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Almost Acoustic Christmas promos
Commercials Done By Kevin and Bean staffers
KROQ Inland Invasion promos
KROQ Weenie Roast promos
KROQ World Tour promos


100 Days Of Metallica-2008-09-09-Promo.mp3
100 Days Of Metallica-Band Gear Giveaway-2008-09-12-Promo.mp3
2007 Calendar- Super Christmas CD-Last Minute Promo-2006-12-15.mp3
30 Seconds To Mars Promo-2010-03-16.mp3
Acoustic Christmas Webcast Promo-2009-12-11.mp3
Acoustic Xmas 2009 Sold-out-2009-11-23-Promo.mp3
Acoustic Xmas 2009Sold-out-2009-11-23-Promo 2.mp3
Alex-TLC Laser Eye Center Commercial-2009-03-25.mp3
Alex-TLC Vision Commercial-2007-02-21.mp3
Almost Acoustic Christmas Giveaway Promo-2009-12-07.mp3
Anna Nicole Smith Kevin And Bean Promo.mp3
April Foolishness Promo-2009-03-24.mp3
April Foolishness Promo-2010-03-01.mp3
April Foolishness Promo-2010-03-05.mp3
April Foolishness Promo-2011-03-07.mp3
Arcade Fire In Vancouver-2010-08-20-Promo.mp3
Arnold-Kevin and Bean Promo-Webcasting Promo-2007-12-27.mp3
Beck Box 360 Giveaway-2008-09-16-Promo.mp3
Beer Mug At Del Taco Promo-2009-06-15.mp3
Big 4 Ticket Giveaway Promo-2011-04-18.mp3
Black Market KROQ Sticker Promo-2010-08-23.mp3
Blink-182 Tour Ticket Giveaway-2009-05-26-Promo.mp3
Blink-182 Weekend Ticket Giveaway-2009-05-29-Promo.mp3
Brand New Same Old KROQ sticker-2006-03-21.mp3
Breakfast Karaoke With The Killers-2009-04-16-Promo.mp3
Breakfast With Foo Fighters Promo-2008-01-07.mp3
Breakfast With Foo Fighters Promo-2008-01-11.mp3
Breakfast With Incubus-2011-07-05-Promo.mp3
Breakfast With Jack Johnson-2008-04-22-Promo.mp3
Breakfast With Korn Promo-2007-02-26.mp3
Breakfast With Linkin Park-2010-08-30-Promo.mp3
Breakfast With Metallica Promo-2004-11-03.mp3
Breakfast With Muse Promo-2009-08-31.mp3
Breakfast With Nine Inch Nails Promo-2006-05-16.mp3
Chocolate Footprints-2007-11-28-Theme.mp3
Coachella 2011 Promo-2011-01-19.mp3
Coachella Festival Promo-2007-01-24.mp3
Coachella Festival Promo-2007-04-26.mp3
Coachella Promo-2007-04-23.mp3
Coachella Promo-2010-01-20.mp3
Coachella Promo-2010-04-12.mp3
Coachella Ticket Giveaway Promo-2011-04-14.mp3
Coldplay Plays At Your House-2008-06-05-Promo.mp3
Cue To Kill Call-in Contest Promo-2008-10-24.mp3
DJ Omar Khan New Years Eve Party Promo-2007-12-27.mp3
Dave Grohl-Foo Fighters-Harley Giveaway Promo-2008-08-04.mp3
Epicenter 09 Promo-2009-08-20.mp3
Epicenter 09 Promo-2009-08-21.mp3
Epicenter 2010 Promo-2010-09-22.mp3
Fall Out Boy-Honda Civic Tour Contest-2007-03-26.mp3
Foo Fighters Acoustic Show Ticket Giveaways-2006-06-05.mp3
Foo Fighters Ticket Giveaway Promo-2011-06-13.mp3
Freedom Of Choice Weekend Promo-2006-06-30.mp3
Greatest KROQ Sticker Of All Time-2011-08-22-Promo.mp3
Green Day Ticket Giveaway Promo-2009-05-18.mp3
Incubus At Hollywood Bowl-Ticket Giveaway Promo-2009-04-10.mp3
Incubus Private Dress Rehearsal Giveaway Promo-2006-10-16.mp3
Incubus Ticket Giveaway Promo-2011-07-08.mp3
Jed The Fish Catch Of The Day Promo-2008-09-24.mp3
Jet To Vegas Promo-2006-09-27.mp3
John McCain KROQ The Vote Promo-2008-09-18.mp3
KROQ 2007 Calendar Promo-2006-11-06.mp3
KROQ 2007 Calendar Xmas CD promo-2006-11-22-Michael Richards Racist Spoof.mp3
KROQ 2008 Sticker-2008-10-15-Promo.mp3
