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Opening Collage and segment-2004-03-31-partial.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-03-Discuss New Year`s Resolutions.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-04-Leafblower Outside Bean`s Home Studio.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-05-105-yr-old Cyclist Sets New Record.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-06.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-09-Debbie Reynolds-Carrie Fisher Tribute Piece At The Golden Globes.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-10-Man Gets $128 Ticket For Leaving Car Running In Driveway.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-11-UK Shopper Wants Pajamas Banned At Store.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-12-How Does It Make Sense For San Diego Chargers To Move To LA.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-13.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-17-Search For Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight Ends After 3 Years.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-18-Britain Prepares For Murder Sleet.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-19-Vancouver Restaurant Moby Dick`s-Name Demed Offensive.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-20-Angry Mother Tapes 3-Yr-Old Son To A Wall-Live-Streams It.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-23-Tom Brady Blew A Sideline Snot Rocket During The AFC Championship Game.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-24-Press Secretary Spicer Vs Dippin` Dots.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-25-Australian Zoo Teaching People To Catch Deadly Funnel-Web Spiders.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-26-Mother And Son Survive Tornado In Bathtub.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-27-Alexa Is Making Life Miserable For Anyone With A Similar Name.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-30-Mississippi GOP Lawmaker Proposes Law To Ban `Sagging` Pants.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-01-31-Girl With Leukemia Crosses `Taser Someone` Off Her Bucket List.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-01-75-Year-Old Widower Seeks New Fishing Mate.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-02-Woman Thrown Off Flight For Showing Cleavage.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-03-New Dating App Will Find You Someone Who Dislikes All the Same Things.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-06-Discuss Super Bowl LI.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-07-British Athletes Claim Sex Ghost Is Haunting Their Reality Show.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-08-Tennis Player Genie Bouchard Lost Twitter Bet-Has To Go On A Date.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-09-Portable Toilet Business Owner Caught After On The Run For 4 Years After Stabbing.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-10-Australian Man Trapped For 5 Hours With Nose Just Above Mud.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-13-Comments On The Grammy Awards.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-14-Galveston Man`s Obituary Said His Life Served No Obvious Purpose.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-15-92-Year-Old Shoots 72-Year-Old Wife To Death With A Shotgun On Valentine`s Day.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-16-New Jersey City Changing A Street Name To Dick Street.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-17-Monopoly Fans Vote Out The Thimble.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-21-Naoyuki Oi Gives Bizarre Interview At World Pool Masters Tournament.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-22-Chip Is Missing-Did Her Cat Turn Her Into A Chew Toy.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-23-Woman Who Let Dog Poop At Airport Falls Victim to Passenger`s Revenge.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-24-Sweden Proposal To Allow 1-Hour Break Per Week For People To Have Sex.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-27-Discuss Academy Awards Mistake On Best Picture Winner.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-02-28-90 Percent Of People Wouldn`t Want To Know About Future Negative Events.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-01-Discussing Kevin And Bean`s Old Nicknames For Each Month.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-02-Discuss Snapchat Going Public.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-03-Bosnian Woman Will Lick People`s Eyeballs Clean.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-06-Woman Still On The Run 2 Years After Poisoning Husband`s Lucky Charms.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-07-Ski Instructor Chill After Getting Impaled In Face By Tree Branch.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-08-Boy So Good At Hide And Seek That Police Have To Get Involved.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-09-Man Complained About $12 Blanket On Airline Causes Plane To Turn Back.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-10-Woman Postpones Wedding To Find Missing Dog.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-13-Japan`s Giant Wooden Penis Parade.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-14-College Removes Weight Scale From Campus Gym After Students Call It `Triggering`.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-15-Scottish Listener Video Blasts Bean For His Recent Story About A Lost Dog.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-16-70-Year-Old Woman Ran 7 Marathons On 7 Continents In 7 days.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-17-St Patrick`s Day Gaffes By Mike Pence And Paul Ryan.