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The Kevin and Bean Archive's Kevin and Bean Trivia Test      Questions & ANSWERS version (as proofed by Bean Baxter)

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My Strange Addiction
People Are Dumb
R Kelly`s Trapped In The Closet Highlights
Weekend Movies With The Movie Man


11-Year-Old Girl Butchers National Anthem At LA Galaxy Game-2012-07-30-Highlights.mp3
20-20 Special On Real Life Super Heroes-2010-06-02.mp3
20-Year-Old Posts Party On Facebook-Gets 2000 People Showing Up At His House-2014-08-06.mp3
2015 Miss USA Pageant-2015-07-15-Highlights Of Question And Answer Portion.mp3
3 Women In Cleveland Rescued After 10 Years-2013-05-07.MP3
31-Year Old Kyle Jones Has A 91-Year Old Girlfriend-2014-06-09-Interview Highlights.mp3
3rd Annual April Foolishness Recapped-2011-04-04.mp3
4-Year-Old Boy Thought His Mother Was Dead-Used Siri To Call For Help-2017-03-27.mp3
60 Minutes Interview With Jennifer Lawrence-2018-03-01-Highlights.mp3
7-Year-old Genius Arden Hayes Took On Star Wars Cast On Jimmy Kimmel Live-2015-11-24-Highlights.mp3
700 Pound Festish Model Monica Got Pregnant-No Longer Wants To Reach 1,000 Pounds-2019-04-15.mp3
8-Year-Old Girl Has Thousands Of Hissing Cockroaches As Pets.mp3
8-Yr-Old Boy Drove His 4-Yr-Old Sister To McDonald`s-2017-04-21.mp3
85-Year-Old Grandma Struggles Using Google Home-2018-01-03.mp3
86th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade With Dr Oz-2017-10-19.mp3
89-Year-Old Man Who Pushes Ice Cream Cart Gets GoFundMe Account From Stranger-2016-09-15-With Johnny Chicago.mp3
9-Year-Old Boy Swims To Alcatraz and Back To San Francisco-2016-06-16-Highlights.mp3
911 Is A Joke-2018-04-03.mp3
Abby And Britney-2012-08-29-TLC Realty Show On The Conjoined Twins-Highlghts.mp3
Academy Awards Highlights-2018-03-05.mp3
Acoustic Xmas Recap-2011-12-12-Kevin Was Late-Ralph Posed As Kevin.mp3
Actor Doug Hutchison-Age 51-Married 16-Year-Old-2011-08-09-Interview Clips.mp3
Adam Carolla On Dr Drew TV Show On HLN-2012-07-18-Highlights.mp3
Adam Sandler Performed An Original Song On Late Show In Tribute To David Letterman-2015-05-13.mp3
Adult Coloring Books-2016-02-01.mp3
Al Roker Does Beer Mug Style Street Interview With The President At His Inauguration-2013-01-24.mp3
Al Roker Weight Loss-2010-06-09.mp3
Al Sharpton Responds To Audio Clips-2014-10-20-From Oct 16 Show Open.mp3
Alabama Dude Hates Bicyclists-2014-05-28.mp3
Americal Idol-2006-01-18-Highlights.mp3
Americal Medical Response-2011-04-06-Update On Paramedic Badly Beaten At Dodgers Opening Game.mp3
American Chopper Bike Build-off-2011-12-07-Hosted By Psycho Mike-Highlights.mp3
American Highlights-2010-01-21-From Orlando.mp3
Analyzing The New Taylor Swift Song-2012-08-16.mp3
Andrew Caldwell-I`m Not Gay Viral Video Guy Gets Face Full Of Frozen Yogurt-2015-04-29.mp3
Angry Taylor Swift Fan Calls The Grammys-Complained About Who They Have Mistreated Her-2014-03-06.mp3
Announce Breaking News That The Tom Brady Suspension Has Been Overturned.mp3
Announce Wheels Up Destination 1 Winner-2020-01-27.mp3
Anton Purissima Lost Finger By Dog Bite-Suing New York For 2 Undecillion Dollars.mp3
Arizona Cardinals-Dallas Cowboys Overtime Game-2011-12-05-Recap.mp3
Arizona Man With Foot Fetish Targeted Arizona Realtors-2018-10-01.mp3
Ark Music Factory Produces New Terrible Thanksgiving Song-2012-11-14.mp3
Arkansas Poop Bandit-2018-01-09-Highlights Of News Story.mp3
Armie Hammer Criticized Celebrities` Stan Lee Tributes On Twitter-2018-11-14.mp3
Article Says In-N-Out Burger Is Average-2018-06-28.mp3
Ashton Kutcher Addresses Journalistic Integrity But Not Cheating Accusations-2011-10-25.mp3
Assistant Producer Christine Recaps Brawl At The Culver City Mall-2019-09-23.mp3
Auntie Has Some Sh-t To Get Off Her Chest-2018-01-10-Viral Video Highlights.mp3
Australian Landlord Wants To Charge Tenants $1 For Each Toilet Flush-2017-01-06.mp3
Australian Man Installs Security Camera To Stop Dogs Pooing On Pavement-2018-08-20.mp3
Australian Radio Newswoman With Hiccups-2011-03-23.mp3
Australian Zoo Teaching People To Catch Deadly Funnel-Web Spiders-from 2017-01-26 Opening Segment.mp3
Awkward News Segment About An Inflatable Slide-2018-06-06-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
Back Door Teen Mom Music Video-2014-03-18.mp3
Bad Celebrity Tweets-2009-11-18.mp3
Bad TV Anchors-2009-11-12.mp3
Bands That Hate One Of Their Biggest Hits-2017-08-04.mp3
Bank Robber Gets Naked After Dye Pack Explodes On Clothers-2017-09-14-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
Bat Boy-2013-11-19-On Batkid Make-A-Wish Day In San Francisco.mp3
Bean Has 3 Stories About Snow-2019-03-05-From Yesterday`s Opening Segment.mp3
Bean Is Gay Video On KROQ Website-2008-05-12-Plus Kevin Is Gayer.mp3
Bean Is Tired Of News Coverage Of Sports Team Super Fans-2019-01-28-From Today`s Opening Segment-2019-01-28.mp3
Beans Halloween Video Vault-2014-10-31-Rubber.mp3
Beijing Olympics Spooks and Olympic Update-2008-08-20.mp3
Believers Show On CNN Featured Aghori Cannibals-2017-03-13.mp3
Belmont Stakes Post-Race Press Conference-2014-06-10-Highlights.mp3
Ben And Jerry`s Sued Over Claim Its Products Come From Happy Cows-2019-11-11.mp3
