA Invasion Announced-2007-08-13.mp3
Lieutenant Clay Higgins-Loiusiana Sherif-2015-07-Recorded A Very Personal Crime Stoppers Video.mp3
Mention 2nd System Of A Down Show Has Been Added-2020-02-06.mp3
Mention 30 Seconds To Mars Performing In Heat Vision At MTV VMAs-2017-08-28.mp3
Mention Blink-182 Las Vegas Shows Cancelled Due To Travis Having Blood Clots In Both Arms-2018-06-15.mp3
Mention Cal Jam 17 Line-up-2017-06-20.mp3
Mention Greta Van Fleet And Fidlar Coming To HD Radio Sound Space-2018-06-20.mp3
Mention Panic at the Disco`s Performance Before NHL Finals Game-2018-06-08.mp3
Mention Remaining Finalists For Contest To Open April Foolishness-2015-03-30.mp3
Mention Smashing Pumpkins Tickets Available At Amoeba Records Today-2018-06-27.mp3
Mention The Contest For The 2018 KROQ All-Access Pass-2018-02-01.mp3
Mention Tickets You Can Win At The Kevin And Bean Van In Anaheim-2018-03-07.mp3
Mention Wheels Up Destination In Russia-Kevin And Brad Would Not Go-Too Dangerous-2018-03-27.mp3
Miss Double December Contest Announced-2007-11-12.mp3
Mom Tries Paying Babysitter In Ice Cream And Fun Instead Of Money-2019-07-16.mp3
More On Contest To Open April Foolishness-2015-03-09.mp3
Muse-Rise Against At Big Day Out In Australia-2009-10-16-Winner Called.mp3
New KROQ Sticker Contest Announced-2009-06-15-Beer Mug At Del Taco.mp3
News Report Of Leprechaun Sighting-2010-03-16.mp3
No Doubt Grand Prize Winner Called-2009-03-09.mp3
Pole Fitness Performer Gets Her Act Canceled For Not Being Family Friendly-2019-07-10.mp3
Preview Announcement Of Your Chance To Open April Foolishness-2015-03-09.mp3
Preview Road Trip USA Stop 1-2014-06-17.mp3
Promote Contest To Win New Car-2015-03-10.mp3
Promote Contest To Win New Car-Again-2015-03-10.mp3
Promoting Cinco De La Cinco and Weenie Roast-2009-05-04.mp3
Promoting Miss Double December Contest-2011-11-08.mp3
Promoting San Manuel Poker Tournament-2011-11-09.mp3
Promotions Director Aissa-2014-11-17-On Problems With Ticketmaster When Buying Acoustic Xmas Tickets.mp3
Radiohead Show and Contest Announced-2008-04-07.mp3
Recap Calling Julian Fernandez-Winner Of April Foolishness Opening Act Contest.mp3
Recap Weenie Roast Line-up-2016-04-25.mp3
Reminder About KROQ Wheel Up 2019 Destination 1-2019-01-16.mp3
Reminder About KROQ Wheels Up Destination 1-2019-01-14.mp3
Reminder About Lightning`s Going Away Party Saturday At Slidebar In Fullerton-2018-03-09.mp3
Reminder About Wheels Up Destination 4 Rise Against In Moscow-2018-03-28.mp3
Reminder To Enter Chance To Win KROQ All-Access Pass-2018-02-01.mp3
Review The Roster For Kaaboo Festival-2017-06-20.mp3
Some Tickets Still Available For April Foolishnes.mp3
Spring Break In Norway Previewed-2007-03-14.mp3
Spring Break With Pennywise Announced-2008-03-17.mp3
Still Have Not Heard From World Tour Destination 2 Winner Monica-2016-01-25.mp3
Stone Temple Pilots KROQ Show Announced-2008-04-04.mp3
Summer Sonic Festival Winner Called-2013-05-28.mp3
System Of A Down In Italy-Winner Announced-2013-03-22.mp3
The Killers Contest Grand Prize-2009-07-10-King Of Mexico Poses As Winner.mp3
Travis-DJ AM Added To Weenie Roast-2009-05-13.mp3
U2 Summer Concerts Announced-2009-11-02.mp3
UFC Pay-Per-View Party Pack For Caller 20-2017-08-21.mp3
Update On Contest Finalists To Open For April Foolishness-2015-03-24.mp3
Volkswagen Tiguan Given Away-2008-07-18.mp3
Win Tickets For Son Of Monsterpalooza-2017-08-30.mp3
Woman Divorces 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost-2019-07-24.mp3

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