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-20-Russian Zoo Sues Ad Agency For Using Raccoon In Erotic Shoot.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-21-Salon Charges Overweight People More For Pedicures.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-22-Ghost Plane Crashed In Canada-Pilot Vanished Without A Trace.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-23-Discuss KROQ Not Paying The Bills For Various Things.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-24-Trying To Call Drunk Beermug In Las Vegas.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-27-Discuss Leggings Ban On United Airlines.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-28-Discuss The Oakland Raiders Moving To Las Vegas.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-29-Man Who Grabbed Horse`s Penis And Swung It Around In Front Of Teenagers Avoids Jail.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-30-Discuss The Museum Of Ice Cream.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-03-31-Student Prevented From.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-03-Stories Of Uncollected Millions Held By The Government.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-04-Fake News About Squirrels Trained To Attack Woman`s Ex-Boyfriend.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-05-First Dodgers Season Opener In LA Without Vin Scully.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-06-Man Hospitalized For Eating Too Much Liquorice.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-07-Bean Has Been Up For 4 Hours Already.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-10-Irish Farmer Describes Stolen Sheep-No One Can Understand Him.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-11-Man Lost $100,000 Slot Machine Jackpot To Girlfriend Whom He Let Pull The Handle Once.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-12-Tanksalot Owner Bought Used Iraqi Tank.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-13-Man Attacks 7-Eleven Clerk After His Card Is Declined For 75 Cent Candy.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-14-Kevin Live From Coachella.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-17-Florida Man Defiles Laundromat-Smears Feces In Machines.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-18-Jilted Woman In India Cut Off Man`s Penis With A Sickle.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-19-Kevin Retells Story About Woman Who Cut Of Man`s Penis With Sickle.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-20-Sounds Of Sex Heard During Florida Tennis Match.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-21-Man Spent 3 Days Living With Roommate`s Corpse While He Got High.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-24-Adult Legoland Fans In Australia Angry They`re Not Allowed In The Kids Playground.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-25-Man Lived Above Japanese Toilet For 3 Years With 500 Bottles Of Urine.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-26-Melissaphobia-Sex With Bees.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-27-Court Rules Woman Can Keep Her Townhouse Painted With Red And White Stripes.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-04-28-Massive Chaos Reported From Ticket Holders At Luxury Fyre Festival In Bahamas.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-01-Utah Jazz Fan ZDog`s Bad Freestyle Rapping.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-02-Robotic Drill Performs Brain Surgery 50 Times Faster.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-03-Discuss Stress-Hair Loss-Remedies.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-04-Single Mom Unknowingly Moves Into Snake-Infested House.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-05-Under 1 Percent Of Kars4Kids Charity Money In Minnesota Goes To Minnesota Kids.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-08-French President Elect Met Wife When He Was 15 And She Was His 40-Year-Old Teacher.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-09Woman Swallows $7000 During Fight With Husband.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-10-Woman Forced To Pee In Cup On Airplane.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-11-Guy Drinks His Urine Daily.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-12-New Jersey Teen Took A Hearse To Her Prom.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-15-Pastor Tried To Walk On Water-Gets Eaten By Crocodiles.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-16-Man`s Wet Pillow Signaled A Leak From His Brain.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-17-Man Sues His Date For Texting In A Movie Theater.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-18-Cover The Sudden Death Of Chris Cornell At Age 52.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-19-Beermug Is Exhausted From His Thursday Night Bowling League.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-22-Man Goes To Have Sex With Woman-Gets Robbed Of His Pants.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-23-Chicago White Sox Announcers Have Inane Conversation.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-24-Black Man With Transplanted White Penis Will Have It Tattooed To Match.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-25-Univ of Maryland Valedictorian Dropped Out 2 Weeks Before Graduation.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-26-Man Arrested For Throwing Semen At Women.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-30-Car Drives 14 Miles With Prunken Man Passed Out On Back Of Car.mp3
Opening Segment-2017-05-31-Mention President Trump Tweeting Covfefe-Wonder If White House Has A Pool.mp3

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