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Are Kids Selling Candy For Charity Legit-2014-11-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
Are There Women Geeks-2013-07-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
Bad Things That Happen At Strip Clubs-2005-06-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
Best Infomercial Products-2013-05-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
Best Or Worst Infomercial Purchase-2017-01-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
Bizarre Instagram Accounts You Follow-2018-04-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Blowing Up Over The Tiniest Thing-2015-02-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
Book Our Guest-2016-02-24-Should They Have Miss America On To Promote National Pancake Day.mp3
Breastfeeding In Public-2014-08-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
Bronies-Dudes That Like My Little Pony-2012-10-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
Butt Dialing-2013-03-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
Buying Things In Bulk-2019-01-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
Cartoon Characters You Would Like To Bang-2017-02-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
Citizens Saving Lives-2008-01-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Co-Ed Or Man Only Baby Showers-2014-08-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Code Words For Minorities-2007-09-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
Comic Book Characters That Should Be In A Movie-2016-07-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
Comicon-Ralph Settles Age Old Comic Book Questions-2007-07-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
Conscious Uncoupling-2014-03-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
Cool Stuff You Own-2014-04-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
Couples Baby Showers-2011-10-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
Cracking Under Pressure- Listener Call-in.mp3
Craigslist Ads-Trade For Sex-2006-03-21-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
Craigslist Failed You-2017-02-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
Crashing Funerals-2017-09-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
Crashing Parties-2009-01-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
Crazy Driving Instructors-2019-03-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
Crazy Stunts You Did On A Dare-2012-08-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
Crazy Things You Did To Get Out Of Something-2011-09-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
Creative Excuses For Getting Pregnant-2010-05-13-Plus Dr Drew.mp3
Creative Punishments-2006-01-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
Creative Ways You Broke The News-2013-02-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Delivering A Baby Not In A Hospital-2011-08-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
Did You Violate The Girl Code-2012-08-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Dimitiri The Lover and Other Douche Bags-2008-07-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
Disappointment Meeting Someone You Really Admire-2016-05-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
Discuss The Dark Web-King Of Mexico Wants Kangaroo Meat-2018-07-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
Do Indians Know Stuff We Do Not-2006-08-08-Listener Call-In.mp3
Do You Prefer Hot Body Bad Face Or Hot Face Bad Body-2011-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
Does Coming Out Matter-2010-03-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
Doing Massages and People Who Tried To Get A Happy Ending-2012-05-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
Doing Well On Your SAT-How Did Your Life Turn Out-2010-10-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Emergency Pooping Stories-2017-12-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
Entertaining At Kiddie Parties-Horror Stories-2006-10-06-Listener Call-In.mp3
Events That You Crashed And Why-2009-12-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
Everyone Thinks Someone Is Super Hot-You Just Do Not See It-2007-06-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Expensive Things You Ruined As A Kid-2014-01-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
Expressions You Hate-2017-08-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
Extreme Commuting-2018-08-24-Listerner Call-in.mp3
False Advertising With New Victoria Secret Bra-2010-05-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
Fart Etiquette-2010-10-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
Farthest Distance You Travelled For An Event-2016-05-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
Farting Stories-2007-03-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
Feedback From Joseph Farah Segment-2009-03-27.mp3
Films Guys Cry At-2012-02-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
Found Money-2017-05-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
Friends Ruin Your Nice Things-2010-12-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
Furries-2007-08-03-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
Furry Convention-2010-06-07-With Listener Elian and Other Callers.mp3
Getting Out Of Jury Duty-2009-08-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
Getting Tased-2009-03-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
Getting Things Repossessed And Debt Collection-2019-03-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Getting Unwanted Guests To Leave-2018-08-08-With Listener Becky And Listener Call-in.mp3
Ghosting-2015-08-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
Ghosting-2019-01-15- Listener Call-in.mp3
Guys Who Have No Guy Friends-2009-03-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
Have You Even Been Let Out Of Jail For Medical Reasons-2007-06-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
He Said She Said-With Allie Mac Kay And Psycho Mike-2018-01-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
Hidden Cameras-2009-07-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
High School Grads Getting Boobs Jobs As Gifts-2004-06-15-Listener Call-In.mp3
Hitchhiking-Is It Still Possible-2015-09-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
Hoarding Things That Are Discontinued-2018-04-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
Hogging-Hitting On Fat People At Clubs-Listener Call-In (Best Of Kevin And Bean).mp3
Homeless People Who Have Better Things Than You-2014-10-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
House-Sitting Disasters-2014-07-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
How Cheap Are You-2011-02-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
How Did You Get Scammed-2010-04-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
How Did You Get Scammed-2016-09-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
How Did Yout Get The Attention Of A Celebrity-2017-05-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
How Do You About Men Who Are Balding-2014-09-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
How Do You Deal With People Who Talk Too Much On Planes-2011-12-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
How Do You Feel About Cargo Shorts On Men-2015-08-27-Llistener Call-in.mp3
How Do You Feel About The Man Bun-2015-09-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
How Do You Tell Her She Is Fat-2012-08-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
How Do You Want Breaking Bad To End-2013-09-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
How Does The Secret Work-2016-08-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
How Fat Is Too Fat-2007-09-12-Listener Call-in-2007-09.mp3
How Hard Is It To Be A Flight Attendant-2016-07-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
How Have Big Boobs Worked Against You-2011-05-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
How Not To Tell Your Partner They Are Fat-2010-02-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
How Old Were You When You Quit Wetting The Bed-2012-10-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
How People Try To Avoid Paying Their Part Of The Bill At Restaurants-2018-10-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
How Prepared Are You For An Earthquake-2016-02-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
How To Get Out Of Jury Duty-2015-10-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
How To Sneak Into An Event-2009-05-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
How To Tell Someone They Smell Bad-2019-05-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
How You Covered For A Promise You Could Not Keep-2011-05-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
How You Protect Yourself From Becoming A Victim Of Crime-2017-03-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
