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Opening Collage and Segment-2005-02-16.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2005-02-22.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2005-03-31.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2005-08-01.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2005-08-04.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2005-08-08.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2005-08-09.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2005-08-11-Kevin and Lisa are Late Carpooling.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-02-01-partial.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-02-07-partial.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-02-09-partial.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-02-16-partial.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-02-22.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-03-01.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-03-02.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-03-07.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-03-08.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-03-13.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-03-14.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-03-15.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-05-23.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-06-01.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-06-02.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-06-06.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-06-07.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-06-15.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-06-16.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-06-20.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-06-21.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-06-23.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-07-10.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-07-11.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-07-12.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-07-14.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-07-19.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-07-24.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-07-25.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-07-26.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-07-28.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-07-31.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-01.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-02.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-04.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-07.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-08-partial.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-09.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-10.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-11.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-14.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-15.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-16-partial.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-21.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-22.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-23-Snakes On A Plane And Rattlesnakes In Theater.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-24.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-25-Pluto-Chuck Henry Goes Off (Thanked Me For The Tip).mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-08-29-From New York.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-11-15-Kevin Late Because He Was Pulled Over By CHP But Not Cited.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-11-16-Larry King Has Never Used The Internet.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-11-17-Lisa Defends Going To Plays Over Seeing Movies.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-11-20.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-11-22-CD signing highlights-Lakers-Clippers Game.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-11-27-Kevin Calls From His Car.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-11-28.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-11-29-Psycho Mike Harrassed At An Appearance.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-11-30.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-12-01-Lisa Was Primed And Ready But Date Was Canceled.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-12-04-Football Games Recapped.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-12-05.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-12-06.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-12-07-Kevin Late Even With An Extra Song.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-12-08-Bean Not Speaking To Lisa.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-12-11-Kevin Still Cannot Make It On Time-Calls From His Car.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-12-12-Jed Has Totally Lost It.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2006-12-13-Kathie Lee-Working On Cruise Ships-Bean Goes Into A House.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-02.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-03.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-04.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-05-Lisa To Go For Green Belt.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-08.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-09-Kevin Is Late- Florida-Ohio State Championship Game.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-10.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-11.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-12-Flashback To Lisa and Pot Brownies- Omar Exercises With Hula Hoop.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-16.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-17.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-18-Family Guy Songs-The Vasectomy Song-You Have Got The AIDS.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-19.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-22.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-23.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-24.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-25-Talk Of Vaginal Rejuvenation For Lisa- Who Should Go Along With Her- EVERYONE.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-26-Song Clip-God Hates Fags.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-29.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-30.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-31.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-01.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-02-Kevin In Florida-Still Late To Show Despite Time Difference.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-05.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-06.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-07-More Talk About Tyra Banks.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-08-Dawan Met Drew Barrymore-LOST-American Idol.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-09-Anna Nicole Smith Death.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-12-Anna Nicole Media Coverage.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-13-Joan Rivers Red Carpet-How Much Alcohol For Lisa To Sleep With Bean.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-14-Bean Thinks Lisa Will Come Crawling To Him At Hotel-Dateline To Catch A Predator.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-16-Comparing Return Trips From Bear Mountain.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-20-Crazy Britney Behavior.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-21.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-22.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-23-Kevin Calls From Car With 50 Cent Blaring.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-26-Bean Bitches About The Oscars.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-27.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-28.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-01.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-02.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-05-Vagina Monologues-Nick The Sign Holder.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-06-Bean-The Marathon-LA Prostitutes-Lisa Does Not Like Parking Enforcement.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-07.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-08.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-09.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-12-Rodney Gets His Star.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-13.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-14 Lisa Is Late For The Very First Time.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-15.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-16.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-26-Bean Was In Kansas On Break.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-27-Bean Crashes New Car.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-28-Sanjaya-Lisa G-Shot.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-29.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-30-Fisting.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-16-Jerry Falwell Passes Away.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-30-Including Dawan.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-04-MTV Awards-Paris Goes To Jail.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-05-Dawan Calls In.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-07-Ducks Win The Stanley Cup.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2008-01-18-Bean Dealing With Pig Chemotherapy.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2008-03-05-American Idol comments.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2008-04-21-Plus Dawan Calls.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2008-08-18-Lisa Has Hiccups-Bean In Studio-Has No Bell.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2009-01-28-Kevin Stuck In Traffic.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2009-03-27-Lisa and Psycho Mike Only.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2009-04-30-Kevin Stuck On Freeway.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2009-06-03-No What It Do Nephew.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2009-06-15-Kevin Just Got Speeding Ticket.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2009-10-21-With Clips I Requested and Bean Talking About Me.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-08-17.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-08-22.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-08-30.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-09-08.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-09-15.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-09-16.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-10-04.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-10-06.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-10-07.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-10-11.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-10-19.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-10-25.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-10-26.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-10-27.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-10-31.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-11-01.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-11-03.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-11-04.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-11-07.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-11-08.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-11-10.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-12-06.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-12-07.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-12-08.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-12-09.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2005-12-14.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2006-01-12.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2006-01-17.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2006-01-18.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2006-01-26.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2006-01-27.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2006-01-30.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2006-02-01.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2006-02-07.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2006-02-09.mp3