Benny The Jokeman Joke Samples-2016-04-11.mp3
Benny The Jokeman Joke Samples-2016-09-01.mp3
Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis-2014-03-11-Guest-President Obama-Highlights.mp3
Between Two Ferns-Oscar Edition-2013-02-12-Highlights.mp3
Between Two Ferns-With Zach Galifianakis-2016-09-With Guest Hillary Clinton.mp3
Big Booty Bitches-Video-2010-06-08.mp3
Bill Clinton On Jimmy Kimmel Live-2014-04-03-Highlights.mp3
Bill O Reilly Brings In Psychiatrist Doctor-About Gangnam Style Video-2012-11-29.mp3
Billboard Top Choruses Of The 21st Century List-2017-04-25.mp3
Billionaire Forrest Fen Buried 2 Million Dollars-2013-03-04.mp3
Billy on the Street With Amy Poehler-Holiday Edition-2016-12-14-Highlights.mp3
Black Sheep-Kevin`s Favorite Halloween Movie-2014-10-27.mp3
Blind Movie Reviewer Jay Reviews Omars Cucamonga Heat-2011-05-19.mp3
Blowing Out Birthday Cake Candles With Mitt Romney-2019-03-13.mp3
Bo Bice-2017-01-05-Was Called White Boy At Popeyes Restaurant-Claiming Racism.mp3
Bob Costas Is A Dick-2010-02-22.mp3
Bowler Rolled A Perfect Game In 87 Seconds-2017-04-26.mp3
Boxer Canelo Alvarez Failed Drug Test From Tainted Mexican Meat-2018-03-08.mp3
Boy In India Had 526 Teeth Removed-2019-08-05.mp3
Brad Pitt Bans Angelinas Gay Romps-2006-01-09.mp3
Brad Pitts Weird Chanel No 5 Commercials Analyzed-2012-10-25.mp3
Breaking Down Donald Trump Speeches And The Set Up-2016-01-15.mp3
Brief Recap Of Ralph Hosting Adam West Event-2012-01-30.mp3
Briefly Discuss X-Files Season Premiere From Last Night-2018-01-04.mp3
Britain Prepares For Murder Sleet-from 2017-01-18 Opening Segment.mp3
British Lord Resigns After Being A Few Minutes Late-Plus Dad Doesn`t Realize How Old He Is-2018-02-13.mp3
British Man Who Reads The News Of The Globe As If He Is A Newscaster-2012-01-27.mp3
Buzz Aldrin 2010 Interview Highlights-2011-01-20.mp3
Buzzfeed List Of Things That Happened In Florida This Year-2016-12-14.mp3
C-SPAN Caller Recites Lyrics To Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air-2015-03-20.mp3
C-Span Gets Prank Calls-2012-07-25.mp3
CBS Radio Will Not Let Them Talk About My Car Is My Lover Documentary-2009-04-17.mp3
Carpool Karaoke With Linkin Park And Ken Jeong-2017-10-13-Highlights.mp3
Carter Wilkerson Tweeted Wendy`s-How Many Retweets To Get 1 Year Of Free Nuggets-2017-05-11.mp3
Casey Kasem Outtakes-2014-06-16.mp3
Charlie Sheen Update-2011-02-25-More.mp3
Charlie Sheen Update-2011-02-25.mp3
Charlie Sheen Update-2011-03-02-More.mp3
Charlie Sheen Update-2011-03-02.mp3
Cheapest Family In The World-2011-02-09.mp3
Cheryl Tiegs Slams Plus-Size Sports Illustrated Cover Model Ashley Graham-2016-02-26.mp3
Chest Boxing On ESPN Ocho-2018-08-09-Highlights.mp3
Chick Chick-2014-11-18-Bizarre Video By Chinese Pop Group Wang Rong Rollin.mp3
Child Who Fell Into Gorilla Enclosure At The Cincinnati Zoo-2016-05-31.mp3
Chris Paul Appeared On Jimmy Kimmel Live-2012-01-10-Highlights.mp3
Chris Rock SNL Monologue Highlights-2014-11-03.mp3
Christmas Consultant-Movie With David Hasselhoff-2012-11-20.mp3
Christmas Songs From Wing-2013-12-17.mp3
Clips Of ASMR-Whisper Videos-2017-05-03.mp3
Clips of Basil Marceaux-Crazy Candidate For Tennessee Governor-2010-08-16.mp3
Colleen-Over-enthusiastic Cubs Fan-2011-04-12-Highlights.mp3
College Bass Fishing Club-2012-05-30-Highlights.mp3
Colorado House Hold Sex Parties With 400 Invitees-2018-05-03-TV News Highlights.mp3
Colorado Rockies Miguel Olivo-Passed Kidney Stone During Game-2010-05-03.mp3
Comic-Con Floor Highlights-2016-07-25.mp3
Comicon Preview Night-2010-07-22-Highlights-Plus Lindsay Lohan Breaking News-Several.mp3
Comicon-Highlights Of Weird People-2012-07-16.mp3
Commenting On How Rick Rubin Looks Homeless-2010-06-16.mp3
Comments About The LA Dodgers Clinching Their Division For 7th Year In A Row-2019-09-11.mp3
Comments And One Listener Email About Kevin Using Big Words Correctly-2010-07-28.mp3
Comments And Recap Of The LA Rams Vs Chiefs On Monday Night Football-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
Comments On Anaheim Ducks Performance In Games 5 and 6-2017-05-08.mp3
Comments On How Many TV Reporters Have To Stand In Hurricane Dorian To Report On It-2019-09-03.mp3
Comments On The Lawrence Taylor Accusations-2010-05-10.mp3
Common Items Left Behind In Uber Cars-2019-03-08-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
Company Makes Luxury Toothpicks-2017-07-25-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
Congratulate Coachella 3-Day Pass Winner-2018-04-03.mp3
Congratulate Winner Of Coldplay At The SoundSpace Tickets-Mention No SoundSpace Yet-2020-01-13.mp3
Controversy About MTV Show Skins-2011-01-25.mp3
Convicted Man Forgot To Show Up For Prison For 14 Years-2014-04-18.mp3
Countdown To The Royal Wedding-Update On TV Coverage-2011-04-07.mp3
Country Artists Covering Rap Songs-2008-10-20.mp3
Country Trap Music Artist Lil Nas X Gets Removed From Billboard Country Music Chart-2019-03-29.mp3
Couple Married For 70 Years Dress Alike-2019-08-15.mp3
Couple Who Is Having A Dolphin-Assisted Birth-2013-05-30-Highlights.MP3
Courtney Love On Loveline-2010-04-21-Highlights.mp3
Courtney Love On Loveline-Psycho Mike Gets Shout Out On Letterman Show-2010-04-28.mp3