I Knew I Was Poor When-2013-02-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
Images That You Will Never Forget-2010-02-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
Is Baldness More Attractive Than Men With Hair-2018-07-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
Is Ex-Playboy Model Too Much Of A Distraction To Teach-2013-10-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
Is It OK To Photograph Into Someone`s Home-2017-05-30-It Happened To Bean-With Listener Calls.mp3
Is It OK To Punch A Nazi-2017-01-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
Is It Okay For Couples To Sit Next To Each Other At Restaurants-2012-03-28-ListenerCall-in.mp3
Is It Okay To Kiss Your Adult Child On The Mouth-2015-02-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
Is It Okay To Wear A Shirt Of Something You Are Not A Fan Of-2015-11-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Is It Okay To Yell At Athletes-2019-03-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
Is It Too Early To Decorate For Christmas-2016-11-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Is Monogamy Tougher For Gay Men-2014-05-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Is Riverside Cooler Than Los Angeles-2014-08-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Is There A Munchkin Land in Long Beach.mp3
It`s A Miracle You Are Alive-2016-09-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Jensen And Wife Danielle Fishel Take Baby Name Suggestions-2019-01-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
Keeping Something That Was Surgically Removed From Your Body-2017-10-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
Kevin And Bean Court-2015-05-20-Ralph`s Friend Gabby-Wants To Have Her Dog Rearticulated.mp3
Kevin Says Don`t Look Your Best In Wedding Photos-2016-09-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
Kevin Up In Arms Over Quotes In Email Signatures-2008-06-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Kevin and Bean Listeners Who Are In Mensa-2012-04-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
Kevin vs His Neighbor Putting Up A Giant Fence-Callers Chime In-2002-04-03.mp3
Keywords You Do And Do Not Want To See In Dating Profiles-2017-10-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
Kids Party Entertainers-2018-06-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
LaFawnduh Wants Free Stuff-2006-08-01-Listener Kathleen Recounts The Experience.mp3
Lack Of Workplace Etiquette-2016-05-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
Ladies` Senior Citizen Crushes-2017-01-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
Lame Excuses You`ve Used Or Heard-2017-03-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Lame Superhero Villains-2012-04-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
Lame Things You Prayed For-2008-08-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
Lamest Thing You Stood In Line For-2014-09-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
Least Famous Celebrity You Got An Autograph From-2015-04-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
Leaving A Concert Before The Headliner-2018-01-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
Lesbians More Likely To Be Overweight-2007-05-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
Lets Talk About Hot Cheetos-2008-11-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
Lies You Told A Cop To Get Out Of A Ticket-2013-08-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
Life As A MENSA Member-2014-02-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
Life Hacks-2018-02-01-Listener Call-in With No Actual Calls Thanks To Brand New Phone System.mp3
Life Hacks-2019-06-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
Lightning Strikes-2006-12-05-Frustrated With People Only With Cell Phones-Plus Listener Call-In.mp3
Listener Amber-2012-03-09-On If Men Are Scared By Smart Women-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
Listener Bought An Open-Box VCR from Savon With Gay Porn Inside-2002-04-16.mp3
Listener Emma Wonders Why Guys Cheat-2009-11-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Listener Emma-Has Issues With The Yellow Fever-2010-06-04-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
Listener Eugene Needs Parenting Advice-2016-01-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Listener Goes To A Swinger Party With Her Dad-2004-06-21.mp3
Listener Greg Points Out Kevin Announced The Date Today As January 6-2017-02-06.mp3
Listener Heather-Shares Info On Sound Baths-2016-04-11.mp3
Listener Joey-2008-10-01-Saw K-Fed-Said He Likes Hearing K-fed On Kevin and Bean-from What It Do Nephew.mp3
Listener Kristi From Ecuador-Big Age Differences In Dating-2010-01-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
Listener Louie-2010-07-19-Wants To Get A Tattoo Of Ralph-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
Listener Meredith-2008-10-15-Worried About Tommy Lasorda Interview Jinxing The Team.mp3
Listener Shares That 22 People Have Died In Space-Talk About Crowd Funding To Send Bean Into Space-2017-02-28.mp3
Listener Tim-2012-04-09-Wants An End To Abbrieviation Of Words-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
Listener With Muscular Dystrophy Wants To Be Point 7 Listener At Breakfast With Nine Inch Nails-2006-05-19.mp3
Listeners Who Are Freaked Out By Body Parts (Including Jon Madden)-2005.mp3
Listeners Who Flee The Police-2002-01-16.mp3
Listeners Who Have Been Hit With Tasers-2006-01-09.mp3
Little Things That Make You Disproportionately Happy-2016-09-21-With Listener Calls.mp3
Little Things That Upset You But No One Else-2011-03-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
Living A Lie-2013-02-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
Locked Inside Of Things-2014-02-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Longest You Have Ever Played A Video Game-2010-11-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
Looking For Drivers Worse Than Miss Cleo-2010-04-05-Listen Call-in.mp3
Looking For Suggestions Of Things To Do In Atlanta-2019-01-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
Losing The Ashes Of A Loved One-2018-01-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
Lost Phones And Wallets And How You Got Them Back-2016-01-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
Lost Time Stories-2017-01-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Lottery Strategies-2015-02-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Macabre Death Scenes You Have Visited-2014-02-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Male Cheerleaders-2012-10-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
Masculinist Coalition Comments-2008-04-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
Massage Therapy and Misunderstandings-2010-07-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Memory Loss-2015-08-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
Men Crying-2010-05-28-ListenerCall-in.mp3
Men Who Travel With Stuffed Animals-2010-08-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
Menage A Trois Gone Wrong-2012-02-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
Mighty Putty and Other Products Sold On TV Only-2008-11-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
Million Dollar Ideas-2008-07-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
Mispronounced Words That Drive You Crazy-2010-02-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
Miss Double December-2014-01-29-Got In Trouble At For Inappropriate Dress-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
Missed Opportunities-2012-02-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Missing Memory-2006-04-24-Listener Call-In.mp3
Monkeys Are Dicks-2016-08-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
More Comments On Candy Corn Debate-2010-10-27.mp3
Most Car Accidents In The Shortest Period Of Time-2012-08-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
Motorcycle Chases-Police Pursuits-2012-07-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
Movie Lines You Use In Real Life-2018-07-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
Movies Everyone Love But You Hate-2017-09-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
Movies You Did Not Expect To Cry At-2017-03-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
Mr Movie Fone-His Real Life Ghost Story-2009-10-28.mp3
Murder Houses And People Who Avoid Buying Them-2016-04-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
Music Festival Disaster Stories-2018-04-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
Mythical Stripper Flight-LA to Vegas-2008-01-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
Named After Celebrities Or Fictional Characters-207-07-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
Naming Inanimate Objects-2016-04-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