Opening Collage and segment (partial)-2006-02-16.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2004-03-31-partial.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2005-07-27.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2005-08-18.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2005-08-24.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2005-08-25-FromMiami.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2005-08-26-From Miami.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2005-08-29-post-Video Music Awards.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2005-09-06-Introducing Natalie Page In For Lisa.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2005-09-13.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2005-09-14.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2005-09-26.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2005-09-29.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2005-10-03.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2005-11-18.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2005-12-12.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2006-01-03.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2006-01-06.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2006-01-10.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2006-01-24.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2006-02-22.mp3
Opening Collage and segment-2006-03-21-Beans Wife Meets Psycho Mike.mp3
Opening College and Segment-2007-04-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2005-03-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-01-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-01-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-01-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-01-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-01-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-01-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-01-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-01-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-01-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-01-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-01-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-01-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-01-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-01-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-02-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-03-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2006-03-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-02-18-Bean Cannot Connect To KROQ.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-02-22-Discuss USA Hockey.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-04-14-Good Samaritan Gets Carjacked.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-04-23-Ralph Returns.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-05-10-Bean Had Lightning At His House.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-05-13-Discussing The Human Centipede Movie.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-05-24-Discuss LOST Finale-No What It Do Nephew Today.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-05-28-Lakers Dramatic Game 5 Winning Shot.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-08-03-Beans Death Corner.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-08-31-Beans Death Corner.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-09-02-DiscussingHoarders.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-09-07-No Phones-No What It Do Nephew.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-10-07-Kevin Claims He Was Just Shot.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-10-11-Jackass 3-D Review.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-10-21-With My Requested Clips.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-11-03-Update On King Of Mexico As Acting Producer.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-11-04-Kevin Had 15 Min To Shower Pack for Vegas and get to KROQ.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-11-24-New Xmas Song From Wing.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-12-01-No What It Do Nephew Today.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-12-02-Co-Pilot Moves Seat-Plane Dives 7000 Feet.mp3
Opening Segment-2010-12-07-Diet That Uses Injections Of Urine.mp3
Opening Segment-2011-01-03-No What It Do Nephew segment.mp3
Opening Segment-2011-07-12-Kevin Does Not Show.mp3
Opening Segment-2011-07-14-Kevin Calls In.mp3
Opening Segment-2011-07-29-There Is No Kevin and Bean Curse.mp3
Opening Segment-2011-08-10-Kevin Walks In 2 Minutes Late.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-01-31.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-02-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-03-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-04-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-05-31.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-06-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-07-31.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-08-31.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-09-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-10-31.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-11-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-12-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-12-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-12-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-12-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-12-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-12-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-12-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-12-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-12-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2012-12-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-01-31.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-02-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-03-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-04-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-05-31.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-06-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-07-31.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-08-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-09-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-10-31.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-14-Dumb Upskirt Video Criminal.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-20-Jewely Surgically Implanted Into The Eye.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-21-Man Does Not Show Up To Wedding-Another Man Marries Bride Instead.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-25-Drunk Man Woke Up In A Different Country.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-26-Chinese Man Loses iPhone.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-11-27-JohnTV-dot-com.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-12-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-12-03-Half-naked Woman At Bar Causes A Stir.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-12-04-Penis-Shaped Novelty Pen.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-12-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-12-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-12-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-12-10-Jimmy Kimmel Looks At The News About The Weather.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-12-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-12-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-12-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-12-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-12-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2013-12-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-07-Bean Broken Rib Update.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-09-Crazy Arrest Story.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-10-The Atomic Wedgie Story.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-13-Australian Man Had Cockroach In His Ear.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-14-Pastor Has 1-Minute Sermon So He Can Watch Football Playoffs.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-15-Man Had 5-Week Erection.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-16-Grantland Article On Against Me Interview With Kevin And Bean.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-17-Remembering The 1994 Northridge Earthquake.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-22-Man Burst Into Flames While Getting Dressed.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-23-Opera Singer Sues Over Episiotomy.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-24-Hong Kong Billionaire Offering $120 Million To Make Lesbian Daughter Straight.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-28-Porcupines In The News.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-29-Has Not Seen Scott Mason Since Donating A Kidney To Him.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-30-Very First Porsche Discovered In A Warehouse.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-01-31-Clown With A Gun In Australia.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-03-Discuss Super Bowl.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-04-Topless Art Video.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-05-Mexican Fisherman Lost At Sea For 13 Months.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-06-Florida Man Masturbates In Doorway-Sets His Apartment On Fire.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-07-NME Top 500 Songs Of All Time.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-10-On Flappy Bird Going Away.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-11-How Does The Story End.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-12-3-Year-Old Cited For Peeing In His Front Yard.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-13-Women Who Attacked When Turned Down For Sex.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-14-Man Is Hitch-Hiking From England To Brazil For The World Cup.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-18-Season 2 Of House Of Cards.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-19-3-Year-Old MENSA Member.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-20-Bean Bought A Powerball Ticket.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-21-Stabbing Suspect Confessing On Live TV.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-24-Madison Rising Did Worst Star Spangled Banner Ever.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-25-Prospect Walks Out Of NFL Combine Because God Told Him To.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-27-Driving In The Rain-Kevin Shows Up Late.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-02-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-03-Infant Had Brain Tumor With Teeth In It.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-04-Two Heart Attack Stories.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-05-Brother And Sister Making Out In Adjoing Jail Cells.