Coverage Of Ground Hog Day Live Stream-2017-02-02.mp3
Coverage Of The Royal Wedding-2011-04-29.mp3
Coverage Of The RoyalWedding-2011-04-26.mp3
Crazy About The Royal Wedding-2018-05-02.mp3
Crazy Letters To Santa-2017-12-05.mp3
Crazy Walk-Up Music Choices For Various Baseball Players-2014-09-24.mp3
Creepiest Celebrities-2008-10-31.mp3
Crocodile Attacks Australian Teen Who Jumped Into A River On Dare-2017-03-23.mp3
Cryptic Murmurs-Heavy Metal Song About Anderson Cooper-2013-06-17.mp3
Curling-2014-02-20-With Associate Producer Christine.mp3
Dad Grills Daughter`s Date Through A Doorbell Camera-2019-08-19.mp3
Dad Slams School After Leaflet Tells Teens To Suck Toes Instead Of Sex-2020-02-24.mp3
Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones-2012-08-30-Raps In New Pizza Commercial.mp3
Dan Whitney-Pre-Larry The Cable Guy-2008-02-25.mp3
Dancing With The Stars-2006-01-04-More.mp3
Dancing With The Stars-2006-01-09-Season 2 Preview.mp3
Danica Patrick Hosted The ESPYs-2018-07-19-Highlights.mp3
Daniel Tosh Vs Heckler Upset With Rape Joke-2012-07-13-With Listener Calls.mp3
Daniel Tosh and The Cursing Preacher-2010-08-19-From Tosh-point-O.mp3
Darryl Strawberry Used to Have Sex Between Innings-2018-01-04-News Story Highlights.mp3
Darts Play-by-Play Highlights-2014-10-13.mp3
Dave Mustaine Conspiracy Theory About Obama Staging Recent Shootings-2012-08-16.mp3
Dave-Man Who Is In Love With Balloons-2012-08-01-Highlights From TV Show-Taboo.mp3
David Arquette Announces Return to Wrestling On Wendy Williams Show-2018-09-26.mp3
David Blaine-Real Or Magic TV Special-2013-11-20-Highlights.mp3
David Lynch Releases New Album-2013-07-18-Highlights.mp3
Dayana-Woman From Columnbia On YouTube Accidentally Used Anal Relaxer On Dry Lips-2018-10-09.mp3
Debate The Quality Of Jimmy Kimmel`s Beard-2015-09-08.mp3
Debating Whether Caller George Had An Accent Or Speech Impediment-2015-07-23.mp3
Democratic National Convention Highlights-2016-07-26.mp3
Democratic Presidential Debate-2015-10-14-Recap.mp3
Deposition Of Robin Thicke And Pharrell Williams-2015-10-27-Highlights.mp3
Diamond And Silk-We Be Sisters-Trump Supporters-2015-08-25-Highlights From YouTube.mp3
Dick Clark New Years Eve Celebration-2010-01-04-Highlights.mp3
Dick Clark New Years Eve-2012-01-03-Highlights.mp3
Dick Clark New Years Eve-More Highlights-2011-01-03-Patton Oswalt Sits In.mp3
Dina Lohan On Dr Phil TV Show-2012-09-18-Highlights-Plus Dr Phil.mp3
Director Josh Raby 1 am McDonalds Drive-Thru Ordeal-2016-04-12.mp3
Discuss 103-Year-Old Sprinter Julia Hawkins-2019-06-21.mp3
Discuss 13 People Stuck In A Subway Elevator-2018-10-03-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
Discuss Adults Who Go Trick-Or-Treating-2018-11-02.mp3
Discuss Airline Passenger Who Got Tased 10 Times-2018-04-24.mp3
Discuss And Debate The TV Show Making It-2018-08-08 A Reality Competition Series.mp3
Discuss And Sample William Shatner`s New Christmas Album.mp3
Discuss Anderson Silva Replacing Jon Jones For UFC 200-2016-07-08.mp3
Discuss Andre Ingram-32-Year-Old LA Laker Rookie Who Made His NBA Debut-2018-04-11.mp3
Discuss Andrew Luck`s Sudden Retirement From The NFL-2019-08-26.mp3
Discuss April The Giraffe-Pregnant Again-2018-06-25.mp3
Discuss Ariana Grande And Donutgate-2015-07-10.mp3
Discuss Article Claiming Ranch Dressing Has Overtaken Ketchup-2019-09-09.mp3
Discuss Backlash Over Delta Airlines-Coca Cola Flirtatious Napkins-2019-02-08.mp3
Discuss BallBusters Instagram Account-2019-11-14.mp3
Discuss Baseball Walk Up Songs-2019-04-09.mp3
Discuss Bean And Donna`s Song-Wildfire By Michael Martin Murphey.mp3
Discuss Bean Running Into Two Hot Foreign Girls At Subway-2019-04-30.mp3
Discuss Ben Affleck`s Commentary From The Armageddon DVD-2019-08-09.mp3
Discuss Bill Burr`s Guide to Driving Etiquette-2018-04-05.mp3
Discuss Billie Eilish interview-2019-04-04.mp3
Discuss Bird Singing Contests In Thailand-2018-09-27.mp3
Discuss Blake Shelton Being Chosen As People`s Sexiest Man Alive-2017-11-14.mp3
Discuss Blogger Mom`s Instagram Post Lamenting Son`s Lack Of Likes-2018-11-26.mp3
Discuss Braces For Adults With Phone Screener Ruben-2018-11-09.mp3
Discuss Brad Paisley-LL Cool J Duet The Accidental Racist-2013-04-10.mp3
Discuss Brandi Chastain Getting A Plaque That Looks Nothing Like Her-2018-05-23.mp3
Discuss Breadfacing-2017-03-21-Gratification By Watching Woman Smash Her Face Into Bread.mp3
Discuss Brian Shaw-Competitive Eater Who Ate Entire Taco Bell Menu-2019-04-03.mp3
Discuss Bricks Of Cocaine Washed Ashore After Hurricane Dorian-2019-09-09.mp3
Discuss Bride With A Dress Code Based On Weight-And Then Gave Polygraph To See Who Leaked The Info-2019-01-30-From.mp3
Discuss Briefly The LA Dodgers Advancing To The NLCS-2018-10-09.mp3
Discuss Caller ID Spoofing-2018-05-07.mp3
Discuss Cameo-Personalized Shout-outs From Celebrities-2019-01-23.mp3
Discuss Camp No Counselors-Adult Summer Camp-2015-06-05.mp3
Discuss Cams Worth Watching-2018-05-24.mp3
Discuss Cheese Rolling Competitions-2018-08-28.mp3
Discuss Conor McGregor`s Announcing He`s Retiring From The UFC-2016-04-20.mp3
Discuss Controversary About HBO Asking For Top 3 Characters-2019-09-19.mp3
Discuss DIY Dentistry-2018-04-12-Kids Making Their Own Braces.mp3