National Emo Kid Beatdown Day-2007-05-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Nature Tried To Kill You-2013-09-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
Neighbor Wars-2014-09-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
Never-Nudes-2013-05-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
New Orleans Horror Stories-2016-07-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
Next Twilight Book-Werewolf Falls In Love With A Baby-2010-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
Nice Things The Police Did For You-2017-06-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
No Tip Or Low Tip-2012-08-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
No Tipping-How Do You Feel-2015-10-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
Noel Biderman-CEO-Ashley Madison-2011-11-17-Dating Service For Those Already In A Relationship.mp3
Nudism-Nudist Colonies-Nudist Events-2019-01-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
Nudist Colonies and Beaches-Are There Only Ugly People-2011-04-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
Numbers You Think Are Cursed-2011-06-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
Objects That Turn You On WHen You Think About Them During Sex-2013-04-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Obscure Pop Culture Tattoos-2015-02-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder-2009-08-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder-2009-10-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
Odd Food Combinations You Like But No One Else Likes Or Knows About-2018-02-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Odd Things That You Love-2007-01-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
Odd Things That You Love-ListenerCall-in.mp3
Odd Things You Collect-2012-05-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
Office Party Hookups-2016-12-01-Listener Call-in .mp3
One Bad Choice Changed Everything-2014-04-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
Other Ask A So-and-So Ideas-2007-09-12.mp3
Others Cannot Understand Why You Love A Certain Celebrity So Much-2011-06-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
Out Of Control Wedding Guests-2015-09-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
Owning A Monkey-2015-09-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
Paid Escorts-2010-11-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
Parties That Got Out Of Control-2012-03-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
Passenger Shaming-2019-01-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
Peeping Tom Experiences Gone Wrong-2006-08-17-Listener Call-In.mp3
Peeping Toms-2008-07-22-Ex-Receptionist Janelle and Listener Call-in.mp3
People And Their Numbers-2012-05-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Attacked By Animals Other Than Dogs And Cats-2018-06-13-With Brad Williams And Listener Call-in.mp3
People Make Fun Of Your Romantic Song-2019-05-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Obsessed With Numbers-2009-03-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Who Are Assholes In Public-2018-03-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Who Are Attracted To But You Do Not Know Why-2010-02-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Who Are Colorblind-2015-11-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Who Can Only Poop At Home-2009-11-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Who Can Predict Earthquakes-2009-04-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Who Do What Psychics Tell Them-2007-07-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Who Don`t Shower Very Often-2015-02-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Who Get Upset When Others Speak Spanish In Public-2019-04-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Who Got Busted By Email-2007-05-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Who Had Stars Named After Them-2007-12-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Who Have Been On TV Court Shows-2009-02-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Who Pretended To Be Someone Else Online-2017-11-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Who Shot Someone-2007-11-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Who Want To Be Famous-2007-01-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
People Who Were Recruited Into A Cult-2018-04-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
Phone Sex Operators-2012-09-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
Photos Of You That Got Online Against Your Wishes-2017-02-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
Photos That Got Someone Into Trouble-2013-03-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
Picking Up Hitchhikers-2009-08-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
Pimp Your Band Name-2007-01-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
Pizza Patron Offers Free Pizza If You Order In Spanish-2012-05-25-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
Pokemon Go-2016-07-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Pooping Rules And Pooping Stories-2018-10-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
Poorly Planned Bachelor Parties-2018-09-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Preview Interview With Cricketer Shane Warne-2015-11-13-Asking For Callers To Explain The Game.mp3
Prison Pen Pals-2012-07-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
Private Investigator Stories-2017-03-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
Problem Farters-2008-10-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
Process Serving-2009-10-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
Process Serving-2015-08-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
Products You Won`t Buy Because You Hate The Spokesperson-2016-09-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Prom Disasters-2013-10-14-For Kevin And Bean Scary Carrie Prom Tickets.mp3
Prom Disasters-2018-05-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
Psycho Mike Draws Penises On Everything-But Why-2008-05-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
RSVPing No To Weddings-2016-09-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
Racist Dogs-2019-04-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
Ralph Hates The Olympics-2016-08-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Ralph Wants To Open A Water Ice Stand-2013-05-17-Plus Listener Calls On Crazy Business Ideas.mp3.mp3
Ralph and Listeners Who Have Been On Game Shows-2004-08-05.mp3
Restricting Or Banning Cell Phones At Concerts-2016-06-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
Rethinking The Top 5 Star Wars Characters List-2016-05-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
Review TV And Real Life Examples Of Honking At Police Officers-2017-11-09-With Listener Calls.mp3
Richard Roeper-New Book-Debunked-2008-07-17-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
Rideshare Drivers-2015-04-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
Rules Against Being Alone With Any Other Woman-2017-03-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
Secretly Enhancing Customer Food At Restaurants-2009-06-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
Secrets That Get Out-2011-04-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Secrets You Regret Telling People-2008-08-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
Sending Flowers Or Candy To Yourself On Valentines Day-2012-02-014-Listener Call-in.mp3
Serial Mistresses-2012-05-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
Serving Subpoenas-2007-09-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
Sexists Like Larger Breasts-2013-04-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
Should Any Guy Be Allowed To Have A Pony Tail-2011-03-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
Should Listener Josh Nail His Coach-2009-08-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
Should People Be Allowed To Fly Flags From Other Countries-2014-09-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
Should The Knee Defender Be Allowed On Flights-2014-08-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
Should We Continue The Practice Of Tipping-2018-08-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
Should You Be Allowed To Invite Your Ex To Your Wedding-2012-09-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Should You Look A Law Enforcement Office In The Eye When You Get Pulled Over-2015-09-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
Should You Tell Someone They Are Being Cheated On-2015-07-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
Should You Tell Your Friend They Are Being Cheated On-2012-07-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
Shows You Think Everyone Else Should Be Watching-2019-01-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