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-06-72-Year-Old Man Arrest For Blocking Traffic While Waiting To Park.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-07-The LA Lakers Suffered Worst Loss In Team History.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-10-Missing Malaysian Airliner.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-11-Woman Stung By Bees 1000 Times.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-12-Honeymooning Couple Fight On Plane-Groom Kicked Off.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-13-Beer Mugs Plan To Get Out Of His Gambling Debt.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-14-Missing Malaysian Airliner Update.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-17-Skin Care Hitman Case.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-18-No Opening Story.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-19-Man Arrested Twice In Same Day For Drunk Driving-Crashing At McDonalds Twice.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-20-Woman Torched Car In A Fight Over A McFlurry.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-21-Hawaii Cops Allowed To Have Sex With Prositute.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-24-Man Cannot Get Happy Ending-Ends Up Taking Hostages.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-25-Woman Wrongly Imprisoned Is Released-Does Not Thank Law Students Who Got Her Out.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-26-Woman Claims She Is Pregnant With Quintuplets.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-27-Prediction That We Will Be Able To Ingest Knowledge In 30 Years.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-28-Airport Baggage Theft Ring.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-03-31-1936 Nobel Peace Prize Found In South American Pawn Shop.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-01-Pitching Coach Don Baylor Breaks Leg Catching Opening Day First Pitch.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-02-British Sniper Kills 6 Taliban With One Bullet.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-03-Man Complains To Police He Keeps Receiving Pot In The Mail.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-04-Bill Murray Invades Late Show With David Letterman.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-07-Woman Did Not Know She Was Pregnant-Gave Birth To 9-Lb Baby.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-08-Tradition Of Cutting Down Basketball Net.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-09-Paralyzed Kid To Kick Ceremonial First Kick At World Cup.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-10-How Does The Story End.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-11-High Beams Deemed Free Speech.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-15-Worst Tweet In History.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-16-3-Year-Old Stuck In Claw Machine.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-17-620 Million People Poop In The Streets Each Day In India.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-18-Man Fails To Report For Prison For Years.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-21-Laboratory-Made Vaginas Now A Reality.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-22-Dirty Money Project Studied DNA On Money.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-23-Highlights Of Sitcom Heil Honey I'm Home.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-24-NFL Sued For Selective Ticket Sales.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-25-2 Candidates Remain For The Mission To Mars.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-28-Comments Made By Clippers Owner Donald Sterling.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-29-Multiple Lottery Ticket Winner.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-04-30-Beer Mug Traffic Accident One Day-Ticket The Next Day.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-01-On The LA Kings Coming Back From 0-3 Deficit To Win 1st Round Playoff Series.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-02-Terrible Rain Storms In The South And The East.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-05-Family Finds Lost Dog 18 Months After Hurricane.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-06-$1 Million Sweepstakes Winner Prayed For Money The Night Before.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-07-Woman Handcuffed To Seat Next To Parents After Busted For Sex In Airplane Bathroom.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-08-How Does The Story End.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-09-7-Year-Old Took Grandmas Heroin To School.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-12-20-Year-Old Ducks Goalie Won Playoff Game.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-13-High School Prank-The Penis Letter.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-14-Analyzing End Of Clippers Game With King Of Mexico.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-15-Phantom Pooper In Michigan.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-16-Republican Debate In Idaho.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-19-Man Sues For 2 Undecillion Dollars.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-20-The Band Spirit Claims Stairway To Heaven Stole Their Intro.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-21-Mans Tries To Have Sex With ATM.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-22-NYC Train Had 50 Kids All Playing The Recorder.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-27-The Seven Weirdest Plastic Surgeries.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-28-Alabama Dude Hates Bicyclists.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-29-Bean Is Sick And Tried To Self-Diagnose On WebMD.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-05-30-Al Sharpton Cannot Pronounce Words.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-02-Kings-Blackhawks Game 7 Recap.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-03-Woman Got Friend Request From Man Who Robbed Her.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-04-Cats In The News.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-05-Japanese Wife Obsessed Movie Frozen-Kicked Out Husband.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-06-31-Year-Old Man Has 91-Year-Old Girlfriend.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-09-8 Year-Old Writes A Letter From Camp.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-10-Anestheisologist Sexted During Surgery.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-11-Woman Had Sex With Dolphins.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-12-LA Kings Finals Loss In Game 4.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-13-Dodger Fan Banned For Life 6 Years Ago Arrested At Cincinatti Stadium.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-16-Chinese Woman Has Ten Thousand Cockroaches.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-17-2 Police Chases.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-18-Man Lose One Inch On Penis After Surgery To Repair Fracture.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-19-Raver Loses Finger At Rave-Continued On.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-20-Australian Morgue Needs Larger Drawers.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-23-Couple Falls Off Boat-Treads Water For 14 Hours.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-24-Thief Left His Facebook Account Open In House He Just Burglarized.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-06-25-Driverless Cars.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-07-4th Of July Song.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-08-Self-Serve Beer Machines At Ballparks.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-09-Recap World Cup Semifinals.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-10-Sexting In Schools.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-11-Journalists Hospitalized After Trying Spicy Burger.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-14-Woman Goes Blind After Wearing Contact Lenses For 6 Months.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-15-Movie Due In 2020 Has A 20-Minute Trailer.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-16-Woman Spent $30000 On Plastic Surgery To Look More Like Kim Kardashian.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-17-Woman Arrested For Child Abandonment For Letting Kid Play In Park.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-18-Family Lost Relatives .mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-21-Man Won $171,000 Betting That His Son Would One Day Win British Open.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-22-Woman Has Sign On Car Seeking Kidney Donor-Told To Remove It.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-23-9-Year-Old South African Boy Married Woman In Her Sixties.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-24-Bean Wonders About Fat Nerds At San Diego Comic-Con.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-25-Flaming Dr Pepper.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-28-Drug Mule Only Gets Fined For Carrying Balloons In Stomach.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-29-Guy Burst 3 Hot Water Bottle In One Minute Blowing Them Up.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-29-Guy Bursting 3 Hot Wat.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-30-Naked Doggie Door Woman Update.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-07-31-Undiscovered Tribe In Brazil Forced Out By Whitey.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-01-School Blogger Fired For Using Word Homophone.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-04-Man Builds His Own Toll Road.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-05-Man Struck By Lightning While Videotaping It.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-06-5-Year-Old Redhead Noah Ritter-News Interview Goes Viral.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-07-Nature Photographer Cannot Copyright Photo Monkey Took With His Camera.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-08-Woman Has 152 Metal Objects In Her Stomach.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-11-Brazilian Woman Discovers She Married Her Brother When Reunited With Birth Mother.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-12-Mom Kicked Out Of Restaurant For Changing Baby On The Table.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-13-Porn Video Shot In A Church In Austria.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-14-Woman Choked On Hot Dog And Ran A Red Light.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-15-Underwear Models Deliver Liquor To Your House.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-18-Man With 453 Piercings Detained At Airport-Thought He Was Involved With Black Magic.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-19-Man Tried To Fakes His Death To Avoid Wedding-His Mom Blows It.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-20-US Bank Refuses To Pay Full Reward Amount.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-21-378 People In A Row Paid It Forward At Starbucks Drive-Thru.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-22-Theory That Moses Was On Hallucinogens When He Received The Ten Commandments.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-25-Man Saved All Of His Nail Clippings Since 1978.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-26-College Student Impaled By Broken Golf Club.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-27-Mouse Embryo Cells Grow Complete Human Thymus.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-28-Brother And Sister Caught Having Sex After Watching The Notebook.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-08-29-Small Child Exasperated About News His Mom Is Pregnant Again.