Discuss Debacle At Black Keys Wiltern Concert-No Third-Party Tickets Allowed In-2019-09-20.mp3
Discuss Deepfakes And The AI-Generated Joe Rogan Voice-2019-05-20.mp3
Discuss Democracy Manifest Viral Video-2019-04-17.mp3
Discuss Dodgers NLDS Win With King Of Mexico-2017-10-10-Was It Too Early To Break Out The Champagne.mp3
Discuss Dr Sandra Lee (aka Dr Pimple Popper)-2016-03-29-YouTube Highlights.mp3
Discuss Drunk Curlers-2018-11-20.mp3
Discuss Duke Basketball Star Zion Williamson`s Exploding Shoe Injury-2019-02-21 .mp3
Discuss Dylan McWilliams Who Has Been Attacked By A Bear And Bitten By A Shark And A Rattlesnake-2018-04-26.mp3
Discuss Eclipse Chaser Donald Liebenberg-2017-08-21-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
Discuss Eclipse Fever In Advance Of Monday`s Solar Eclipse-2017-08-17.mp3
Discuss Elon Musk`s Plans To Build A Tunnel Underneath Los Angeles-2018-10-24.mp3
Discuss Email Scams-2020-03-06-Jensen Got Scammed.mp3
Discuss Ethan Sonneborn-14-Year-Old Running For Vermont Governor-2018-08-15.mp3
Discuss Everyone`s Passwords-2018-08-15.mp3
Discuss Everyone`s Top Music Movies-2019-05-20.mp3
Discuss Facebook Being Down Yesterday-2019-03-14.mp3
Discuss Farmer Amputated His Own Leg-2019-05-16.mp3
Discuss Farting Controversy At Grand Slam Of Darts-2018-11-19-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
Discuss Feng E-11 Year-Old Ukulele Prodigy-2019-02-27.mp3
Discuss Flaming Dog Poop-2019-01-09.mp3
Discuss Game Of Thrones-2019-05-08.mp3
Discuss Gucciano Calza`s Runway Show With 3-Breasted Model-2018-09-28.mp3
Discuss Gwyneth Paltrow`s Goop Entry On Proper Yawning Technique-2015-07-15.mp3
Discuss Hatchimals-2017-01-04-The Hottest Christmas Gift.mp3
Discuss Hated Christmas Songs-2018=11=27.mp3
Discuss Hiking As A First Date-2015-07-28.mp3
Discuss Hispanic Woman With Foreign Accent Syndrome-2016-07-28.mp3
Discuss Home Depot Bathroom Humor Mistaken As A Bomb Threat-2019-02-19.mp3
Discuss Hour-Long Parallel Parking Standoff In Los Angeles-2019-04-05.mp3
Discuss How 30 Million People Buy Costumes For Their Pets-2018-10-18.mp3
Discuss How Golden Retriever From Air Bud Is Dead-2018-10-03.mp3
Discuss How Old Is Too Old To Trick-Or-Treat-2017-10-31.mp3
Discuss How People Keep Dying Trying To Reach Summit Of Mount Everest-2019-05-29.mp3
Discuss How The KROQ Building Is Leaking-2019-02-06.mp3
Discuss How The Time Change Sucks-2020-03-09.mp3
Discuss Hugging And The Cuddle Hormone-2018-09-06.mp3
Discuss Hugging In The Current MeToo Environment-2018-03-13.mp3
Discuss Hungarian Skier Elizabeth Swaney In The Olympics-2018-02-20.mp3
Discuss Ice Cube The Architect-2019-08-30.mp3
Discuss Indie-Go-Go Campaign For Consent-Focused Robot Brothel-2018-11-08.mp3
Discuss Instagram Influencer Caroline Calloway-2019-01-18.mp3
Discuss Instagram Influencer Jessy Taylor-Ranted On YouTube After Account Deleted-2019-04-12.mp3
Discuss Instagram Removing Total Likes-2019-11-11.mp3
Discuss Jeff Bezos Being Blackmailed By National Enquirer`s Parent Company-2019-02-08 .mp3
Discuss Jeff Bridges At The Golden Globe Awards Show-2019-01-07-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
Discuss Jensen`s Recent Wedding-2018-11-15-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
Discuss Jeremy Renner`s Singing Career-2019-08-01.mp3
Discuss Jerry And Marge Selbee Who Won Millions Using Lottery Loophole-2019-01-29.mp3
Discuss John Alan Chau-Missionary Who Tried To Convert Remote Tribe And Was Killed-2018-11-28.mp3
Discuss Julia Caples-Lady DarkRose-2018-03-12.mp3
Discuss Jury Duty With Bean And Omar-2018-11-07.mp3
Discuss Kim Kardashian In Vogue Saying She Is Studying To Be An Attorney-2019-04-12.mp3
Discuss King Of Mexico And His Girlfriend Sleeping In Separate Rooms-2019-04-19.mp3
Discuss LA Rams Advancing To Super Bowl LIII After Controversial Non-Call-2019-01-22.mp3
Discuss LA Rams Fan Kenneth Dunham Who Got A Victory Tattoo Before The Super Bowl-2019-01-30.mp3
Discuss LA`s Safest Driver Contest-2019-06-05.mp3
Discuss La Tomatina Festival In Spain-2018-09-05.mp3
Discuss Lamar Odom And Coventant App That Alerts If He Watches Porn-2020-01-28.mp3
Discuss Leggings-Gate-2019-04-03-From Yesterday`s Opening.mp3
Discuss Magin Johnson`s Departure From Lakers Organization And The Current Chaos-2019-05-21.mp3
Discuss Man Who Broke His Penis During Sex-2015-03-24.mp3
Discuss Man Who Drowned During Underwater Proposal-2019-09-24.mp3
Discuss Man Who Hijacked Plane At SeaTac Airport-2018-08-13-Bean`s Flight Got Delayed.mp3
Discuss Man Who Punched Another Man After Being Caught Having Sex With His Wife-2019-05-29.mp3
Discuss Man Who Slept With Dead Wife For 6 Days-2019-05-22.mp3
Discuss Man With Emotional Support Goat On A Bus-2018-03-28.mp3
Discuss Masturbation Month-2018-05-09.mp3
Discuss Mayonnaise-Based Restaurants-2017-03-01.mp3
Discuss Mexican Soccer Fans Puto Chant-2018-06-21-With Listener Calls.mp3
Discuss Michael Lee And Angela Peang-Married First Cousins Expecting A Child-2020-01-10.mp3
Discuss Mike Tyson`s Hotboxing-2019-08-15.mp3
Discuss Mister Rogers Commencement Address From Dartmouth-2018-07-25.mp3
Discuss NHL Players Caught On Uber Video Badmouthing Coach-2018-11-07.mp3
Discuss New Food Items At Dodger Stadium-2019-03-25.mp3