Significant Others Ruining Friendships-2014-11-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Smallest Part You Had In Show Biz-2010-10-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
Sneaking Crazy Stuff Into Concerts-2011-04-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
Snowplow Parenting-2019-03-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
Somebody You Vouched For Is A Bad Person-2015-05-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Someone Changed Your Sexual Identity-2012-07-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Someone Else Saved Your Life-2012-04-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Someone Found Video Of You Having Sex-2012-09-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
Someone In Your Family Screwed With Your Job-2017-03-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
Someone Mistook You For A Hooker-2012-03-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
Someone You Knew Ended Up On The News-2013-05-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
Something Someone Does Drives You Crazy And You Don`t Understand Why-2016-10-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Something You Dreamt Came True-2011-10-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Something You Own Is More Valuable Than You Thought It Is-2016-08-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
Spanking Kids-Yes Or No-2014-09-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
Sperm Donors and Recipients-2010-03-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
Spontaneous Vomiting-2015-07-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
Stalker Stories-2002-09-09-Listener Call-In.mp3
Strange Addictions-2011-01-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
Strange Beauty Secrets-2014-03-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
Strange Coincidences-2015-03-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
Strange Fetishes-2006-10-11-Listener Call-In.mp3
Strange Non-Sexual Requests-2016-09-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
Stranger Who Do Nice Things For You-2017-04-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
Strict Religious Upbringing-2011-05-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Study Determines Women Want Less Attractive Men For Relationships-2017-09-26-With Listener Calls.mp3
Stuff You Deleted Or Lost-2018-05-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Stuff You Discovered On Someone`s Computer-2009-09-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
Stuff You Had To Do Instead Of Watching The Super Bowl-2009-01-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
Stuff You Hid In Your Vagina-2010-09-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
Stuff You Post Online That Gets You In Trouble-2010-02-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
Stuff You Will Never Give Up-2008-05-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
Subscriptions That Cost More Than You Thought-2019-03-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
Sugar Daddies And Sugar Babies-2016-02-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
Surprising Or Entertaining Things At Bar And Bat Mitzvahs-2018-11-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
Taking Questions From Listeners For Bono-2017-09-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Telephone Telepathy-2006-09-07-Listener Call-In.mp3
Terrible Birthdays-2018-09-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
Terrible Things You Bought On eBay-2017-02-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
Texting And Walking Accidents-2013-07-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Backlash On Casting Chaz Bono On Dancing With The Stars-2011-09-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Benefits Of Being Gay-2007-04-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Best Fictional Bands From TV And Movies-2016-05-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Best Movie Theme Of All Time-2014-11-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Bet You Made That Made You Give Up Gambling-2014-03-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Big Lie You Told And How Long You Got Away With It-2015-09-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Biggest Lie You Told To Get Out Of Trouble-2008-11-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Biggest Money Scam You Fell For-2010-01-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Cheapest People You Know-2006-03-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Disgusting Thing Your Partner Does-2019-05-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Downside Of Being Too Beautiful-2012-04-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Downside Of Being Too Hot-2014-05-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Downside Of Being Too Pretty-2017-02-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Dumbest Lie You Told-2018-06-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Dumbest Thing You Ever Got Talked Into-2013-03-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Dumbest Thing You Waited In Line For-2018-08-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
The FBI Can Hear You When Your Cell Phone Is Off-2008-04-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
The First Album You Bought With Your Own Money-2019-03-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Hot Wife Syndrome-2016-03-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Largest Thing You Shoplifted-2008-10-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Last Thought You Had Before You Thought You Were Going To Die-2012-09-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Last Time You Got Into A Fist Fight-2010-07-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Lengths You Went Through To Get Free Stuff-2014-06-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Lengths You Went To Trying To Track Someone Down-2019-03-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Longest You`ve Been In A Relationship Before Meeting The Person-2019-02-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Man With A 13 Inch Penis-Is That Good Or Bad-2013-05-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Moments With Kevin Birthday Celebration-2017-03-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Most Insignificant Dealbreakers-2018-04-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Oldest Celebrity You Would Have Sex With-2013-08-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
The One Thing You Hate That Everybody Else Loves-2012-06-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Routine You Will Not Break-2013-02-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Smallest Thing That Got You In Trouble With The Police For-2016-04-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Smallest Things That Bug Only You-2013-06-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Thing Everyone Thinks Is Crazy But You Insist You Must Have-2013-01-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Time When You Had A Kevin Moment-2015-07-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Time When You Had A Kevin Moment-2016-07-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Worst Places To Vomit-2018-08-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Worst Way You Got Dumped-2013-02-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Zero Club-2016-10-31-How Far Will Your Car Go When The Warning Light Comes On-Listener Call-in.mp3
Themed Parties-2014-09-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Never Told Your Mom-2019-05-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things About You That Amaze People-2014-02-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things Girls Do To Each Other-2007-12-05-Listener Call-In.mp3
Things Guys Wear That Says They Are A Douche-2009-09-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things Librarians Have Seen Go On-2018-03-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things Only You Cannot Do-2014-06-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things Only You Like The Taste Of-2015-03-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things Pool Cleaners Have Seen-2010-02-24-ListenerCall-in.mp3
Things Said At The Thanksgiving Table-2018-11-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things That Don`t Affect You But Bug You Anyway-2017-06-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things That Make Men Cry-2014-05-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things Were Going Great Until You Moved In With Someone-2015-05-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Are Not Allowed To Do At Work-2016-08-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Bought On TV That Were Crap-2011-09-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Did Because Oprah Said So-2008-07-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Did In A Car That Caused An Accident-2010-03-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Did That Greatly Affected Others-2011-10-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Did That You Do Not Remember-2014-04-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Did To Your Teachers-2006-08-22-Listener Call-In.mp3