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-02-Woman Impaled While Texting And Driving.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-03-Bloody Fight At Wedding When Groom Hits On Woman Working The Reception.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-04-Great Dane At 43 Socks-All Had To Be Surgically Removed.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-05-Ice Bucket Challenge Video Leads to Wanted Mans Arrest.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-08-Man Shot At People For Interrupting Oral Sex.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-09-Naked Man At Hemp Fest For Fighting.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-10-Man Breaks Into Bar-Takes A Nap.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-11-Burglar Offers To Mow Lawn If Homeowner Does Not Call Police.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-12-Drunk Intruder Jumps From 5th Floor To Prove He Was Superman.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-15-The Divorce Hotel-Helps You Get Divorced Over 1 Weekend.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-16-Breast Implant Shortage In Venezuela.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-17-Man Refusing To Shower For 128 During California Drought.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-18-New York Man Posts Porn In Window To Annoy Immigrant Neighbors.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-19-Epic Fail From Iron Stomach Competition at University College Dublin.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-22-Band Names You Cannot Say On Seton Hall College Radio Stations.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-23-High School Football Player Makes Emotional Speech.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-24-Man Refuses To Show Receipt At Costco-Gets Leg Broken.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-25-3 Men Went To 19 Countries In 24 Hours.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-26-High School Football Player's Inspiration Speech Remixed By Gregory Brothers.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-29-Man Has Gone To Disneyland 1000 Days In A Row.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-09-30-Silent Kids Soccer Games.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-01-Man Sets Scuba Diving Depth Record.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-02-Pregnant Woman Got Wrong Donor Sperm.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-03-50 Percent Of British Women Surveyed Have A Backup Husband In Mind.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-06-Kevin Had A Crazy Las Vegas Weekend.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-07-Lab-grown Penises Within 5 Years.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-08-Man Offers Detroit House In Exchange For An iPhone 6.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-09-Body-Building Christian Swingers.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-10-Women Gets Pregnant At Bachelorette Party By Dwarf Stripper.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-13-Woman A Had Leech In Her Nose For A Month.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-14-Banksy Mural Defaced By Penis Drawing.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-15-Fecal Transplants.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-16-Al Sharpton Responds To Audio Clips.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-17-Expensive Home Built On Wrong Property.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-20-Couple Having Sex On Beach Got Stuck Together.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-21-23-Yr-Old Makes $500,000 Annuals With Uber Facts On Twitter.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-22-French Teacher Fired For Doing Softcore Porn In 1960s.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-23-How Does The Story End.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-24-New Words In The Collins Dictionary.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-27-Does Anybody Like The National Anthem.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-28-Crazy Wi-Fi Names.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-29-Wrongly Convicted Of Bestiality Porn-Women With Man In Tiger Suit.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-30-Beer Mug Turns Off World Series During 9th Inning Tie.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-10-31-Mom Giving Out Compost Worms For Halloween.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-03-Kurt Sutter Once Weighed 400 Pounds.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-04-NBC Meteorologist Appeared To Have Relieved Himself In The Snow On Camera.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-05-Man Seeks Someone With Same Name As Ex To Use Extra Plane Ticket.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-06-Woman Charged $66,000 For Medivac Without Preauthorization.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-07-Woman Wants To Turn People Into Compost.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-10-Woman Survives 45 Minutes Without A Pulse During C-Section.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-11-Woman Flips Out At AFI Film Festival Screening.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-12-People Already In Line For Black Friday.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-13-Fugitive Eric Frein Look-Alike Stopped By Cops Dozens Of Times.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-14-Woman Has Seizures When She Hears A Ne-Yo Song.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-17-Student Sued Parents For College Tuition.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-18-Charles Manson To Marry His 26-Year-Old Girlfriend.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-19-Brazil Opens Its First Official Nude Beach.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-20-Men Offering To Impregnate Women For Free On The Internet.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-21-You Be The Judge.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-24-Man Had A Tape Worm In His Brain For 6 Years.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-25-Doctor Left Women In Delivery Room To Have Sex With Another Patient.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-11-26-The History Of Black Friday.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-12-01-Women Walked Out On 6 Kids To Take 6-Week Australian Vacation.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-12-02-911 Call With A Happy Ending.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-12-03-Man Leaves Tab Open At Bar-Leaves-Gets $7000 Charge.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-12-04-Metal Bassist Ruptures His Testicle.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-12-08-British Woman Bullied As A Child Gets Revenge 8 Years Later.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-12-09-Frankie MacDonald-Amateur Weatherman With Autism.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-12-10-Arkansas Couple Bought A Car For Their Crackerbarrel Waitress.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-12-11-Sex Offender Won $3 Million In Florida Lottery.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-12-12-Minister Has 8 Minutes To Get Prostitutes To Quit.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-12-15-Bean Passed Out In Hotel Shower After Falling Off Stage Earlier.mp3
Opening Segment-2014-12-16-South Dakota PSA Called Dont Jerk And Drive Gets Pulled.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-07-Machine Turns Poop Into Drinking Water.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-09-Little Girl Survives Plane Crash In Snow In Kentucky.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-13-Woman Celebrates 11 Years Of Being Married To Her Cats.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-15-15000 Sq Foot Malibu Mansion Actually Only 10000 Sq Feet.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-16-Heavenly Toursim.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-20-There was no opening segment due to technical difficulties.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-27-Air Pee N Pee App To Find Public And Private Restrooms.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-28-Marshawn Lynch And The Media.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-29-Woman Cared For Bears-Killed And Dragged Off By Them.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-01-30-You Be The Judge.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-03-How Does The Story End.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-05-Stool Donation Clinic In Boston.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-09-Mass Breakout In Brazilian Prison.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-19-Dead Puerto Rican Man Wears Green Lantern Costume At His Wake.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-20-Ad Soliciting Beyonce As A Roommate.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-23-Review Oscars-Allie Mac Kay Sits In.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-24-First-Ever Owl Cafe.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-25-Billionaire`s Wife Needs $1 Million Per Month For Living Expenses.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-26-Woman Found Wedding Ring 21 Years Later Growing On A Carrot.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-02-27-Bean Complains About Car Chases And Llama Chases.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-02-Man Has Seizure While Skydiving.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-03-11-Yr-Old Gets NHL Player Dad Traded To Their Home Town.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-04-Viral Photo Of A Baby Weasel On Back Of A Woodpecker.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-05-Svakom Gaga Camera Vibrator.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-06-Woman Sues Restaurant For Ruining Her Valentine`s Day.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-09-TV Traffic Reporter Caught Ordering At McDonalds.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-10-Garbage Man Jailed For Picking Up Trash Too Early.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-11-Man Charged For Refusing To Give Password To Cell Phone At Canadian Customs.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-12-Bean Got Internet Restored-Company Moving Customer Service Back To USA.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-13-President Obama Appeared On Jimmy Kimmel Live.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-16-First Successful Penis Transplant.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-17-Flight Turns Around Due To Smell From The Bathroom.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-18-Car Thief Spray Paints His Face Black To Hide From Police.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-19-Drunk Driver Walks Into Patrol Car.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-20-How Does The Story End.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-23-Things People Try To Take Onto Airplanes.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-24-Extracting Precious Metal From Poop.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-25-Fake ESPN President Tried To Get DC Radio Show Cancelled.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-26-Lottery Ticket In Get Well Card Won $7 Million.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-27-Mysterious Kazakhstan Sleeping Sickness.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-30-Woman Worked As Lawyer For 10 Years With Forged Law Degree.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-03-31-How Does The Story End-Broke Tooth Eating Restaurant Food.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-01-Stray Dogs Appear At Funeral Of Woman Who Cared For Them.