Discuss New KROQ Billboards-2018-02-08.mp3
Discuss New LA Clippers Condor Mascot-2016-03-01.mp3
Discuss News Coverage Of The Measles Outbreak-2019-05-07.mp3
Discuss News Story About How Millennials Have Less Sex Than Previous Generations-2019-01-25.mp3
Discuss Next Door Social Network-2018-11-12.mp3
Discuss Nicolas Cage Asking For Annulment After 4 Days Of Marriage-2019-04-01.mp3
Discuss Nominees For The National Toy Hall Of Fame-2019-09-13.mp3
Discuss Nose Hair Extensions And Other Weird Beauty Fads On Instagram-2017-10-11.mp3
Discuss Old Man Ruben`s Twitch Account-2020-01-28.mp3
Discuss Olypmic Curling-2018-02-08.mp3
Discuss Oscar Nominations-Plus Trailer For Him-Sequel To Her-2014-01-16.mp3
Discuss Oumuamua-The First Interstellar Object Detected Passing Through The Solar System-2018-11-08.mp3
Discuss Parents Who Set Up Cameras To Prevent 15-Year-Old Son From Masturbating-2019-05-15.mp3
Discuss Paris Nudist Restaurant Closing-2018-01-11.mp3
Discuss Passenger Uber Ratings-2018-04-13.mp3
Discuss Peanuts And Coke-2018-08-03.mp3
Discuss People Referring To Their Sports Team As We-2015-09-03.mp3
Discuss People Who Fall Asleep Together While Apart Using Facetime-2020-01-07-With Board Op Destiny.mp3
Discuss People With Horns-2019-06-20.mp3
Discuss Philadelphia House Listing With BDSM Gear Furnished-2019-02-12.mp3
Discuss Police Chase Las Vegas-2019-01-23.mp3
Discuss Pony Play-2018-06-21.mp3
Discuss Poop Transplants-2019-05-06.mp3
Discuss Possible Names For Likely New NHL Franchise In Seattle-2108-02-15.mp3
Discuss Presidential Candidates Deez Nuts And Tami Stainfield-2015-08-20.mp3
Discuss Promposal-With Jimmy Kimmel Live Highlights-2017-04-13.mp3
Discuss Prosopagnosia-Face-Blindness-2019-06-21.mp3
Discuss Raging California Wildfires-2017-12-06-With Jon Baird From KNX 1070 Newsradio.mp3
Discuss Recent Movies Including Bird Box On Netflix-2019-01-02.mp3
Discuss Robert Pattinson Being Cast As Batman And Petitions Against The Casting-2019-06-03.mp3
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Discuss Study About What Really Extends Your Life-2019-03-12.mp3
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Discuss The DJ Khaled-Billboard-Number One Album Controversy-2019-06-11.mp3
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Dr Nicholas Gueguen-2010-08-19-Studied Breast Size and Hitchhiking.mp3
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Feliks Zemdegs Solved Rubik`s Cube In 6 Seconds-2015-07-23-Plus Lightning Whose Son Solved It In 35 Seconds.mp3
Fighting About The Bear Cam In North Carolina-2013-05-30.MP3
Final Kobe Bryant Game-2016-04-14-Highlights.mp3
Finland`s Got Talent Won With Hand Farting-2016-12-09.mp3
First Republican Debate-2015-08-07-Highlights.mp3
Five Denver Nurses Opened Body Bag To Look At Dead Man`s Genitals-2017-09-08.mp3
Flaming Hot Cheetos Are Sending Kids To Emergency Rooms-2013-11-25.mp3
Florida Congressional Candidate Claimed She Was Abducted By Aliens At Age Seven-2017-10-17.mp3
Florida Driver Pulled Over Cop For Speeding-from 2016-02-02 Opening Segment.mp3
Florida Man Gets 10 Days In Jail After Oversleeping For Jury Duty-2019-10-07-From Today`s Opening.mp3
Florida Man Throws Alligator Into Wendy`s Drive Thru Window-2016-02-10-News Coverage.mp3
Florida Parents Allegedly Bribed Teens With Drugs-2015-05-11.mp3
Florida Woman Had Cockroach In Her Ear For 9 Days-2018-05-07.mp3
Florida Woman Whips Baby Gator Out Of Her Yoga Pants During Traffic Stop-2019-05-08.mp3
Foster The People Mural Allowed To Stay On LA Building-2014-07-17.mp3
Foul-Mouthed Chicago Guy Rescues A Coyote Pup-2019-08-19.mp3
Fractal Tetris Huracan-Wants To Marry Tetris-2018-01-23-Highlights Of TV News Story.mp3
Frankie MacDonald-Amateur Weatherman-2015-01-27-On Winter Storm Juno.mp3
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Fred Schneider-Fruitcake Song-2010-12-13.mp3
Funeral Preacher Thinks Family Is Sexy-2019-10-31.mp3
Funeral Selfies-2017-02-09.mp3
Game Of Arms-2014-02-26-Highlights.mp3
Gatis Kandis-Terrible Comic On Britains Got Talent-2013-03-20-Highlights.mp3
Gender-Reveal Party Accident Causes 45,000 Acres To Burn In Arizona-2018-10-02-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
General Larry Platt-Did Song-Pants On The Ground-2010-01-14-From Americal Idol.mp3
George Lucas Raped Our Childhood-2011-09-06-Bad Changes To The Star Wars Films on Blu Ray.mp3
Georgia Apologizes For Paying Ludacris $65,000, Condoms And 2 Bottles Of His Own Cognac-2019-01-29.mp3
German Cows Ignited Fire By Farting-2014-01-29.mp3
Getting Knocked Out Of Your Football Pool After Week 1-2014-09-08.mp3
Giant New Years Eve Show Got Rained Out-2006-01-03.mp3
Gillionaire Has A New Video-2013-03-15.mp3
Gillionaire-2013-01-09-Hightlights Of His New Song.mp3
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Glenn Beck Show-2011-05-03-Highlights.mp3
Gordie-Offering To Take A Woman To Coachella-2017-01-06-Discuss His List Of 20 Demands.mp3
Gorilla Statue Removed After Complaints It Was Racist-2018-03-01.mp3
Government Paying For Penis Pumps-Daily Show Coverage Highlights-2014-04-01.mp3
Grammy Awards-2013-09-23-Highlights.mp3
Guillermo From Jimmy Kimmel Live-2012-06-18-NBA Finals Player Interviews-Highlights.mp3