Things You Did With Your Family Member`s Ashes-2018-10-24-Listnener Call-in.mp3
Things You Do Not Want To Find At A Significant Others House-2009-03-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Found Out About People You Thought You Knew Well-2008-05-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Found Out Online That You Should Have Heard In Person-2010-05-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Got By Flashing-2010-08-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Got Excited About But No One Else Cared About-2017-05-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Got For Having Sex With Someone-2012-06-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Had Crowd-funded-2015-03-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Have Been Stuck Inside Of-2014-10-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Have Camped Out For-2011-09-22-Listener Call-in-Plus Beer Mug Chick-fil-A Street Interviews.mp3
Things You Have Done To Friends When They Were Passed Out-2013-04-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Have Hidden In Your Body-2013-07-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Have Memorized-2014-03-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Have Slept Through-2009-09-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Have Thought Or Done Wrong Your Whole Life-2015-11-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Learned Much Later In Life Than You Should Have-2019-03-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Love That No One Else Does-2017-06-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Memorized-2018-09-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Missed Because You Had To Do Something Else-2007-01-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Saw Briefly But Can Never Forget-2007-10-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Saw On Surveillance Cameras-2015-11-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things You Tried To Win Someone Back-2014-03-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things Your Mom Didn`t Know-2018-05-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
Things Your Significant Other Is Asking You To Get Rid Of-2018-10-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
This Week In Rage-With KROQ Listeners-2010-08-13.mp3
Tiny Things That Make You Happy-2018-11-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
Tipping Etiquette And Policies-2019-04-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
Today Is The Fly-By Of Pluto-2015-07-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Too Hot Or Inappropriate At Work-2013-08-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Towels-What`s Up-2019-02-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
Transformers Age Of Extincion Was Terrible-2014-07-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
Traumatized By Seeing Something When You Were Too Young-2018-11-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Tricks You Can Do With Your Body-2016-07-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Trying To Get Kevin To Like Magic-2016-08-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
Turning Costumes Into Sexy Costumes-2015-10-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
Twins Switching Places-2019-01-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
Uber Driver Stories-2015-07-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
Uber Driver Stories-2017-08-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
Uber Nightmares-2018-09-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
Uber-Lyft-Taxi Mix-ups-2016-09-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Ukulele Talk-2018-09-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Unknowingly Cruel To The Disabled-2018-02-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
Unsung Heroes Of The Wild Fires-2018-11-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Unusual Collections-2006-07-25-Listener Call-In.mp3
Unusual Collections-2015-10-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
Unusual Hobbies-2018-08-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
Unusual Punishments-2012-02-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
Using Your Car For Bragging-2008-02-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
Video Game Addiction-2010-01-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
Video Games Ruined Your Life-2008-02-05-Listener Call-In.mp3
Video Of Road Rage Incident With Car And Motorcyle-2015-06-03-With Listener Calls.mp3
Virgin America Airlines Has Seat To Seat Drink Service-Good Or Bad Idea-2013-05-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
Virgin Atlantic Is About To Allow Cell Phone Use On Flights-2012-05-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
Waiter And Waitress Horror Stories-2015-02-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
Walking Across Hot Coals-2012-03-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
Walking Out Of A Movie-2013-09-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
Was Bean Creepy For Telling A Woman She Was Pretty-2014-06-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
Was President Obama`s Comment About Best Looking Attorney General Out Of Line-2013-04-08-Listener Call-in.mp3.mp3
Watching The Royal Wedding-2018-05-21-With Nicole Alvarez And Listener Call-in.mp3
Ways You Found Out You Were Single But Not From Your Signifcant Other-2011-09-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
Wearing Sunglasses Indoors-Does It Make You A Tool-2010-09-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
Weird Collections-2014-07-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
Weird Things Turn Only You On-2017-04-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
Weird Things You Are Into-2018-08-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Advice Would You Give To Your High School Self-2018-08-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Alarm Sound Do You Wake Up To-2016-06-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Are The Rules For Fans Who Root For Visiting Sports Teams At The Events-2016-01-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Are You Allergic To That You Still Go For-2018-09-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Are You Being Forced To Like Or Watch By Others-2018-10-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Are You Doing To Prepare For Monday`s Big Earthquake-2010-04-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Did You Do When A Relative Committed A Crime-2013-04-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Did You Fall For On April Fool`s Day-2019-04-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Did You Miss Out On Because You Weren`t There-2-15-08-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Do Kevin And Bean Do That Annoys You-2018-05-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Happened To You While On Ambien-2012-08-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Happened When You Had No Cash-2016-10-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Is It Like Being Transgendered-2012-05-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Is It Like To Have Dreadlocks-2014-12-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Is On Your Bucket List-2017-10-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Is The Deal With The Song Fireflies-2009-09-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Is Wrong With Jennifer Aniston-2010-09-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
What One Thing Would You Change To Make The World Better-2018-08-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Place Or Thing Were You Named After-2014-02-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Product Do You Wish Could Be Brought Back-2019-05-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Was Your Rock Bottom Moment-2017-08-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Were The Northwest Pilots Really Doing-2009-10-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Will You Do To Make Sure The Dodgers Beat The Chicago Cubs-2016-10-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Would You Do With A Time Machine-2010-04-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
What Would You Uninvent-2018-08-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
What You Accomplished Before Turning 30-2013-09-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
What You Did In Vegas Did Not Stay In Vegas-2012-08-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
