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Assistant Producer Christine
Big Tad
Brad Williams
Charles The Security Guard
Dean the Sportsguy 2005-06
Doc On The Roq
Jed The Fish
Jimmy Kimmel
Kat Corbett
Larry Morgan
Megan Holiday
Nicole Alvarez
Producer Alex (Superwhore)
Promotions Director Aissa
Stryker and his Tail
Super Steve


Anonymous KROQ Employee Claims It`s Safe To Take Drug sThrough The TSA Onto An Airplane-2015-07-29.mp3
Associate Producer Christine Reads The Recipe For A Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey-2019-11-27.mp3
Big Tad-2019-11-07.mp3
Brian-KROQ Commercial Voice Over Guy-2007-03-14.mp3
Casey-2015-07-21-Seeing A Movie In A Theater Every Day This Year (COMPLETE).mp3
Co-workers Chuck and Katie Invite People To Their Wedding In Hawaii-Want RSVP in 1 Week-2010-09-08.mp3
DJ Gouda Discusses and Defends Ultimate Frisbee-2012-05-24.mp3
Discuss How Carina From HR Puked In The Office-2018-06-27.mp3
Discuss The Passing Of Scott Mason-2015-04-20-At KROQ Since 1979-Received Bean`s Kidney In 2012.mp3
Heather On Date With Gary Coleman-Best Of Kevin and Bean.mp3
Intern Yessica-2012-11-16-On The New Twilight Movie-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
Jay-Facility Manager-2014-02-19-On The Overwhelming Smell Of Poo.mp3
KROQ DJ Nick Savage-2008-10-23-Angry At Kevin And Being Saying He Does Not Exist.mp3
KROQ DJ Thomas Guide-1994 or 1995.mp3
KROQ Employee Aisa Also Saw The Virgin Mary-2010-10-07.mp3
KROQ Staffer Casey-2010-03-11-On The New Twilight Trailer.mp3
KROQ Staffer Casey-Taking A Curling Class-2008-09-19-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
KROQ Staffers Share Stories Of Their 21st Birthdays-2004-July.mp3
LA Sewage Goes Under KROQ-Stinks Up The Place-2014-07-08-With Lightning.mp3
Making Fun Of Rubin For Seeing The Movie Up On A Date And For Dating In His 90s-2019-07-29.mp3
Mike-Commercial Voice-over Guy For KROQ 2008-05-20.mp3
Miss Cleo-2017-08-11-Discussing Concert Etiquette-Sitting Vs Standing-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
Miss Double D Brittany-2014-09-05-Has Yet To Do The Ice Bucket Challenge.mp3
Miss Double D-2011-06-06-Got Her Nose Fixed-Also Increased Impants To Size F.mp3
Miss Double December Christine-2011-06-14-On Increasing Her Breasts To An F-Cup.mp3
Miss Double December Christine-2011-08-01-New Photos Now Posted Finally.mp3
Miss Double December Joana-2012-03-12.mp3
Mr. Burcham-Vietnam Flashbacks-1995.MP3
Music Coordinator Jessica Recaps Foo Fighters Free Pop-Up Concert In LA-2018-08-27.mp3
Nicole Alvarez-2020-01-30-May Have The Coronavirus.mp3
Ralph Garman-2019-11-07.mp3
Rockin Fig-Surf Report-2008-08-28.mp3
Rockin Taco Cantina Commercial Analyzed-Voiced By Adam-2007-04-30.mp3
Scott Mason Has Been Feeding The Feral Cats-2006.mp3
Scott Mason-2009-06-09-On The Upcoming Transition To Digital TV.mp3
Scott Mason-Highlights Of His Sunday Morning Call-in Show-2007-01-03.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2013-11-04-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2013-11-11-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2013-11-12-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2014-02-19-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2014-02-20-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2014-02-21-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2014-02-21-7 am-No Ralph.mp3
Sports With Action Jackson (circa 1999).mp3
Supermodel Receptionist Janelle Explains Lent-2008-02-06.mp3
Talk To Carina From HR About Dress Code Memo-2019-10-01.mp3
Talk To Stryker About Having To Give Up Instagram For A Month-2020-02-06.mp3
Talk To Stryker And Klein About Upcoming Coldplay Sound Space Performance-2020-01-14.mp3
That Was Not Omar-He Is Here Back At The Studio-2010-11-05.mp3
The Ice Bucket Challenge For ALS-2014-08-14-With Miss Double December Brittany.mp3
Unidentified Company Insider Says No Go On Tasing Beer Mug-2009-03-11.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-22-10 am-With Megan Holiday.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-22-6 am-With Megan Holiday.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-22-7 am-With Megan Holiday.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-22-8 am-With Megan Holiday.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-22-9 am-With Megan Holiday.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-25-10 am-With Michael Schneider.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-25-6 am-With Michael Schneider.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-25-7 am-With Michael Schneider.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-25-8 am-With Michael Schneider.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-25-9 am-With Michael Schneider.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-26-10 am-With Brad Williams.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-26-6 am-With Brad Williams.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-26-7 am-With Brad Williams.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-26-8 am-With Brad Williams.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-26-9 am-With Brad Williams.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-27-10 am-With Merrin Dungey.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-27-6 am-With Merrin Dungey.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-27-7 am-With Merrin Dungey.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-27-8 am-With Merrin Dungey.mp3
What`s Happening-2019-11-27-9 am-With Merrin Dungey.mp3
What`s Happening-2020-02-03-10 am-With Megan Holiday.mp3
What`s Happening-2020-02-03-6 am-With Megan Holiday.mp3
What`s Happening-2020-02-03-7 am-With Megan Holiday.mp3
What`s Happening-2020-02-03-8 am-With Megan Holiday.mp3
What`s Happening-2020-02-03-9 am-With Megan Holiday - Missing - Will Be Posted At Some Point.mp3

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