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-02-New Zealand Car Dealer Really Gave Away A New BMW On April Fool`s Day.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-03-Woman Poops In Box At Wisconsin Kmart.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-06-Easter Egg Hunt World Record Attempt Turns Into Chaos.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-07-100-Year-Old Woman Set 1500 Meter Swim Record.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-08-Moscow Soccer Team To Play In Empty Stadium-Fans Displayed Nazi Flags.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-09-Woman Beat Up By Teens Whom She Tried To Quiet In The Movie Theater.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-10-Woman Married 14 Servicemen Only To Clean Them Out When They Were Deployed.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-13-Kid Hands Out $100 Bills At School.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-15-Baggage Handler Trapped In Airplane Cargo Hold.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-16-Officers Challenged Underage Drinker To Rock Paper Scissors.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-17-Man Babysits Abducted Child From Amber Alert.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-20-Remembering Scott Mason-Longtime KROQ Engineer.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-21-Woman Ate 3 72-ounce Steaks In 20 Minutes.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-22-High School Senior With No Prom Date Asked Kate Upton To Kill Him.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-23-Man Injected Vasoline Into Penis To Enlarge It.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-24-Pregnant Employee Fired After Store Was Robbed.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-27 Sisters Stranded 13 Days In Michigan Woods Survived On Love For Family.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-28-NFL Network Analyst Has A Meltdown on Live TV.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-29-Review LA Clippers Game 5 Playoff Loss.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-04-30-Woman Who Gave Birth In Parking Lot Didn`t Know She Was Pregnant.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-01-Scott Weiland Butchers Song Vasoline-Swears No Drugs Involved.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-04-Recap Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-05-You Be The Judge-Rape By Surprise.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-06-Convict Who Escaped Prison 56 Years Ago Was Arrested.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-07-Bodybuilder Injects Oil And Alcohol-Had To Have Biceps Muscles Removed.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-08-Passenger Helps Co-pilot Land Plane After Pilot Falls Ill.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-11-Woman Survives Parachute Failure-Husband Accused Of Attempted Murder.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-12-Instead Of Going To Prom Teen Helps The Homeless.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-13-Autistic Teen Kicked Off Flight Home From Disney World.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-14-TV Show Pranks Girl-Promises To Reunite Her With Birth Mother.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-15-Woman On Flight Not Allowed To Call Suicidal Husband Who Then Killed Himself.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-18-New Names On The Top 1,000 Baby Names List.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-19-Teen Gored by Bison In Yellowstone Park.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-20-5-Year-Old Boy Brings Waffle House To Tears-Has Mom Buy Meal For Homeless Man.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-21-Nickleback Wanted For Crimes Against Music In Australia.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-26-Muslim Televangelist Claims Masturbation Will Lead To Pregnant Hands In The Afterlife.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-27-Mom Still Breastfeeding 6-Year-Old Child.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-28-Man Found Buried To His Head In Nevada Desert.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-05-29-Celebrity Sightings At The U2 At The Roxy Show Last Night.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-06-01-Ducks Playoff Loss And Wigger Who Spent $4500 On His Seat.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-06-02-Guy Crowdfunding For Bulletproof Groin Guard Demonstrates Its Effectiveness.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-06-03-Trash Day App-Text To Have Trash Removed And Cans Returned For You.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-06-04-Tupperware Container Found With Human Heart In It.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-06-05-Man Calls 911 After 4-Hour Standoff With His Own Cat.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-06-08-Kevin Recaps His Illness Last Week.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-06-09-Man Scammed Out Of $700,000 By Psychic.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-06-10-Man With No Penis HasBedded Over 100 Women.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-06-11-Naked Tourists In Malaysia Cause Earthquake.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-06-12-Talisa Andrews Thinks Caitlyn Jenner Should Be Hit In The Face.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-06-15-Crash Witness Arrested After Being Recognized On TV.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-06-16-Unruly NHL Fans On Live TV In Chicago.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-06-17-Poker Player Wins $81K In Tournament He Didn`t Mean to Enter.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-06-18-Teen Who Used Find My iPhone App Is Shot Dead.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-06-19-Stowaway Falls To His Death After Clinging To Jet For 8,000 miles.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-06-Woman Struck By Lightning After Getting Off Plane That Was Diverted To Avoid Lightning.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-07-Traffic Ticket Won On Technicality-A Missing Comma.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-08-Vanuatu Beat Micronesia 46-0 In Soccer.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-09-Woman Wins $230,000 In Lawsuit Over 153 Robo-calls From Time-Warner.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-10-Consultants Suggest Changing Name Of Burbank Airport.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-13-Man Boarding Plane Wears All His Clothes At Once To Avoid $70 Baggage Fee-Collapses From The Heat.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-14-Arguing About Whether Or Not People Care About Pluto Pics-Plus El Chapo Escaped Prison.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-15-Masturbating Woman Crashes Into Seafood Truck.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-16-Highlights Of Joel McHale At The ESPYs.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-17-New Doritos Roulette Chips So Spicy They Are Banned In The United States.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-20-Cars Burned On Freeway In California Wild Fire Charged High Fees To Be Towed.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-21-Pan-O-Prog Festival Crawl-A-Thon Controversy.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-22-Man Eats At Chipotle For 154 Days Straight.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-23-Recap And Breakdown Of Sharknado 3.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-24-French-Language Scrabble Champion Doesn`t Speak A Word Of French.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-27-Man Treated For Rattlesnake Bite Gets $153,000 Hospital Bill.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-28-Lieutenant Clay Higgins` Crime Stoppers Video.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-29-US Dentist Killed Beloved Lion In Zimbabwe.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-30-New York Mets Shortstop Wilmer Flores Cries During Game After Hearing From Crowd He Is Being Traded.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-07-31-Phone Works After 9,300-Foot Fall Out Of Airplane.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-03-HitchBOT Gets Beheaded In Philadelphia.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-04-Woman Sues Credit Agencies-She`s Not Dead.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-05-Daredevil Has Parachute Attached To His Skin For Cliff Jump.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-06-George W Bush Reported For Jury Duty In Texas.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-07-100,000 Snakes In Narcisse Snake Dens In Canada.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-10-Balloon Released at Father`s Grave Comes Back To Their Home.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-11-Kardashian Bunny Story Sends Fox Anchor Into On-Air Meltdown.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-12-Jets Quarterback Breaks Jaw After Getting Sucker-punched By Teammate.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-13-Man Grows Third Ear On His Arm For Art`s Sake.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-14-London Woman Gets Cyber Flashed via iOS AirDrop.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-17-Man Brings Service Animal Snake Into Restaurant.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-18-Little League World Series Team Accused Of Cheating.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-19-Update On Cheating Little League Team-Forced To Play Team They Tried To Avoid In Playoffs.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-20-Parrot Detained by Police For Hurling Obscenities At 85-Year-Old Woman.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-21-12 Words Black People Invented And White People Killed.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-24-Pokeman Grossed $2 Billion In 2014.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-25-Twin Baby Pandas Born In Washington DC Zoo.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-26-Man Got An 8-inch Bionic Penis.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-27-New Words In The Dictionary.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-28-Woman Awarded Disability Grant For Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-08-31-Roberto Esquivel Cabrera Claims To Have a 19-Inch Penis.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-01-Minecraft Creator Is Unhappy About Being So Rich.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-02-Bean`s Wife Did Not Text Him To Let Him Know She Got Home Safely.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-03-Woman Arrested At Walmart For Huffing Compressed Air.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-04-Man Types With His Nose Faster Than Anyone Ever.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-08-Man Saves Family From Fire Then Rescues His BBQ Ribs.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-09-Texas Police Find Loaded Gun In Woman`s Vagina.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-10-Teen Uses FakeABaby-dot-com To Fake Triplets For 10 Months.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-11-Restaurant Patrons Held At Gunpoint Write Funny Yelp Reviews In Real Time.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-14-Discuss The Ending Of A Few NFL Games.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-15-Recap Monday Night Football Games.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-16-Drunk Guy on Plane Wakes Up, Pisses Everywhere, Goes Back to Sleep.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-17-Only Candidate For Iowa School Board Seat Gets No Votes.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-18-Man Crawled Under Library Tables To Sniff Women`s Feet.