What You Gave Up For Love-2012-02-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
What You Learned On TV That Helped In Real Life-2017-09-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
What You Should And Should Not Do On Twitter-2009-07-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
What You Smuggled And How-2010-06-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
What You Snuck Into A Concert And How Did You Do It-2017-09-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
What You Traded For Sex-2012-01-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
What`s Wrong With You-2016-10-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
When You Hit Rock Bottom-2012-09-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Where Do Flies Go At Night-Ralph Wonders-2007-08-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
Where Do You Look When Treated By Dentists And Hygienists-2016-10-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
Where Were You Banned For Life-Did You Go Back-2014-06-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
Which Heroes Superpower Would You Want-2008-09-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
Who Buys Blow-Up Dolls-2009-01-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
Who Do You Want To See On The Iron Throne On Game Of Thrones-2019-05-15.mp3
Who Got Cut Out Of A Friendship Or Relationship And Why-2014-06-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
Who Hurt You-2013-10-15-For Scary Carrie Prom Ticekts.mp3
Who Is The Coolest Guy In The World-2006-07-31-Listener Call-In.mp3
Who Is The Worst Driver In The KROQ Audience-2007-03-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Who Pays The Bill On A First Date-2019-04-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
Who Should Get A Statue Outside Of Staples Center-2016-01-29-Listener Call-In.mp3
Why Did You Stop Watching A Show You Loved-2013-06-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
Why Do People Do The Wave At Games-2008-10-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
Why Do You Agree With Kevin About Wanting Los Angeles To Host The Olympics-2017-05-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Why Does Kevin Hate-2013-04-09-The Song One Shining Moment At NCAA Basketball Final.mp3
Why Does Marijuana Have Such A Big Culture-2016-01-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Why Fire Fighters Showed Up At KROQ En Masse-2016-02-19-With Listener Calls.mp3
Why Is Allie So Concerned About Being Murdered-2015-09-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
Why Is LA The 3rd Least Favorable City-2012-04-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
Why People Hate Prius Owners-2011-11-17-Listerner Call-in.mp3
Why So Much Hate For The Royal Wedding-2011-02-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
Why Women Have Sex-New Book-2011-09-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
Why You Were On The TV News-2015-10-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Why You Will Not Fill Out Your Census Form-2010-03-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
Women Who Eat Their Own Placenta-2012-03-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
Women With Really Hairy Legs-2010-01-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
World Record Attempts-2014-02-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Worst Super Heroes Ever-2010-10-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
Would You Allow Your Partner To Use The Cuddlr App-2014-10-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
Would You Buy A House Where Someone Was Killed-2012-08-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
Would You Give Up Having Sex If You Could Live Forever-2012-04-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
Would You Live In A House If Something Terrible Happened There Before-2011-10-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
Would You Look At Kurt Cobain Death Scene Photos-2015-08-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
Would You Put A Stuffed Celebrity In Your House-2013-03-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
Would You Shave Your Head To Save The Life Of A Stranger-2009-03-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
Wrong Numbers That Have Interesting Outcomes-2006-01-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
Wrong Tickets Or Wrong Day Or Wrong Venue-2019-02-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Accepted A Dare That Turned Out To Be A Bad Idea-2018-03-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Accidentally Injured Your Friend-2018-08-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Accidentally Shot Yourself-2015-04-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Accidentally Terrified Someone-2018-03-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Accidentally Took Drugs-2016-08-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Always Show Up At The Wrong Place-2011-01-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Are A Body Or Body Part Double-2011-07-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Are A Great Burper-2012-01-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Are A Part-Time Sex Worker-2015-02-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Are A Webcam Girl (Or Guy)-217-02-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Are Angry About The New Ghostbusters Remake-2016-05-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Are Convinced You Have Seen A Ghost-2016-07-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Are Convinced You Saw A Ghost-2017-10-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Are Going To Switch Your Allegience To The LA Rams When They Return To Los Angeles-2016-01-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Are Not Happy Lebron James In An LA Laker-2018-07-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Are Obsessed With Call Of Duty-Black Ops 2-2012-11-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Are On The No-Fly List-2013-08-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Are Passionate Enough About Something To Protest In The Street-2014-08-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Aren`t The Fighting Type But You Got Into One-2018-03-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Attended A Celerity`s Funeral Or Memorial-2017-01-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Beat The System-2012-08-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Believe You Have Lucky Numbers-2016-12-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Blacked Out And Woke Up Someplace Else-2010-03-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Blacked Out and Cannot Believe What Happened Around You-2011-09-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Bought Something Expensive Or Rare And Ruined It Immediately-2015-06-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Bought Something That Was Way More Valuable That What You Paid-2013-08-27-Listener Call-in.mp3.mp3
You Bought Something Way Too Expensive-2011-10-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Bought Stuff Off Of TV-2011-09-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Broke Someone Else`s Stuff-2017-07-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Broke Something Expensive-2013-08-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Broke Something While Shopping-2017-11-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Brought Someone With You To Something-They Screwed It Up-2009-08-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Buy Something You Plan To Return-2018-01-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Can Only Watch Sports Live On TV-2011-10-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Cannot See The New San Andreas Movie-2015-05-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Cannot Stop Breaking Up-2012-03-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Cannot Understand Why Everyone Thinks Someone Is Hot-2006-01-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Caught Your Parents Having Sex-2012-01-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Caught Your Parents Having Sex-2017-06-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Changed Your Name To Something Fantastic-2017-11-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Convinced Someone To Believe Something-2019-03-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Covered Up A Crime For Friends Or Family-2016-02-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Crashed A Celebrity Party-2012-06-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Created An App-2014-08-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Destroyed A Restroom-What Was Your Reaction-2017-09-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Destroyed Someone Elses