Guinness World Record For Loudest Burp Broken By A Woman-2014-01-23.mp3
Guy Busts Girl Cheating-Gives Her Valentine`s Gift She`ll Never Forget-2016-02-17.mp3
Guy Drinks His Own Urine Daily-From Today`s Opening Segment-2017-05-11.mp3
Guy Has 18 Kids With 17 Women-2013-07-29-News Highlights.mp3
Guy Has Up To 100 Unwanted Orgasms Per Day-2014-09-24.mp3
Guy Injected Silicone In His Penis For 6 Years-2010-01-25.mp3
Hangry Woman Bites Wendy`s Worker Over Wrong Order-2016-02-19.mp3
Hard Copy TV Show-1991 Story About Found Footage Of Trent Reznor Video-2013-09-03.mp3
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Harry And Meghan-A Royal Romance-Lifetime Movie-2018-05-15-Highlights.mp3
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He Said She Said-2018-02-28.mp3
He Said She Said-2018-03-09.mp3
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Heinz Starts Petition To Make Monday After Superbowl A Holiday-2017-02-01.mp3
Herpes Infected Monkeys Invading Florida-2020-02-04.mp3
High School Wants To Change Mascot That Sounds Like Part Of Male Anatomy-2017-11-16.mp3
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Highlights Of Vermin Supreme Who Pledged To Give A Pony To Every American If Elected President-2012-01-09.mp3
Highlights Of Vin Scully`s Final Broadcast-2016-10-03.mp3
Highlights Of Washington Nationals Announcer As They Won World Series-2019-10-31.mp3
Highlights Of Will Ferrell As Ron Burgundy Calling The LA Kings Game-2019-03-22.mp3
Highlights Of Will Ferrell Commencement Address At USC-2017-05-15.mp3
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Highlights of Arnold Schwarzenegger Rapping-Pump It Up-2019-05-31.mp3
Honey Boo Boo`s Mama June Will Star In New Show-Not To Hot-2017-02-23-Highlights.mp3
Hoops and YoYo Talking Greeting Card-2010-06-10-Use Of The Term Black Hole Causing Controversy.mp3
Hot Crazy Matrix-A Mans Guide To Women-2014-08-04-From YouTube.mp3
Hot New Trend-Getting A Tattoo On Your Butthole-2012-08-20.mp3
How Average Am I-Viral Video Highlights-2015-10-09.mp3
How Hard Is It To Steal A Plane-2018-08-14-With Bob Rivers.mp3
How Is This A Thing-2018-10-04-Glitter Pumpkin Butts.mp3
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How To Make Terrible Christmas Songs Even Worse-2018-12-10.mp3
Husband Catches Wife Practicing His Eulogy-2018-10-04.mp3
I Am The Highway-A Tribute to Chris Cornell Concert Recap-2019-01-17.mp3
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I Love Cat Magazine-2011-08-24-Including Cat Poetry.mp3
Iggy Azalea-20134-10-28-Appeared On Saturday Night Live.mp3
Indian Man Wants To Sue Parents-He Did Not Consent To Being Born-2019-02-05.mp3
Inky The Octopus Breaks Out Of New Zealand Aquarium-from 2016-04-13 Opening Segment.mp3
Irate Caller Talking To Customer Service Line-2013-09-13.mp3
Irate Man Calls Police Claiming Cops Stole His Weed-2019-10-17-Highlights.mp3
Irish Man Pranks Loved Ones At His Burial-2019-10-15-From Today`s Opening.mp3
Is Anyone On TV Fatter Than Chris Christie-2012-10-30.mp3
Is Columbus Day A Thing-With Jon Oliver Clip-2014-10-13.mp3
Is Curling Really A Sport-2010-02-17.mp3
Isaac Mizrahi And QVC Host Debate About Whether Or Not The Moon Is A Planet-2015-01-20-Highlights.mp3
J-Lo & Shakira Unleashed Demons At Super Bowl Halftime Performance-2020-02-18.mp3
JJ Abrams Is Late To Call-Discuss Movie Super 8 While Waiting For His Call-2011-06-10.mp3
Jaden And Willow Smith-Gulf News Tabloid Inteview Highlights-2015-08-24.mp3
Jaden Smith Did A Terrible Song Online-2014-10-01.mp3
Jaden Smith Instagram Live Video-2017-01-13-Highlights.mp3
Jaden Smith Is Not Talented Like His Dad Will Smith-2013-06-03.mp3
Jake Byrd Covers Flat Earth Society Convention For Jimmy Kimmel Live-2020-01-08-Highlights.mp3.mp3
Jake Byrd Covers Inauguration For Jimmy Kimmel Live-2017-01-25-Highlights.mp3
Jake Byrd From Jimmy Kimmel At Michael Jackson Movie Premier-2009-10-29.mp3
Jake Byrd On Jimmy Kimmel Live-2015-09-16-Attended Trump Rally.mp3
Jake Byrd-2011-09-28-Outside The Dr Conrad Murray Trial-Highlights.mp3
Jamaican Lottery Winner Shows Up In Emoji Mask To Claim Prize-2018-06-08.mp3
James Corden Carpool Karaoke With Red Hot Chili Peppers-2016-06-14-Highlights.mp3
James Corden-Lady Gaga Carpool Karaoke-2016-10-26-Highlights.mp3
Japan Airlines Offering Baby Seating Map-2019-09-27.mp3
Japanese Company Asks Female Employees To Wear Period Badges-2020-01-07.mp3
Japanese Man Married A VR Singer Hologram-2018-11-13.mp3
Japanese Photographer-2017-09-14-Puts Couples Nude In Vacuum Packs.mp3
Japanese Porn Stars To Appear In Fart Theatre-2017-10-05.mp3
Jasmine Tridevil Claims To Have Had Plastic Surgery To Add 3rd Breast-2014-09-23.mp3
Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo Ad Goes Viral-2013-11-18-Highlights.mp3
Jenna Jamison On Good Day New York-2013-10-23-Highlights.mp3
Jennifer Lawrence Had Homeland Spoiled For Her At Golden Globes Red Carpet-2014-01-22-Highlights.mp3
Jerry Lewis Gives the Most Awkward Interview To The Hollywood Reporter-2017-01-03-Highlights.mp3
Jesse James On Nightline-Highlights-2010-05-26.mp3
Jet Fuel Is Dumped On Elementary Schools-2020-01-15.mp3
Jim Gray Interviews Tom Brady-2015-05-08-Highlights.mp3
