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The Kevin and Bean Archive's Kevin and Bean Trivia Test      Questions & ANSWERS version (as proofed by Bean Baxter)

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Opening Collage and segment-2004-03-31-partial.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-16-Discuss Missile Alert In Hawaii.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-01-31.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-06-You Be The Judge.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-13-Woman Had 14 Worms Pulled From Eye After Rare Infection.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-16-2 Poop Stories.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-02-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-14-Discuss Death Of Stephen Hawking.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-20-Kevin Explains His Monday Absence.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-28-Recap Vanderpump Rules Episode- Lala Goes To Bed With A Bottle.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-29-Kid Takes Uber Ride After A Party-Ends Up Costing $1600.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-03-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-04-China Cuts Down On Funeral Strippers.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-06-Preacher Stopped A Tsunami.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-12-Discuss LA Kings Playoff Game 1 Loss.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-04-30-Bean Tries To Get Caught Up On Things.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-16-Update On Allie`s Birds-Plus The Yanny-Laurel Debate.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-21-Kevin And King Of Mexico Hung Out With Kenny G At EDC.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-05-31.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-01-Discuss The Controversial Ending Of Game 1 Of NBA Finals.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-06-News Segment About An Inflatable Slide.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-08-How Does The Story End.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-12-Bean Finally Won On HQ Trivia.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-19-Bean`s Thoughts On MTV Video Awards.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-06-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-07-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-07-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-07-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-07-19-Live From San Diego Comic-Con.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-07-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-07-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-07-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-07-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-07-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-07-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-07-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-07-31.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-20-Discuss The Microchip You Get Implanted Under Your Skin.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-08-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-09-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-01-Discuss The KNX News Story On The New KROQ Studios.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-02-Gender-Reveal Party Accident Causes 45,000 Acres To Burn In Arizona.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-03-People Trapped in New York Elevator For An Hour.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-10-31.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-01-Church Of Satan Sues Netflix Over A Statue Used In The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-02-Amazon Sent Bean Only 100 Splenda Packets-Not 1,000.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-05-Debating Whether Or Not Daylight Saving Time Should Be Ended.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-06-Football Coach Called Timeout With 4 Seconds Left To Tell Team He`s Retiring After 53 .mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-07-Discuss The Controversy At The Final Miss Bum Bum Contest.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-08-Discuss Borderline Bar And Grill Mass Shooting.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-09-Older Dutch Man Feels Discriminated Against On Dating Apps-Tried To Legally Change His Age.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-12-Lt Dan Crenshaw Responds Pete Davidson`s Mockery By Appearing On Show.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-13-Garbage Collector Pulls 93-Year-Old Woman In Truck To Save Her From Camp Wildfire.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-14-Australia Has World`s Largest Melon Attraction.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-15-Jensen Talks About His Wedding.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-16-Iceland President Threatens Pineapple Pizza Ban-Admits He Went Too Far.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-19-Discuss Farting Controversy At Grand Slam Of Darts.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-20-Bean Shares The News That His Dog Veruca Passed Away.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-21-Secret Santa Pays Off Everyone`s Layaway Items At A Walmart In Vermont.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-26-How Does The Story End-Safe Found In Purchased Storage Unit.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-27-Discuss The Breakup Of The Band Witchrot.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-28-Man Holds On For His Life During Hang Gliding Ride-He Was Never Strapped In.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-29-You Be The Judge-Man Who Suffered Heart Attack During Hawaii Missile Alert Sues State.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-11-30-Bean Is Bothered That November Only Has 30 Days.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-12-03- Alaska Earthquake Coverage By Newstalk KFQD.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-12-04-Tesla Driver Caught Asleep While Model S Was Self-Driving At 70 MPH.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-12-05-Bean Gets Mystery Text From Someone Asking For Christmas Song Suggestions.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-12-06-Boy Lost Toy Dinosaur Collection In Fires-Strangers Donate Hundreds.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-12-07-Tyler Perry Pays Of $430,000 In Walmart Layaways.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-12-10-Mom Cancels Baby Shower After Family Ridicules Name-Squire Sebastian Senator.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-12-11-4-Year-Old Girl Has Snapchat Video Call With Dead Grandpa.mp3
Opening Segment-2018-12-12-Woman Mistakes A Stranger`s Car-Smashing Windshield And More.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-01-31.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-01-Jensen Took The Others To See Wrestling At A Bar With No Ring And No Rules.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-04-Discuss The Reactions To Maroon 5`s Super Bowl Halftime Performance.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-05-Discuss Mars One Mission To Mars-Need An Update.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-06-Mother-In-Law Steals Nude Pics Of Daughter`s Husband From Her Phone.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-07-Discuss Allergies To Common Drugs.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-08-Discuss Jeff Bezos Publicly Revealing National Enquirer`s Attempt To Blackmail Him.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-20-Bean Is Really Good At Being A Neighbor.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-27-News Story About Ohio Nail Salon Named Hand Jobs Nails And Spa.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-02-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-27.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-03-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-24.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-25.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-26.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-04-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-01.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-02.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-08.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-09.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-13-UK Engagement Ring Made Of Human Hair.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-15.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-16.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-21.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-22.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-23.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-28.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-29.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-30.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-05-31.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-06-03.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-06-04.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-06-05.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-06-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-06-07.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-06-10.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-06-11.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-06-12.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-06-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-06-14.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-06-17.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-06-18.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-06-19.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-06-20.mp3
Opening Segment-2019-06-21.mp3

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