Property-2012-05-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Did Not Know You Were Pregnant Until You Went Into Labor-2012-01-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Did Not Know You Were Pregnant-2009-04-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Did Sex Work For Money And Kept It A Secret-2014-03-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Didn`t Know You Were Pregnant When You Gave Birth-2015-05-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Do Celebrity Impressions-2009-04-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Do Celebrity Impressions-2014-02-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Do Not Have A Cell Phone-2014-11-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Don`t Believe That The Recent Missile Test Was Really A Missile Test-2015-11-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Don`t Think People Should Be Barefoot In Public-2016-05-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Drank Your Own Urine-2012-05-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Dress Up Your Pets-2015-04-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Ended Up In A Strangers House-2012-02-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Faked Being A Celebrity-2010-06-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Faked Your Resume To Get A Job-2013-06-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Fell In Love With Step Sibling Or An Adopted Sibling-2012-01-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Finished Your Christmas Shopping Already-2014-12-01-With Omar Khan And Listener Call-in.mp3
You Follow Someone Socially Reprehensible On Social Media-2019-06-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Forgot A Birthday Anniversary Or Other Event-2015-11-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Found Cash-What Did You Do-2015-03-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Found Out Someone In Your Family Was Involved In Criminal Activity-2012-07-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Found Something Valuable-What Did You Do-2012-03-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Gamble For A Living-2008-11-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Gave Up On Lent Already Only Two Days In-2014-03-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Get Upset When Celebrity Couples Separate-2018-04-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Go To Disneyland All The Time-2014-09-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Go To Morbid Murder Sites-2016-02-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got A Large Inheritance-2012-03-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got A Reputation For Something You Did Only Once-2019-06-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got A Traffic Ticket For Doing Something Stupid-2011-07-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Banned From Somewhere Or Something-2012-08-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Banned From Somewhere-2018-04-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Black-Out Drunk-2013-11-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Blocked On Social Media By Someone Famous-2017-08-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Burned By An Online Purchase-2017-09-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Framed Or Framed Someone-2013-11-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got In Trouble For What You Posted On Social Media-2014-03-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Injured Before Your Wedding Day-2013-08-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Left Behind-2017-08-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Lost And Needed To Be Rescued-2014-11-12-With Lightning And Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Pepper Sprayed-2011-11-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Pepper Sprayed-2015-11-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Ripped Off On Craigslist-2013-01-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Scammed-2018-07-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Stuck In An Elevator-2016-04-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Tased-2006-01-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Got Tased-2017-03-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Had A Dream You Acted On-2019-06-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Had A Genius Idea And No One Cared-2018-03-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Had A Gun Pulled On You-2015-03-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Had A Premonition-2011-07-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Had Something Living Inside Of You-2014-11-04-With Dr Mo And Listener Call-in.mp3
You Had Superhuman Strength-2018-09-25-With DJ Omar Khan And Listener Call-in.mp3
You Have A Super High IQ-What Is That Like-2014-09-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Have A Super High IQ-What Is That Like-2015-08-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Have A Zombie Escape Plan-2009-10-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Have Already Finished Your Christmas Shopping-2013-11-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Have Been Told Your Voice Is Annoying-2013-06-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Have Had A Gun Pointed At You-2013-01-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Have Heard From Someone Who Has Passed Away-2016-03-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Have OCD-2013-03-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Have OCD-2014-10-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Have Song Lyrics Tattooed On Your Body-2013-07-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Have To Visit All Locations Of Something-2017-07-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Haven`t Filed Your Taxes-2018-05-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Held A Record-2018-06-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Hid Something In Your Ass-2008-11-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Ignored Your Jury Summons-2012-05-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Just Missed Something Awesome-2014-04-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Knew Someone Before They Were Famous-2013-11-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Knocked Yourself Out-2019-05-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Left A Sporting Event Early And Got Burned-2013-06-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Let Everyone Down-2012-01-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Lied About Who You Are To Get Into Places-2014-07-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Like Chuck E Cheese As An Adult-2016-11-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Live Near A Celebrity-2015-05-08-Listener Call-In.mp3
You Look Like A Celebrity-2014-05-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Look Like A Celebrity-2015-02-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Lost A Body Part-2013-09-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Lost A Body Part-2016-10-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Lost A Lot Of Money Gambling-2013-11-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Lost Something Forever But Somehow Got It Back-2012-11-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Lost Something Valuable Or Irreplaceable-2018-10-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Lost Something Valuable-2017-06-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Lost Your Car-2009-07-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Made Up An Excuse To Get Out Of Doing Something-2017-04-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Met A Celebrity You Hated-What Did You Do-2011-10-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Met A Stranger Who Gave You Too Much Information-2018-04-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Met Your Hero And Were Let Down-2011-04-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Mis-Timed Your Edibles-2018-03-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Missed A Concert You Really Wanted To See-2016-04-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Mistook Someone For A Celebrity-2014-10-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Moved Because Of Your Neighbor-2016-06-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Narrowly Missed A Disaster-2013-04-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Never Shampoo Your Hair-2016-11-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Partificpated In A Clinical Medical Trial-2019-02-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Party With Your Parents-2017-04-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Put Up With A Lot Because He Or She Was Hot-2014-06-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Realized