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The Kevin and Bean Archive's Kevin and Bean Trivia Test      Questions & ANSWERS version (as proofed by Bean Baxter)

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911 Is A Joke-2018-04-03.mp3
Afro Calls From Chopper Dave-2018-06-12-Called 60 Times.mp3
Ahmet Yasin Bursevi-2018-03-16-Islamic Cult Leader Who Claims They Downed NASA Space Shuttle In 1986.mp3
Allie And Kevin-Together You Are A Treasure-2018-05-15.mp3
Allie Answered Her Door At Night-Sent A Farewell Tweet-2018-05-08.mp3
Allie Is Not Great At Math-2018-04-04-A Look Back.mp3
Allie Was Blocked By John Cusack On Twitter-2018-02-07.mp3
Arkansas Poop Bandit-2018-01-09-Highlights Of News Story.mp3
Armenian Comedian Songs Reviewed-2018-06-21.mp3
Armenian Comedian-2018-01-12-Wants To Run For Mayor Of Glendale.mp3
Armenian Comedian-2018-05-03-Welcoming Bean Back To The Show.mp3
Auntie Has Some Sh-t To Get Off Her Chest-2018-01-10-Viral Video Highlights.mp3
B-Team Podcast Episode 25 Highlights-2018-01-16-Lightning Covering Hurricane Katrina From The Streets In Flordia.mp3
Bean Had A Sex Dream About Chip-2018-03-02.mp3
Bean Recaps His Vacation-2018-01-03-Rode Bikes-Attended The Ballet-Saw Acro-Cats.mp3
Bean Says Brendon Urie Even Smelled Good-2018-06-27.mp3
Bean-Mr Bad Example-2018-06-05.mp3
Bean`s Wife Donna Texted Allie Again-2018-06-20-It Makes Bean Nervous To Think She`s Listening.mp3
Beermug Explains Things-2018-03-28-Passover.mp3
Bizarre Instagram Accounts You Follow-2018-04-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Blame It On The Ambien-2018-04-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
Colorado House Hold Sex Parties With 400 Invitees-2018-05-03-TV News Highlights.mp3
DieuTo-2018-02-01-Update On His Dating Via Match-Making.mp3
DieuTo-2018-03-06-Worked Security At The Oscars.mp3
Discuss Bill Burr`s Guide to Driving Etiquette-2018-04-05.mp3
Discuss Ted Parrotman-Getting Body Modifications To Look Like His Parrot-2018-04-18.mp3
Discuss The Bizarre Russian Show Millionaire for Marriage-2018-05-31.mp3
Discuss The Internet Challenge Of Snorting Condoms-2018-04-03.mp3
Discuss The Poo Jogger In Australia-2018-06-07.mp3
Does Kevin Know-2018-04-26.mp3
Fabio The Robot Fired For Scaring Customers Away-2018-01-24.mp3
Father`s Day Confessions From Kids-From Jimmy Kimmel Live-2018-06-14.mp3
First Week Disasters At A New Job-2018-05-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
Highlights Of Flippy The Robot-2018-03-12.mp3
James Niblick-Omni Research-2018-02-06-Did A Study About Women And Potato Chips.mp3
Jay Milton-Point-5K Run-2018-05-02.mp3
Jimmy Kimmel Asks Pedestrians To Name A Single Book-2018-05-21-Highlights.mp3
Judge Tells Officers He Is A F-Cking Judge And Will Fight Them During His DUI Arrest-Highlights-2018-03-22.mp3
Kazoo And You-2018-06-14-For Aftershock Festival Passes.mp3
Kevin Got Into Someone Else`s Car When He Was Sick-2018-05-16.mp3
Kevin Madlibs The News-2018-02-22.mp3
Kid Karaoke-2018-05-07-For Weenie Roast Tickets.mp3
Kids Party Entertainers-2018-06-26-Listener Call-in-Including The Armenia Comedian.mp3
Know Your Kevin-2018-05-21-For Tickets To LA Galaxy With Kevin Ryder.mp3
Lonzo Ball-2018-02-21-Debuting Some Of His Rap Songss.mp3
Man Pulls 5-Foot Tapeworm From His Body-2018-01-22-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
Michael Rotondo Called 911 On His Dad-Wanted His Lego Collection In Their Basement-2018-06-04.mp3
Missed Connections-2018-02-14-With Allie Mac Kay.mp3
Missed Connections-2018-04-30-With Allie Mac Kay.mp3
Mugs Fought The Law And The Law Won-2018-05-29.mp3
NASA Will Set Loose Human Sperm In Outer Space-2018-05-23.mp3
New Jersey Serial Pooper Caught-2018-05-04.mp3
Omar Gave His Wife The InstaPot For Christmas-2018-01-05-She Calls In.mp3
People Who Were Recruited Into A Cult-2018-04-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
Pyscho Mike Pushing Flaming Hot Cheetos To Kids-2018-02-23.mp3
Replay Some Of Kid Jokes From The Start Of Today`s Show-2018-03-09.mp3
Replay Troubled Sound From Start Of The Show-2018.mp3
Retirement Home Strippers-2018-02-23.mp3
Review San Diego News Reporter Dave Scott-2018-06-11.mp3
Revisit The Dimitri The Lover Audio From 10 Years Ago-2018-05-24.mp3
Rihanna-2018-02-22-Discussing Her Lavish 30th Birthday Party.mp3
Rudy Cisneros-2018-01-26-Suggestions On What To See In New York.mp3
Rudy Valentine`s Day Slow Jam 2-2018-02-14.mp3
Rudy Valentine`s Day Slow Jam-2018-02-14.mp3
Senior Pranks-2018-05-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
Sex Robots And Sex Dolls-2018-04-20.mp3
Stump Allie-2018-04-19-For Avenger Infinity War World Premiere Passes.mp3
The Dumbest Lie You Told-2018-06-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Kevin And Allie Moment Megamix-2018-06-19.mp3
Things Your Mom Didn`t Know-2018-05-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
Tommy Lee-2018-02-16-Discussing His Engagement To A Young Social Media Star.mp3
Vladimir Putin-2018-03-07-Accepting Suggestions For Naming New Underwater Drones.mp3
Weird Sexual Fetishes-2018-03-23-Listener Call-in-But With No Actual Calls.mp3
What Do Kevin And Bean Do That Annoys You-2018-05-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
What`s On And Pooping-A B-Team Segment-2018-06-19-The Poop Song.mp3
Who Is Leaving Floss Picks In KROQ Parking Lot-2018-02-21.mp3
Yasiel Puig-2018-01-24-Served Big Macs At Glendale McDonald`s.mp3
Yasiel Puig-2018-02-09-Discussing Getting Dumped By His Agency.mp3
You Dated A Friend`s Parent-2018-05-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Walked In On Your Parents Having Sex-2018-06-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Wanted To Hurt Yourself To Get A Cast-2018-04-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
You Were A Costumed Character-2018-04-02-Listener Call-in.mp3

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