Jim Jefferies Show Segment Opposed To The Practice Of Tipping-2018-08-28-Highlights.mp3
Jimmy Dean Sausage Complaint Call-2009-11-12.mp3
Jimmy Kimmel Announced Emmy Award Nominations In His Pajamas-2012-07-19.mp3
Jimmy Kimmel Appeared On The Snoop Dog Show-2014-07-24-Highlights.mp3
Jimmy Kimmel Asks Pedestrians To Name A Single Book-2018-05-21-Highlights.mp3
Jimmy Kimmel Got Opinions On Donald Sterling At Black Barbershop-2014-05-02-Highlights.mp3
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Jimmy Kimmel Hosted White House Correspondents Dinner-2012-04-30-Highlights.mp3
Jimmy Kimmel Interviewed Hitchhiker Kai-2013-02-14-Highlights.mp3
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KTVU TV Station Aired Wrong And Racist Pilot Names From Asiana Plane Crash-2013-07-15.mp3
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Kid`s hilarious Pros And Cons List On Staying Home After Missing Bus-2019-06-17.mp3
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Kobe Appears At Conventions-Comments On Shaq-2019-08-29.mp3
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Kung Fu Vagina-2016-02-08.mp3
LA City Commissioner Claims Tumor Caused Him To Look At Child P--n-2011-08-04.mp3
LA City Council Rules Dodgers Should Get World Series Titles-2020-01-22.mp3
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Man Ate Dog Food For A Month To Prove It`s Good For Dogs-2020-02-07.mp3
Man Born Without Penis Gets Bionic Penis-2018-09-13.mp3
Man Camps Outside Dodger Stadium For 18 Days For A Shot At Playing-2015-09-01.mp3
Man Carjacked Someone In Line At McDonalds To Get Served At Drive Thru-2014-09-26.mp3
Man Caught On Camera Urinating On Cereal At Kellogg`s Plant-2016-03-16-Highlights.mp3
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Man Covered Car With 51,300 Pennies-2016-10-06.mp3
Man Divorces Wife Hours After Wedding-She Would Not Stop Texting Her Friends-2016-05-19.mp3
Man Gets $175 Seat Belt Ticket After Giving Money To Officer Undercover As Homeless Man-2016-06-14.mp3
Man Gets Put In Jail For Terrible Bowel Movement At Courthouse-2013-07-30.mp3
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Man Kills Alligator Who Killed His Friend-2015-07-13.mp3
Man Made Tacos From His Amputated Foot-2018-06-18.mp3
Man On LSD Rescues Neighbor`s Dog From Imaginary House Fire-2016-10-20-From 2016-10-18 Opening Segment.mp3
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Man Robbed Bank To Escape Wife-Gets Home-Confinement Sentence-2017-06-14.mp3
Man Suffered Rectal Blowout From Compressed Air Pump-2019-05-28 .mp3
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Martina Big-Has Size 32-S Boobs And Has Changed From White To Black-2018-02-02.mp3
Mayor Of Arviat Cananda Cancelled Trick-Or-Treating Due To Threat Of Polar Bear Attacks-2014-10-22.mp3
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Mayweather-Ortiz Fight-Cheap Shot Head Butt-2011-09-1.mp3
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Memory Manipulations Study in Canada-A Pill To Remove Bad Memories-2019-11-05.mp3
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Mention Linkin Park`s Tribute To Chester Benington On The American Music Awards-2017-11-20.mp3
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Mentioning That The Smashing Pumpkins Will Live Stream Their Seattle Concert On Twitter-2018-08-23.mp3
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Michael Rotondo Called 911 On His Dad-Wanted His Lego Collection In Their Basement-2018-06-04.mp3
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Pacific Pole Championships-2012-05-18.mp3
Parents Sue 30-Year-Old Son To Kick Him Out Of The House-2018-05-23.mp3
Pat Robertson Controversial Comments About A Man Who Cheated-2013-05-17.mp3.MP3
Paul Flart-The Security Guard Fired After Filming Himself Farting At Work-2018-08-27.mp3
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People Burning Their Nike Shoes Because Of Colin Kaepernick Deal-2018-09-05.mp3
People Screaming At Whitney Houstons Casket-2012-02-16.mp3
People Who Are Better Than Us-2010-03-08.mp3
Pianos In The News-2018-07-31.mp3
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President Obama Read To Kids But Got Swarmed By Bees-2015-04-10.mp3
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Remembering Kobe Bryant-2020-01-27.mp3
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Rose Bowl Highlights-2006-01-05.mp3
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Russian Artist Nails Scrotum To Ground In A Political Protest-2013-11-12.mp3
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Ryan Seacrest On The Red Carpet At the Golden Globes-2006-01-18-Highlights.mp3
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Sex Robots And Sex Dolls-2018-04-20.mp3
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Shia Labeouf`s Latest Internet Video-2015-06-02-Weird Motivational Speech Etc.mp3
Should We Be Posting So Many Images Of Our Children On Social Media-2019-02-21.mp3
Show Me Your Genitals YouTube Video-2010-08-10-Plus The Answer Video.mp3
Silly Ideas Proposed To Ease Traffic Problems At The Hollywood Sign-2018-01-23.mp3