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-21-Bean Comments On His Vacation In Barcelona.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-22-Bean Discusses His Post-Travel Sleeping Schedule.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-23-Dog Stands By Other Dog Trapped In Cistern For A Week.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-24-Naked Woman Rescued 3 Miles Off Newport Beach Coast.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-25-100-Year-Old Track Star Keeps Breaking Records.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-28-Man Tries To Turn Car Into A Convertible-Blows It Up Instead.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-29-Florida Monkey Eats Mail And Vandalizes Police Car.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-09-30-New Business Will Wait In Line For You.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-01-Man`s Leg Bursts Open Following Flesh-Eating Spider Bite On Long Flight.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-02-Death Row Inmate Ate 5,000 Calorie Last Meal Then Got A Stay Of Execution.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-05-Man Allegedly Fired For Farting Too Much At Work.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-06-Discuss Blown Call At End Of Monday Night Football.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-07-Python Nearly Crushes Pet Store Owner.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-08-Shipfoliage-com Will Send 3 Colored Leaves For $19.99.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-09-eBile Fellowship Predicted The World Would End October 7.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-12-Orphan Sisters Placed on Same Floor at Work-Reunited After Decades.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-13-Armed Robbery Suspect Tries To Use Uber As Getaway Car.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-14-Aunt Sues 8-Year-Old Nephew For Breaking Her Wrist.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-15-Aunt Sues 8-Year-Old Nephew-Update.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-16-Whole Dead Mouse Found In Subway Sandwich.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-19-12-Year-Old Girl Sneezes Up To 12,000 Times Per Day.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-20-Man Chokes Woman On Flight For Reclining Her Seat.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-21-Alabama Judge Offers Blood Donation Instead Of Jail.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-22-Woman Arrested For Threatening To Lick And Taste Neighborhood Children.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-23-Cyclist Arrested For Exposing His Genitals.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-26-Firefighters Rescued Soccer Fan Asleep In Port-a-potty For 7 Hours.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-27-Man Had Up To 10,000 Stolen Guns In His House.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-28-Recap Crazy Game 1 Of World Series.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-29-Utah State Hand Sign Is American Sign Language Sign For Vagina.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-10-30-YouTube Amateur Weathercaster Frankie MacDonald Offers Halloween Safety Tips.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-02-Flood Survivor Calls TV Station Clinging 20 Up A Tree.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-03-Man In Mississippi Bombed Walmart.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-04-New Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-05-Man Survives Tape Worm In His Brain.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-06-Austrian Granny Shreds A Million Euros Before She Dies.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-09-Woman Hits $8 Million Casino Jackpot-Gets Paid $80.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-10-Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald 40th Anniversary.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-11-Target Selling OCD Sweaters-Obsessive Christmas Disorder.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-12-Die Hard Movie Fan Takes Out Full Page Ad To Pitch Idea For Sequel.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-13-You Be The Judge-Punishment For Woman Who Used Prosthetic Penis To Trick Female Friend Into Having Sex.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-16-Discuss Ronda Rousy-Holly Holm UFC Fight.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-17-Beer Bong Confiscated From Dorm Actually An Enema Funnel.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-18-There Are Currently 3,594 People Teaching Bob Ross` Style Of Painting.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-19-Teen Burglary Suspect Masturbated Into Victim`s Fridge.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-20-Tattoo Artist Inks Strangers For Free For Art Installation.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-23-Mr Ugly Pageant Winner In Zimbabwe Was Too Handsome.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-24-Millions of Spiders Appear in Giant Web in Tennessee.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-25-Shoppers In Line For Over A Week For Black Friday Sales.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-11-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-12-01-Stripper Hits Man In Face After He Told Her To Lose Weight.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-12-02-Live Stream Of On Icelandic Art Student Locked Naked Inside A Glass Box.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-12-03-Fan Tweaks Peking Duk`s Wikipedia Page To Get Backstage.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-12-04-Talk About The Passing Of Scott Weiland.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-12-07-Ghostly Ships Filled With Bodies Arrive On Japan`s Shores.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-12-08-Sexist Soccer Star Forced To Referee A Girls Game As Punishment.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-12-09-Homeless Man In Aspen Wins $500,000 On Lottery Ticket.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-12-10-Woman Made Video About Walmart Checker Working On Day His Mom Committed Suicide-Walmart Denies.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-12-11-62-Year-Old Grandma Tries To Smuggle Drugs In Her Vagina To Her Son In Prison.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-12-14-Naked Man Allegedly Tries To Carjack A FedEx Truck.mp3
Opening Segment-2015-12-15-Thai Man May Go To Prison for Insulting The King`s Dog.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-04-Couple Miss Out On £35m Lotto Jackpot Despite Having The Right Numbers.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-05-British Worker Who Made Horse Penis Joke About Food Item In Kyrgyzstan Gets Deported.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-06-Chip Was Attacked By Sister`s Cat For No Reason.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-07-Discuss The Current $700 Million Powerball Lottery.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-08-TV News Reports On People Buying Lottery Tickets.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-11-Discussing The Death Of David Bowie.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-12-Mumbai Thief Force-Fed 48 Bananas To Excrete Stolen Gold Chain.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-13-Discuss News Of St Louis Rams Returning To Los Angeles.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-14-News Coverage Of Chino Hills 7-11 Where Winning Powerball Ticket Was Sold.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-15-Crazy Rules For Fans And Players Of Wisconsin High School Sports.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-19-73-Year-Old Man Does Cocaine In Car During Traffic Stop.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-20-Bean Had Dinner In London With A Radio Legend Who Helped Bob Geldof Create Live Aid.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-21-Couple In China Spend 3 Months Spicing $21,000 Shredded Bank Notes Back Together.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-22-Human Suction Cup Able To Stick Cans To His Head.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-25-NFL Fan Team Songs.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-26-Woman Runs Cat Shelter With 1100 Cats.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-27-People Keep Coming To Couple`s Home Looking For Lost Phones.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-28-Woman Wrote To Car Thieves Who Kept Stealing Her Car.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-01-29-Norwegian Woman Is A Cat Trapped In A Woman`s Body.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-01-Camera Helps Mother Spot Cancer In Her Baby`s Eye.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-02-Driver Pulled Over Cop For Speeding.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-03-Shooting Victim Gives Calm Interview To Reporter Live On TV At 5 AM.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-04-12-Girl Had Over 1,000 Ants Removed From Her Ear Canals.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-05-Police Union Leader Retaliates Against Woman Who Pulled Cop Over.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-08-Discuss Results Of Super Bowl 50.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-09-Three Injured As Leopard Roams School In India For 10 Hours.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-10-84-Yr-Old Man Found Trapped For Days Inside Newsstand.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-11-5 Inch Pet Monkeys In China Have Become Popular Gifts.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-12-Man Missing For 30 Years Suddenly Remembers Who He Is.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-16-Should We Worry About Kanye West.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-17-Vietnamese Woman Escapes Death Penalty By Getting Pregnant.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-18-Delta Flight Finally Lands At JFK After 30 Travel Hours.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-19-Girls` High School Basketball Team Won Playoff Game 108-1.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-22-Woman Who Drove 2 Miles With Man In Her Windshield Has Case Overturned.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-23-Thai Princess Gets $40,000 Toilet Built For Her 3 Day Visit To Cambodia.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-24-97-Year-Old Woman Evicted From Home After 66 Years.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-25-Russian Teen Wins A Month In A Hotel With Pornstar In Online Competition.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-26-Manager Charged With Staging Robbery To Cover Up Original Robbery.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-02-29-Comedian Sued Over A Joke He Made.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-01-Mr Rogers 911 Anniversary Message To Kids.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-02-90-Year-Old Woman With Cancer Skips Treatment-Goes On Cross-Country Road Trip.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-03-5-year-old Had-Large Safety Pin Stuck Up Her Nose For 6 Months.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-04-Teacher Fired For Stolen Nude Photo.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-07-Update On 3 Recent Stories-97-Yr-Old Evicted-SC Teacher Fired-Russian Poses As Student.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-08-Shampoo Session At Salon Nearly Killed A Woman.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-09-Brink`s Employee Makes Off With $196,000 In Quarters.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-10-Penguin Swims 5,000 Miles Each Year To The Man Who Saved Its Life.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-11-Discussing How Beermug Got The Fear This Morning.