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Crazy Frank
Duaveed-Guy Who Married A Mannequin
Gerald and Linda Polley
Nancy Lieder-ZetaTalk


Anti-Lesbian Preacher-2006-02-01.mp3
Bridget-Woman From YouTube Discussing Alien Abduction-2012-08-31.mp3
Cokie The 68-Year Old Kevin and Bean Fan-2006-08-01.mp3
Cokie-68-Year-Old Listener-2006-09-22-To Attend Inland Invasion With Psycho Mike.mp3
Crazy Afro Call Lady-Highlights-2012-10-19.mp3
Crazy Lady On The Afroline Spooks-2013--08-26.mp3
Crazy Preacher Rants About Food Sources-2010-01-12.mp3
Crazy Woman Calls Afroline With Nonsense-2012-09-04-4 Calls.mp3
Cursing Preacher.mp3
Dennis-Listener and Frequent Emailer-Wants To Skydive With Patrick Swayze-2007-09-24.mp3
Desperate Housewife Listener Wants Kevin And Bean To Give Her A Job-2007-01-11.mp3
Discussing Duaveed-The Guy Who Married A Mannequin-2010-02-01.mp3
Dr. Kamau Kambon- aka Professor Kill Whitey.mp3
Lady Gaga Spoof-Whorish Face-By Megan Phelps-Westboro Baptist Church-2010-01-07.mp3
Listener Bob-2006-08-11-Wonders If He Should Sleep With Girlfriend Of His Buddy Who Is In Jail.mp3
Listener Gary-2011-03-31-Has Proof Of Alien Sightings.mp3
Listener Gerardo-Someone Wanted To Buy Store Mannequin To Be His Wife-2009-06-09.mp3
Listener Robert Claims Angelina Jolie Stole All His TV and Movie Ideas.mp3
Listener Robert Shares New TV and Movie Ideas-2005-10-06.mp3
Shirley Phelps-Roper-Westboro Baptist Church-2006-05-01-Says God Hates Americans.mp3
Ted Huntington-Submitted Crazy Debate Questions Via YouTube-2007-07-25.mp3
Wayne- Crazy Listener-2005-09-20-To Marry Women He Has Never Met.mp3
Wayne- Crazy Listener-2005-09-21-With Jessica.mp3
Woman From YouTube Recounts Alien Abduction Under Hypnosis-2012-08-30.mp3
Woman Needs Kevin And Bean To Save A Building She Married-2013-07-29.mp3

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