KROQ 2011 Weenie Roast Announcement Promo-2011-05-02.mp3
KROQ 2011 Weenie Roast Promo-2011-05-02.mp3
KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas Encore-2009-12-14-Promo.mp3
KROQ Big Game Party Promo-2010-02-01-Frank Caliendo As John Madden.mp3
KROQ Black Masquerade Promo-2006-10-13.mp3
KROQ Bleed It Out Blood Drive-2008-10-20-Promo.mp3
KROQ Bleed It Out Blood Drive-2008-10-22-Promo-Voiced By Ralph.mp3
KROQ Block Party Promo-2007-11-02.mp3
KROQ Calendar Signing Promo-2006-11-07.mp3
KROQ Call Of Duty Giveaway Promo-2009-11-06.mp3
KROQ Concerts Promo-Lindsay Lohan Clips-2010-07-09.mp3
KROQ Creep Show-Dead By Sunrise-2009-10-26-Promo.mp3
KROQ Kreep Show-2007-10-23-promo.mp3
KROQ Music Promo-2008-01-02.mp3
KROQ Nothing But The 90s Promo-2011-07-29.mp3
KROQ Party Bus-Ditch Day At Mountain High-2017-01-03-Promo.mp3
KROQ Presents Doobie Doo And The Haunted ThemePark-2010-10-04-Promo.mp3
KROQ Promo Crew Hitting The Beach-2011-07-22-Promo.mp3
KROQ Promo-Spoof Of MTV show Next-2006-08-08.mp3
KROQ Request Line Promo-2011-07-29.mp3
KROQ Road Trip USA-2010-07-06-Promo.mp3
KROQ Road Trip USA-Stop 2-Linkin Park In Boston-2008-06-09-Promo.mp3
KROQ Saw 6 Blood Drive Promo-2009-10-19.mp3
KROQ See Through Sticker Promo-2005-09-26.mp3
KROQ Severance Package-Metallica Guitar Hero-2009-04-06-Promo.mp3
KROQ Sticker Gone Wild Promo-2005-09-20.mp3
KROQ Sticker Hall Of Fame Contest Promo-2011-06-13.mp3
KROQ Sticker Promo-2005-10-05.mp3
KROQ Sticker Promo-2006-03-15.mp3
KROQ Website Promo-2006-02-22.mp3
KROQ in Krustyland-2008-05-19-promo 2.mp3
KROQ in Krustyland-2008-05-19-promo.mp3
KROQ-Secret Beastie Boys Show Promo-2006-10-11.mp3
KROQVC Ticket Blowout-2008-07-24.mp3
KROQs Presidents Day-To-Z Weekend-2010-02-12-Promo.mp3
Kevin and Bean April Foolishness-2009-03-02-Promo.mp3
Kevin and Bean April Foolishness-2011-03-28-Promo.mp3
Kevin and Bean Drop-2006-05-11.mp3
Kevin and Bean Horror-ble Singles Party Promo-2009-02-09.mp3
Kevin and Bean Mumford And Sons Trip-2011-03-16-promo.mp3
Kevin and Bean Promo-2008-10-08.mp3
Kings Of Leon In Mexico-2009-10-05-Promo.mp3
Kings Of Leon Ticket Giveaway Promo-2010-03-16.mp3
Korn Family Reunion Contest Promo-2006-06-21.mp3
Kristen Bell-Kevin and Bean ID.mp3
LA Invasion Announcement-2007-08-13.mp3
LA Rising Ticket Giveaway Promo-2011-07-11.mp3
LA and OC's Only New Rock Promo-2006-04-10.mp3
Linkin Park Ticket Giveaway Promo-2010-12-13.mp3
Madden NFL 09 Giveaway Promo-2008-08-14-With Frank Caliendo As John Madden.mp3
Metallica New Album Giveaway Promo-2008-08-01.mp3
Muse Soundcheck Performance-2010-09-08-promo.mp3
Muse-Rise Against-Big Day Out Australia Contest-2009-10-14.mp3
New Gay Rock Sticker-2006-03-13.mp3
No Doubt Tour Promo-2009-03-06.mp3
Omar Cheesy Santa Anita Promo-2007-01-25.mp3
Outside Lands Music Festival Giveaway Promo-2009-08-24.mp3
Pearl Jam Secret Show Promo-2006-07-05.mp3
Peter Griffin Xmas Gifts Up In My Bum Drop-2006.mp3
Playboy Mansion Singles Party Promo-2006-07-12.mp3
Presidents Day-To-Z Weekend-2011-02-17-Promo.mp3
Psycho Mike Voiceover For Who Wants To Be A Superhero Auditions-2007-02-14.mp3
Ralph Is An Info Tainer-2008-08-19-Promo.mp3
Ralph Porn Promo-2009-08-14-Its Whats For Dinner.mp3
Ralph-Show Biz Beat Promo-2007-12-27.mp3
