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01 Opening Segment-2017-09-01-Wax Strip Horror Story.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2017-09-01-6 am-With Allie Mac Kay.mp3
03 Solicit Calls For Covers Day Show Today-2017-09-01.mp3
04 Taking Request For Covers Day Show Today-2017-09-01.mp3
05 Great News-2017-09-01.mp3
06a Text-To-Landline Request-2017-09-01.mp3
06b Show Biz Beat-2017-09-01-7 am-With Allie Mac Kay.mp3
07 The Internet Round-up-2017-09-01.mp3
08a Preview Upcoming Segments-2017-09-01.mp3
08b Afroline Request For Cover Songs Show Today-2017-09-01.mp3
09a Back Announce Song-Preview Upcoming Guests-2017-09-01.mp3
09b Wax Strip Horror Story-2017-09-01-From Today`s Opening Segment.mp3
10a Caller Requests Panic At The Disco-2017-09-01.mp3
10b Show Biz Beat-2017-09-01-8 am-With Allie Mac Kay.mp3
11a Preview Upcoming Segments Again-2017-09-01.mp3
11b Leffen-2017-09-01-Red Bull`s Smash Gods And Gatekeepers Supersmash Brothers Melee Tournament.mp3
12 Giving Away Tickets To Son Of Monsterpalooza-2017-09-01.mp3
13a Listening To Requests For More Cover Songs-2017-09-01.mp3
13b Play Part Of Dwight Yoakam`s Purple Rain To Torture Allie-2017-09-01.mp3
14a Discuss Limp Bizkit Cover With Jay Baruchel-2017-09-01.mp3
14b Jay Baruchel-2017-09-01-Director-Goon- Last Of The Enforcers.mp3
15a Back Announce Soft Cell-Preview Keep It 100-2017-09-01.mp3
15b Show Biz Beat-2017-09-01-9 am-With Allie Mac Kay.mp3
16 Keep It 100-2017-09-01.mp3
17a Preview Yo USC Raps-2017-09-01.mp3
17b Yo USC Raps-2017-09-01-For USC Football Season Opener Tickets.mp3
18a Show Biz Beat-2017-09-01-10 am-With Allie Mac Kay.mp3
18b Bean Explains How The Version Of Don`t Bogart That Joint They Play Is Also A Cover-2017-09-01.mp3
18c Sing Don`t Bogart That Joint-2017-09-01.mp3

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