You Were Gay Late In Life-2014-09-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Ruined Something At Someone Else`s House-2016-11-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Said Something To A Celebrity Not Realizing It Was Them-2018-02-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Sat Next To A Celebrity On A Plane-2018-07-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Saved A Body Part-2019-05-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Saw A Shark When You Were In The Ocean-2015-07-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Saw The Image Of Jesus In Something-2010-10-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Sent Something Private That Went Public-2010-10-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Shot Yourself-2014-01-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Showed Up Somewhere A Day Late-2014-11-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Sleep With Something That Comforted You In Childhood-2019-06-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Slipped Away From Your Parents As Briefly As A Child And Did What-2016-06-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Steal Stuff Because You Are Cheap-2018-11-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Texted Someone By Accident-2012-05-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Texted The Wrong Person-2014-04-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Texted The Wrong Person-2018-01-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Think You Negatively Impacted The Outcome Of A Sporting Event-2011-07-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Thought It Was A Chick But It Was Not-2010-05-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Thought It Was A Girl-Turned Out To Be A Guy-2009-01-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Thought Your Plane Was Going Down-2012-01-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Told Someone They Are Fat-Did Not Go Well-2008-02-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Took The Fall For Someone Else-2011-01-12-Intern Breezy-Plus Listener Call-in.mp3
You Tried To Be A Baller But Were Surprised By The Bill-2018-02-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Tried To Get Away With Something By Creating A Cover-Up-2016-08-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Used The Wrong Product-2018-10-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Used To Hate Something-Now You Love It-2015-02-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Used Your Brain To Will Something Into Existence-2019-05-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Vouched ForSomeone And It Went Horribly Wrong-2010-09-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Waiting Too Long To Go To The Doctor-2014-05-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Walked In On Your Partner Cheating-2013-08-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Walked Into An Active Crime Scene-2014-06-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Wanted To Hurt Yourself To Get A Cast-2018-04-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were A Costumed Character-2018-04-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were A Crime Fighter-2012-03-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were A Mall Santa Or Other Helper-2017-12-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were A Security Guard-2017-08-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were A Singing Waiter-2015-04-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Accidentally A Dick To A Celebrity-2017-10-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were An Assistant To A Celebrity-2017-02-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Attacked By A Wild Animal-2012-07-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Denied Entry Into A Country-2016-11-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Detained By The TSA-2014-02-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Escorted Off The Premises-2014-05-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Excited About Meeting A Celebrity But No One Else Cared-2018-03-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Falsely Accused-2013-07-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Given A Crazy Name-2013-06-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Hit With Tear Gas Or Pepper Spray-2014-10-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Honest And It Hurt You-2018-06-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Horny And It Got You In Trouble-2017-09-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were In A Car Chases-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were In A Cult-2011-08-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were In A High Speed Chase-2010-08-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Naked And Got Arrested-2012-08-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were On A TV Game Show-2013-11-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were On Lockdown-2019-05-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Raised By A Clown-2019-05-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Replaced By Someone Way Hotter-2012-10-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Sabotaged-2018-06-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Struck By Lightning-2013-06-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Stuck In An Elevator-2012-02-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Stuck In An Elevator-2015-03-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were Stuck In Something-2018-06-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were The Last Person To Learn Something In Life-2012-01-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were There When Someplace Was Robbed-2011-02-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Woke Up Someplace But Did Not Know How You Got There-2012-11-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Wrecked A Brand New Car-2019-06-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Wrecked A Toilet-2013-02-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
You`re In Love With Your Car-2019-04-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Cell Phone Pictures Got Into The Wrong Hands-2012-03-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Diet Tips To Stay Strong And Healthy-2017-09-20-Inspired By Tom Brady`s New Book-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Favorite Band That Only You Like-2014-02-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Favorite Kevin And Bean Sound Bite-2019-03-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Favorite Kevin And Bean Sound Bite-2019-03-20-Round 2-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Health Secrets-2017-05-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Hot Takes That Everyone Hates-2019-05-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Lies And How They Worked Out-2015-04-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Mascot Stories-2013-01-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Mattress Doubles In Weight In 8 Years-2009-10-12-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
Your Memories Of David Bowie-2016-01-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Memories Of Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre-2016-10-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Mom Was A Stripper-2010-10-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Ouija Board Stories-2014-10-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Parents Got Drunk And Embarrassed You-2013-12-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Parents Heard Something You Should Have Told Them-2011-08-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Parents Made A Sex Tape-2013-09-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Parents Paid For Something You Didn`t End Up Doing-2018-08-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Regret And Super Shame-2019-01-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Secret Passion-2017-09-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Significant Other Was Actually Already Married-2012-04-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Smallest Role In Movies Or TV-2016-02-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Streaks-2014-09-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Thoughts And Memories Of Prince-2016-04-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Voice Sounds Like The Opposite Gender-2015-09-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
Your Weird Habits Or Routines-2019-01-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
Zombie Escape Plans-2010-09-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
Zombie Escape Plans-2012-06-01-Listener Call-in.mp3

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