Red Hot Chili Peppers Club Nokia Benefit Concert Giveaway Promo-2011-07-18.mp3
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Lincoln Continental Giveaway Contest-2006-05-30.mp3
Rise Against Plays Your House Promo-2008-08-22.mp3
Road Trip USA -Stop 4-Alice In Chains In Seattle-Promo.mp3
Road Trip USA Stop 3-Green Day-2010-07-19-Promo.mp3
Road Trip USA-Stop 1-Muse At Lollapalooza-2011-07-25.mp3
Road Trip USA-Stop 2-Foo Fighters and Social Distortion In Boston-2011-08-01.mp3
Road Trip USA-Stop 3-Sublime and 311 At Red Rocks-2011-08-08.mp3
Road Trip USA-Stop 4-Blink-182 Anywhere They Play-2011-08-15.mp3
Rodney On The Rock Program Promo-2007-12-05.mp3
Rodney On The Roq Show-NowOnline-2008-09-10-Promo.mp3
Save Salvation Army Steve-Disney Giveaway Promo-2006-12-12.mp3
She Wants Revenge-New Jersey Trip Contest Promo-2006-03-10.mp3
Silver Sun Pickups At Voodoo Festival-2009-10-16-Promo.mp3
Silver Sun Pickups Las Vegas Party-2010-06-16-Promo.mp3
Simpsons Ride At Universal Studios-2008-06-10-Promo.mp3
Smoke Out Ticket Giveaway Promo-2010-08-10.mp3
Spring Break With Nine Inch Nails in Norway Promo-2007-03-12.mp3
Spring Break With Pennywise-2008-03-17-promo.mp3
Stone Temple Pilots In Rio Contest-2010-09-17-Promo.mp3
Summer Vacation With U2-2009-03-30-Promo.mp3
System Of A Down-Moshing With The Stars-2011-03-25-Promo.mp3
Telluride Ski Giveaway Promo-2010-01-05.mp3
Telluride Trip Giveaway Promo-2009-01-07.mp3
The Big Four-2011-01-31-Metallica-Slayer-Megadeth-Anthrax-PROMO.mp3
The Kevin And Bean Super Christmas CD Promo-2006-11-20.mp3
The Killers In Vegas Contest Promo-2006-10-03.mp3
Top 500 Most Requested Songs Promo-2006-05-19.mp3
Twilight New Moon Premier Giveaway Promo-2009-11-04.mp3
U2 Rehearsal Show Promo-2005-03-24.mp3
Webcasting Promo-2006-02-08.mp3
Weenie Roast 2011 Announcement Promo-2011-04-29.mp3
Weenie Roast 2011 Pit Ticket Giveaway Promo-2011-05-31.mp3
Weenie Roast Promo-2010-05-10.mp3
Weenie Roast Promo-2010-05-14.mp3
Weenie Roast Promo-2010-06-04.mp3
What It Do Nephew Promo-2009-09-14.mp3
What It Do Nephew Promo-2010-02-05.mp3
What It Do Nephew Promo-2010-05-21.mp3
World Destination 7-The Offspring Anywhere In The World-2009-03-23-promo.mp3
World Tour 2010 Destination 2-Muse In Milan-2010-01-25-Promo.mp3
World Tour 2010-Destination 3-30 Seconds To Mars In London-2010-02-08-Promo.mp3
World Tour 2010-Destination 4-2010-02-16-Phoenix In Australia.mp3
World Tour 2010-Destination 5-2010-02-22-Pearl Jam In Portugal-Promo.mp3
World Tour 2011 Destination 1-My Chemical Romance In Paris-2011-01-13.mp3
World Tour 2011 Destination 2-Social Distortion In Sydney Australia-2011-01-25.mp3
World Tour 2011 Destination 3-Arcade Fire In Spain-2011-02-09.mp3
World Tour 2011 Destination 4-Rise Against In Rome-2011-02-17.mp3
World Tour 2011 Destination 5-Foo Fighters In Switzerland-2011-02-23.mp3
World Tour 2011 Destination 6-Metallica In Rio-2011-02-28.mp3
World Tour 2011 Destination 7-System Of A Down In Berlin-2011-03-07.mp3
World Tour 2011 Destination 8-Mumford and Sons In Hyde Park-2011-03-14.mp3
World Tour Destination 6-Nine Inch Nails In Tel Aviv-2009-03-16-Promo.mp3
World Tour Destination 8-Depeche Mode In Berlin-2009-03-27-Promo.mp3

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