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-14-Porn Star Professor Old Nick Resigned From University Of Manchester.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-15-Christian Prophet Has Buttocks Mauled By Lion After Running Towards A Pride.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-16-Talk About Elephant Scene In Brothers Grimsby-Try To Get Allie To See It.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-17-Rugby Player`s Penis Almost Torn Off In A Tackle.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-18-Allie Went To See Brothers Grimsby With Kevin And Chip And Christine.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-21-Discuss Pending Sale Of All CBS Radio Stations-Plus Allie`s Throat Problems.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-22-Bean Got An Email Sent To Him By Accident.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-23-Man Spends Night In 80-foot Tree In Seattle-Builds A Nest.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-24-Woman On First Date Hid Poop In Her Purse.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-25-Discuss Garry Shandling`s Passing.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-28-Children Trampled At Easter Egg Hunt At PEZ Headquarters.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-29-Airline Passenger Opens Emergency Door Handle Expecting To Open A Window.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-30-Trash Company Finds Lost $400,000 Wedding Ring.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-03-31-Bizarre Job Interview Questions.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-01-Graphics Supervisor Of Naked And Afraid Interviewed About His Job.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-04-Hong Kong Man Create Scarlett Johansson Robot Lookalike.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-05-Discuss The NCAA Men`s Basketball Final.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-06-Discuss Finale Of The People Vs OJ Simpson.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-07-9-Year-Old Reporter Breaks News On A Murder Investigation.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-08-Discuss Crazy Car Chase In Hollywood.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-11-Burger King Natural Gas Hoax Has Employees Smash Windows.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-12-Server Gets Letter With Extra Money When Shorted On A Tip.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-13-Inky The Octopus Breaks Out Of New Zealand Aquarium.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-14-Man In Utah Denny`s Pays For 7 Families` Meals.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-15-Kevin`s Ordeal Trying To Get To KROQ House At Coachella.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-18-Kevin`s Coachella Car Accident And $500 Uber Ride Home.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-19-You Be The Judge.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-20-The History Of 4-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-21-Breaking Down Why Kevin Was Late And Why The Universe Is Against Him.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-22-Discussing The Passing Of Prince.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-25-Female Ted Cruz Lookalike Agrees To Do Porn.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-26-Pet Store Owner Tipped Prostitute With A Monkey.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-27-Redback Spider Bites Man On Penis.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-28-Car Rental Reservation Mix-ups Between Cities With The Same Name.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-04-29-NFL Draft And Laremy Tunsil`s Problems.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-02-Sports Reporter Allegedly Fired for Prince-Themed Broadcast.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-03-Talk About Trump-No Time For Bean`s Story.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-04-Sports Reporter Not Fired For Prince-Related Sports Report But Other Reasons.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-05-Dr Dot-Massage Therapist To The Stars Uses The Bite Method.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-06-Peanut Allergies On Airplanes.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-09-Terrifying Wi-Fi Hotspot Name Causes Chaos On Qantas Plane.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-10-Japanese Artist Made 3-D Models Of Her Vagina.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-11-Fugitive Captured After 48 Years On The Lam.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-13-Indian Man Spends 40 Days Digging Well In Search Of Water.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-16-KTLA Weather Girl Liberte Chan Forced Cover Up Her Dress Live On The Air.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-17-Entomologist Justin Schmidt Stung By 83 Different Insects To Rate Pain.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-18-Baseball Player Finds Out He`s Fired By Early Flight Email Confirmation.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-19-Bean Needs Coping Skills To Handle Making Customer Service Calls.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-20-Man Works As A College Janitor Graduates From That College.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-23-Lesbian Couple Jailed For Kissing In A Store.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-24-Sports Anchor Freaks Out After News Anchor Steals Space Jam 2 Story.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-25-Paralyzed Dog Was Almost Euthanized Before A Medical Student Found A Tick.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-26-Python Bites Man`s Penis After Emerging From Toilet in Thailand.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-05-31-Discuss Boy Falling Into Gorilla Enclosure At Cincinnati Zoo.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-06-01-Woman Applied For 30 Jobs With San Diego Padres-Tell Them Off.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-06-02-Man Pays Speeding Ticket With Bucket Of Pennies.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-06-03-Couple Used Stolen Cash To Buy Winning Million Dollar Lottery Ticket.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-06-06-Pet Sitting Company Wants $1 Million From Customers Who Said They Overfed A Fish.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-06-07-Boaty McBoatface Led In Poll To Name Polar Research Vessel.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-06-08-Tiny Toast-The First New Cereal In 22 Years.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-06-09-Tykables-Store Caters To Adults Who Like To Wear Diapers.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-06-10-News Coverage Of Earthquake That Hit Eastern San Diego County.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-06-13-Discuss Mass Shooting At Orlando Night Club.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-06-14-Woman Offended By Her Daughter`s Shirtless Swim Instructor.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-06-15-Family Fight Over Shape Of Earth Leads Man To Throw Son`s Items Into Camp Fire.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-06-16-Discuss 15-Hour Filibuster In The Senate.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-06-17-Interviewer Asks Dali Lama About The Movie Caddyshack.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-05-Bean Is Grumpy About Fireworks.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-06-Woman Makes Public Hair Dress.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-07-Jon Jones UFC Busted For Doping.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-08-Cab Driver Found $187,000 In His Back Seat.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-11-Discuss Pokémon Go.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-12-Possibly Rabid Beaver Attacks Paddle Boarder.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-13-Bernie Sanders Supporters Plan Fart-In At Democratic National Convention.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-14-94 Year-Old-Gets 6th Degree Black Belt.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-15-Five Foo Fighters Questions On Jeopardy.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-18-Rat Comes Up Through A Toilet In Seattle.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-19-Allie Gets Red Gift Box From Jeopardy.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-20-Seattle Man Finds Stranger Living In His Attic.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-21-Comedian Ordered To Pay $35K To Kid With Treacher Collins Syndrome.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-22-Live In San Diego At Comic-Con.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-25-Megyn Kelly Wore Spaghetti Straps At RNC And People Lost It.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-26-Non-Spanish-Speaking Teacher Sues After She's Denied Job Teaching Spanish.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-27-Highlights Of Elderly Women Delegates At DNC.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-28-Steakhouse Patron Claims Sexual Assault Over Peeing Toy.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-07-29-British Donkey Whisperer Ttranslates Ee-Aws Using Technology.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-01-103-Year-Old Ice Cream Truck Driver In England.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-02-Flies To China To Meet Online Girlfriend-Lives In Airport For 10 Days Waiting.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-03-Kid Legally Changed His Name-Cheaper Than Paying A Ryanair Ticketing Fee.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-04-Man Dine And Dashes On A Date At Steakhouse.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-05-World Yo-Yo Contest In Cleveland.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-08-Ghost Of Masturbating Ape Haunts A Grand Country Estate.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-09-Bean Suffered From Hiccups For 7 Hours.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-10-Fellatio Cafe To Be Opened In Switzerland.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-11-Chip Got Back From Driving All Night After Her Band`s Tour-Isn`t At Work.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-12-Dubai Crash-Landing Survivor Wins $1 million.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-15-Irish Brothers In Double Sculls In Olympics.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-16-Adele Tweeted About A Burrito.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-17-Man Wanted Subway Employees To Look At His Banana.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-18-2 Amazing Campaign Moments Yesterday.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-19-12-year-old Boy To Start At Cornell University.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-22-McDonald`s Poem By Kanye West.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-23-Indian Doctors Remove 40 Knives From Man`s Stomach.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-24-Man Cuts Down Neighbor`s Sap-Dripping Tree-Falls On His Own House.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-25-How Does The Story End.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-26-KFC Recipe Accidentally Revealed By Colonel`s Nephew.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-29-Rumor Of Active Shooter At LA International Airport.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-30-Kevin`s Vacation Absence And His Return.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-08-31-Woman Gives Birth After Not Knowing She Was Pregnant.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-01-Clowns Allegedly Trying to Lure Kids Into Woods.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-02-Secret Cinema-Combine Film Screenings With Interactive Performances.