Six Flags St Louis Coffin Challenge-2018-09-25-Lay In It 30 Hours Win $300.mp3
Sleep Whisperers-News Highlights-2014-02-28.mp3
Small Planes Collide-Everyone Survives-2013-11-06.mp3
Snoop Dogg Did Video For Dr Drew-2010-07-21.mp3
Snoop Doggs 70 Year Old Uncle Junebug-At Live 105 BFD show-2011-06-08.mp3
Snuggy For Dogs-2009-08-11.mp3
So That Happened-2016-10-27.mp3
Social Media Addiction-2018-04-25.mp3
Social Media Shaming Spring Breakers In Mexico-2019-03-14.mp3
Some Companies Consider Banning All Physical Contact At Work-2019-05-02.mp3
Some People Are Calling For A Ban On Dodgeball-2019-06-19.mp3
Some People Cannot Watch Playoff Games Unless Their Team Won-2019-01-18.mp3
Someone Called 911 On Browns Fan Celebrating Odell Beckham Trade-2019-03-15-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
Soraya Doolbaz-Penis Photographer-2016-01-20.mp3
Sounds Of Sex Heard During Florida Tennis Match-2017-04-21-From April 20 Opening Segment.mp3
South Park 200th Episode-2010-04-15-Recap.mp3
South Park Episode Made Fun Of Honey Boo Boo-2012-10-09.mp3
South Poo Bay-2006-01-19-2 Millions Gallons Of Sewage.mp3
Spirit Airlines Employee Told Woman To Flush Her Hamster Down The Toilet-2018-02-09.mp3
Splash TV Show-2013-03-27-Highlights.mp3
Splash-New TV Show-2013-03-20-Highlights.mp3
Spotify Top 10 Songs On Guilty Pleasure Playlists-2014-08-11.mp3
Stalling For Matthew Perry-2011-02-08-Previewing Singles Party.mp3
Steve Ludwin-Injects Himself With Snake Venom-2013-02-06-Highlights.mp3
Steven Seagal Training Fighter Anderson Silva-2011-02-07.mp3
Sting Won Polar Award-Jose Feliciano Paid A Musical Tribute To Him-2017-06-29-Highlights.mp3
Stories Of Sexual Relations With Animals-2008-05-08.mp3
Storm Watch 2018-Update-2018-03-21.mp3
Story About Woman Who Got Photographed Inside Dead Horse-2011-11-03.mp3
Stroller Patrol App Enables Bystanders To Report Nannies-2020-01-16.mp3
Student Pilot Lands Plane After Instructor Passes Out-2019-09-03-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
Survey Found Americans Have Not Made A Friend In 5 Years-2019-05-17.mp3
Surveying Wiccans About Charlie Sheen Using The Term Warlock-2011-03-09.mp3
Suspect Ducks Into Business During Police Chase Then Applies For A Job-2017-09-20.mp3
Swedish Golfer Gets Bitten By Black Widow-2013-02-15.mp3
Swinging Saved Thomas Middleditch`s Marriage-2019-09-19.mp3
TMZ Hollywood Tour-2011-05-31-Kevins Highlights.mp3
TV Coverage Of Grammy Awards and Valentines Day-2011-02-14.mp3
TV Interview With 110-Yr-Old Flossie Dickey-2016-02-22-Highlights.mp3
TV News Coverage Of Car Chase-2012-09-13.mp3
TV News Story About Pennsylvania Family With Alarm Clock Stuck In Their Wall-2017-06-20-Highlights From Show Open.mp3
TV Station Interviews Homeless People Looking For Their Talents-2011-01-11.mp3
Taco Bell Discontinues The MexiMelt-2019-06-19-From Today`s Opening Segment-2019-06-19.mp3
Taco Bell Is Opening A Hotel In Palm Springs-2019-05-17.mp3
Talk About Trump`s Comments About Joe Paterno-2016-04-14.mp3
Tammy Jung Weighs 230-Wants To Double Her Weight-2013-05-13.MP3
Tan Mom-2013-05-07-On Her New Song .mp3
Taylor Chapman Dunkin Donus Rant-2013-06-14.mp3
Taylor Swift Fan Story Update-2014-03-06.mp3
Ted Cruz Responds To National Enquirer Claims Of Extra-Marital Affairs-2016-03-28-Highlights.mp3
Ted Williams-Homeless Man With The Golden Voice-2011-01-19-Update.mp3
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Teen Badly Bitten By Sea Fleas-2017-08-08-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
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Terrible Performances Of The National Anthem-2014-02-25.mp3
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The Rapture That Did Not Happen-2011-05-23.mp3
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Tom DeLonge Appeared On Joe Rogan`s Podcast To Discuss Aliens-2017-11-07-Highlights.mp3
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Top 9 Celebrity Apologies-2010-02-19.mp3
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Video Of Girl Twerking Gone Terribly Wrong-2013-09-09.mp3
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Viral Video Of Guy Seeing A Sun Fish-Confused About What It Is-2015-09-29.mp3
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What Does The Fox Say-Possible Song Of The Summer-2013-09-06.mp3
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Woman Earns $57,000 Annually By Cuddling-2018-08-30.mp3
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Woman In England Accidentally Texts Photo Of Her Butt To Carpet Company-2019-06-12.mp3
Woman In Florida Forced Off Flight For Not Turning Off Cell Phone-2013-06-27.mp3
Woman In United Arab Emirates Comes Out Of Coma After 27 Years-2019-04-25.mp3
Woman Loses Belly Button During Surgery-2016-02-24.mp3
Woman Marries 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost-2018-02-21.mp3
Woman Poisoned By Mother-In-Law-2019-08-09.mp3
Woman Screams On Flight Entire Time-2013-10-14-Highlights.mp3
Woman Shamed By Potential Employer Over Instagram Bikini Pics-2019-10-04.mp3
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Woman Whose Face Was Torn Off By A Chimp Was On Oprah-2009-11-12-recap.mp3
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