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-06-Kevin Describes His Troubles Getting Up And Getting To Work Today.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-07-Man Arrested After Trying To Have Sex With The Grill Of A Van.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-09-Flight Bound For Malaysia Landed In Australia After Pilot Error.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-12-Bank Robber Chooses Prison Over Home And Wife.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-13-Woman Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Police Officer`s French Fries.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-14-Man Has World`s Greatest Alias.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-15-A Catfish Fell From Sky And Hit A Woman.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-16-Stryker Sits In-Kevin Went To Prophets Of Rage Last Night.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-19-Man Sentenced For Egging A House Over 100 Times.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-20-Man Writes Humorous Obituary About Father.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-21-Most Pornographic Sounding City Names.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-22-Collection Of Big-breasted Mannequins Up For Auction After Owner Died.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-23-Ig Nobel Awards Given For Rat Pants And Rocks With Personalities.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-26-NASA Didn`t Change Your Zodiac Sign.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-27-Man Wins $1 Million In Lottery After Someone Cut In Front Of Him In Ticket Line.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-28-How Does The Story End.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-29-Discuss How Kevin Told Mama Mugs He`s Going To Nail Her At Beermug`s Wedding This Weekend.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-09-30-Man Bitten By Spider On The Penis For The Second Time This Year.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-03-Millionaire Discovers He Married His Own Granddaughter.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-04-102-Year-Old Woman Checks Getting Arrested Off Of Her Bucket List.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-05-In-N-Out Drive Thru Lines Are a Public Menace.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-06-Mother And Son Who Fell In Love In New Mexico.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-07-Taco Bell Canada`s SteakCation.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-10-JACKfm England To Host DEAD GOOD LIVE festival-Woman Sues.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-11-Hawaiian Airlines Is Now Weighing Passengers.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-12-Fan Loses Bet Against Pitcher Joe Blanton-Had To Eat Every Food Item At Dodger Stadium.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-13-Allie Heard An Orthodox Jewish Swinging Chicken Ritual In Her Neighborhood.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-14-What About Kevin Watching The Dodgers In Game 5 Of NLDS.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-17-Peter Griffin Was On The Bus With Trump And Billy Bush.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-18-Man On LSD Rescues Neighbor`s Dog From Imaginary House Fire.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-19-Ghost Pepper Puree Hospitalizes Man With Esophageal Tearing.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-20-PPAP Is the Shortest Song Ever on Billboard Hot 100.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-21-Women Auctions Off Virginity For Love Of Her Family And $400,000.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-24-Woman Married Her Liver Donor.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-25-Bean`s Wallet Causes His Back And Hip Pain.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-26-High School Athlete Wakes Up From Coma Speaking Spanish.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-27-Lawyer Posts Hilarious Free Legal Advice Based On Crazy Things He`s Seen.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-28-Woman`s Accidentally Stolen Car Returned With Gas Money And Apology Note.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-10-31-Discuss Various Renditions Of Take Me Out To The Ball Game From The World Series.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-01-Woman Went To Hospital For Kidney Stones-Went Home With New Baby.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-02-Woman Gets 20 Boyfriends To Buy Her 20 iPhones-Then Buys A House.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-03-Discuss The Chicago Cubs Winning The World Series After 108 Years.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-04-Winter Wonderland Coming To LA With Snow Tubing.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-07-Kit Kat Replaces Stolen Candy Bar With 6,000 Bars.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-08-Things You Can Bet On With The Election.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-09-Kevin Voted For Comedy-Discuss How Trump Was Presidential Election.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-10-Fighting Bean Against Celebrating The Anniversary of The Edmond Fitzgerald.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-11-Rare Snail Finds Mate With Counterclockwise Shell.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-14-Slovakian Brothers Win Fastest Fravediggers Title.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-15-Frankie MacDonald-Amatur Weatherman-Predicted New Zealand Earthquake.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-16-Minor League Baseball Teams Changing Names.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-17-Listen To Vin Scully Getting Phone Call That He`ll Receive Presidential Medal Of Freedom.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-18-Stole Dad`s Coin Collection-Used CoinStar To Buy Crack.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-21-Man`s Wedding Ring Strangled His Penis.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-22-Man Still Doesn`t Know Who Won Presidential Election.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-23-78-Year-Old Man Arrested For Mooning Woman Who Rejected His Advances.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-28-Bean`s Restaurant Plans Got Cancelled For Thanksgiving.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-29-Australian Man Chases Robber In His Underwear.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-11-30-Repo Man Pays Off Elderly Couple`s Car.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-12-01-Family Goes To Shelter To Find A New Dog-Run Into Dog They Just Got Rid Of.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-12-02-Comments On How Mean The Kids Are On The Peanuts Christmas Special.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-12-05-Student`s Crazy Email To Professor While Under Influence Of Hydrocodone.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-12-06-Amazon To Open Convenience Store With No Lines.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-12-07-Channel 2 Helicopter Reporter Gets Hyped Reporting On Car Chase.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-12-08-Mall Santa Fat Shamed A Kid.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-12-09-Finland`s Got Talent Winner Won With Hand Farting.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-12-12-Acoustic Xmas And Hotel After-party Highlights.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-12-13-Hockey Announcer Loses His Mind On Overtime Winning Goal.mp3
Opening Segment-2016-12-14-Buzzfeed List Of Things That Happened In Florida This Year.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-03-Discuss New Year`s Resolutions.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-04-Leafblower Outside Bean`s Home Studio.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-05-105-yr-old Cyclist Sets New Record.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-09-Debbie Reynolds-Carrie Fisher Tribute Piece At The Golden Globes.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-10-Man Gets $128 Ticket For Leaving Car Running In Driveway.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-11-UK Shopper Wants Pajamas Banned At Store.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-12-How Does It Make Sense For San Diego Chargers To Move To LA.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-17-Search For Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight Ends After 3 Years.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-18-Britain Prepares For Murder Sleet.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-19-Vancouver Restaurant Moby Dick`s-Name Demed Offensive.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-20-Angry Mother Tapes 3-Yr-Old Son To A Wall-Live-Streams It.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-23-Tom Brady Blew A Sideline Snot Rocket During The AFC Championship Game.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-24-Press Secretary Spicer Vs Dippin` Dots.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-25-Australian Zoo Teaching People To Catch Deadly Funnel-Web Spiders.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-26-Mother And Son Survive Tornado In Bathtub.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-27-Alexa Is Making Life Miserable For Anyone With A Similar Name.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-30-Mississippi GOP Lawmaker Proposes Law To Ban `Sagging` Pants.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-31-Girl With Leukemia Crosses `Taser Someone` Off Her Bucket List.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-01-75-Year-Old Widower Seeks New Fishing Mate.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-02-Woman Thrown Off Flight For Showing Cleavage.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-03-New Dating App Will Find You Someone Who Dislikes All the Same Things.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-06-Discuss Super Bowl LI.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-07-British Athletes Claim Sex Ghost Is Haunting Their Reality Show.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-08-Tennis Player Genie Bouchard Lost Twitter Bet-Has To Go On A Date.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-09-Portable Toilet Business Owner Caught After On The Run For 4 Years After Stabbing.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-10-Australian Man Trapped For 5 Hours With Nose Just Above Mud.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-13-Comments On The Grammy Awards.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-14-Galveston Man`s Obituary Said His Life Served No Obvious Purpose.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-15-92-Year-Old Shoots 72-Year-Old Wife To Death With A Shotgun On Valentine`s Day.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-16-New Jersey City Changing A Street Name To Dick Street.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-17-Monopoly Fans Vote Out The Thimble.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-21-Naoyuki Oi Gives Bizarre Interview At World Pool Masters Tournament.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-22-Chip Is Missing-Did Her Cat Turn Her Into A Chew Toy.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-23-Woman Who Let Dog Poop At Airport Falls Victim to Passenger`s Revenge.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-24-Sweden Proposal To Allow 1-Hour Break Per Week For People To Have Sex.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-27-Discuss Academy Awards Mistake On Best Picture Winner.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-28-90 Percent Of People Wouldn`t Want To Know About Future Negative Events.mp3
Opening segment-2006-03-09-QVC-Call-In Spoof From Jimmy Kimmel Live.mp3

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